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  1. Obviously Italy and all the rest of Europe need the vaccine more than we do. But there was money put into its developement by Australia and the associated delivery of vaccines to Australia. If we accept that Italy needs it more and allow them to break a contract, it will allow them to open their borders to tourism that would have come to Australia. We should not allow ourselves to be betrayed in a contract just because a country that stuffed up its response to a threat,wants to benefit at our expanse.
  2. I found this on the internet, thought it an intelligent list of questions. Not that Scumbag would ever even think to ask them. https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2021/03/05/madonna-king-10-questions-for-jenny/ I note that he believes his disgraced minister and he has said that women should be believed, but there is no sign that he acts upon his own advice.
  3. Well it was not the man I expected, but also not a man I would respect. Now it is up to Christian porter. Is he going to sit back and do nothing about these accusations, in which case there will always be doubt. He needs to clear his name and he has been libelled supposedly. What will he do? Nothing or bring a civil case against his accusers. My guess is he will do nothing, so obviously does not care about his real standing in the public eye.
  4. The minister involved is supposedly going to give a press conference today..Going on what I see on TV news and how announcements have been made in the last few days I reckon that Josh Friedenburg will be talking to the press today. That is just a guess on my and my wife's part. I would have thought it better for those making the allegations to have named the minister, but of course they do not have enough evidence to secure a conviction. They are afraid of a libel case against them. So far all we really have is a few people making hearsay allegations against a person unnamed, or
  5. We have a problem with women complaining of rape years after the attack. We have a problem with women not ever reporting rape. Supposedly it is because they are badly treated if the come forward and complain, that means it is OK to keep quiet so the woman does not feel degraded. no matter that other women could be saved if she came forward. Now SB Morrison says alledged rape claims will be forwarded to the Federal Police. What will that do? Will it result in those rape allegations being investigated? Maybe it will result in even less allegations being made, because the woman kno
  6. Lets add another dimension to this pedanticism. Where does the light go when it is switched off. We all know that we see things by seeing the reflected light from a surface. We cannot see light, unless we look at the source of the light. So we sit in a room with walls made of mirrors which reflect the light. Turn the light off and it goes dark. Where has the light gone?
  7. Unless dual filament bulbs have dual connections, they will work as a single filament. If one filament blows twice the amps flows through the second filament until it blows.
  8. It is not a case of being believed. It is a case of pressing charges. If they don't press charges, how can we be expected to know what happened. Don't forget there have recently been a couple of cases where charges were laid and the accused were found not guilty. I believe the women, but that means nothing. For justice to be done the charges must be tried in court. We seem to lose track of the fact that nobody is guilty until proven so. I know that with child molestation it was a refusal to believe the kids that made the problem worse, but hopefully that is behind us. Now if a w
  9. If heat only flows from hotter to colder, how come if you put a hot object into a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes and then pull it out won't you find that its temperature is lower. That to me says the cold has travelled to the hot object. What has really happened is that everything tries to be in equilibrium. Which is the same as the suck, blow argument and the centrifugal, centripetal argument. It is really an argument about the meaning of words, which do not mean what we think they mean, but they do make sense to us, so they work OK.
  10. Now the defence minister is in hospital, not surprising considering sh has not done anything wrong, No doubt the worry of having to front the media and answer questions about other than defence could be the cause of her heart problem. It is good to see that the PM has already talked to her heart specialist. He obviously takes great care of his staffs wellbeing. Unless they are raped,in which case he hopes it will go away. On the other hand Brittany Higgins is going to lodge her compliant with the police. She had not done so to ensure that the minister could not hide behind an active
  11. I get a lot of my news from the ABC and the AB spends a lot of annoying time advertising itself and saying go to our website and gives us the address to go to. I cannot see why Facebook or Google or anyone else should be expected to pay the ABC for providing a link to the ABC site. That is what the ABC wants and I assume the same applies to other news agencies, This is all just a storm in a teacup to make SB Morrison look good.
  12. OME said above "but still at 90 degrees to the tension force in the string". What tension force? I call it centrifugal force, but you say it doesn't exist.
  13. Much as i understand a womans point of view, the fact that a rape is not pursued lets the perpetrator get away with it and do it again. It seems to me that women think we men should know all about their rape cases and do something about them, without telling us about them. Makes life hard, but I reckon an employer should pursue any rape claims, as they should child abuse claims. To not do so is saying it is OK to do those things, so long as nobody rocks the boat.
  14. OME your last post made me think and I still believe in centrifugal force. What happens if instead of a string you have a solid member between your finger and twirl away. The centripetal force stops the weight from moving further away and a non existent force tends to make it move away. Everything is in equilibreum. Now quickly raise your finger a metre and what forces are there? Which leads to the propeller whirling round. Twist its axis and there is another force moving it in another direction. I don't understand it, or I could say "It sucks" but the pedants say suck
  15. The experts tell us that climate change is happening and the latest seems to be that we will get more and greater cyclones and also more droughts. Looking at what we are actually having is less cyclones and less serious cyclones. That of course means more drought, so it seems the experts are having two bob each way. It is going to get wetter or it is going to get drier. All I can see is that the BOM don't seem to know what is happening, they are using outdated methods in updating times. We used to get regular info about the Southern Oscillation Index years ago. Would have the SO
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