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Judith Durham dies aged 79

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It's reported that Judith Durham has died after an extended period of illness, from chronic lung disease. She had a life beset with more than her fair share of problems - a major car crash in which she suffered serious injuries, a hubby who died at age 56 from MND, and she suffered a stroke at age 70, which took years of therapy for her to regain her motor skills.

All in all, she was much loved by song lovers right around the world, and she has left us some good song memories. RIP, Judith.




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She had the purest voice I ever heard and I rate her in the top 3 women singers in the world. The other two are Edith Piaff and Eartha Kitt. You may not see any similarity between the three of them but in my opinion they covered all the singing styles I want to hear.

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7 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

Another great Aussie talent despite Grease 😉


Hope that's it for a while


First cricketers, now singers, what next?

Bite your tongue.  Grease is a classic.  Vale Olivia.

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