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  1. Why not just have an engine with a massive flywheel. Like the old Field Marshall tractors had.
  2. OK I fully agree with you, a few acres keeps you fit, due to the need for you to be actively working there and also keeps you fit by providing good food. I see town blocks getting smaller and smaller plus they are being set up in flood prone areas and the houses nowadays seem to be poorly designed for the climate. Most new houses in Qld look as if they have been transported from Melbourne, design wise. We don't have any trade training in the building industry, so chippies and bricklayers are getting scarce. Even if you could afford to build a house there is a long wait for a tradesma
  3. Yenn

    What about Joe?

    Joe did say that they had achieved their aim. Pity is that they kept their aims to themselves when John Howard brown nosed his way into Afghanistan for us. What they state was their aim was to stop others attacking USA. I think they have caused more people to hate them by going into Afghanistan, than they would have by staying away. I don't care at all what happens to USA, but I do worry about us getting involved with our politicians having no idea what they are doing.
  4. Yenn

    What about Joe?

    So whats new. Can you think of any place the Yanks have been since 1945, that they haven't stuffed up. can you think of any place where there presence has resulted in better living conditions for the local people. Of course Australia is also responsible. Even John Howard seems to think so. He was responsible for dragging us into the Yanks nasty war and now says we have a moral responsibility. He of course is too made up with his image that he could not possibly be held responsible. It is all the fault of the Australians who voted for his party. Not the leader of the party.
  5. Scotty is sounding more and more like Trump. He has pissed off some of his medical advisers with his suddenly changing their minds during a press gathering, without telling them. He is the ultimate expert who knows how to handle any situation, or that is what he is trying to portray himself as. Instead he is a self promoting, unthinking fool.
  6. Yenn

    Covid logic???

    The answer to your questions is "Bureaucrats" Don't expect anything sensible from them. Nor their offspring "Politicians"
  7. The protectionism may have helped us and dropping it was probably the right thing to do. now we have a policy of doing as little as possible and getting others to manufacture what we need. Great government policy, they get the royalties from the iron ore and coal that is sold overseas without having to do anything. If we re started making things here the government would lose out on the royalties so they couldn't show largesse by wasting vast amounts of money on Sports Rorts and similar schemes.
  8. Yenn


    That last but one para is why I don't trust anyone who professes to be religious. If Morrison is in control and it is his God responsible for his actions, then Religion is to be avoided.
  9. Culling won't work. There are many old people who wonder why they are here, They are living in less than comfortable situations, with the medical and health care industries making fortunes from supporting them, and they don't really want to be supported. I have known many old people who would really like to be able to pass away peacefully, rather than have the indignity of doctors and all sorts of do gooders taking over control of their lives. No thought is given to quality of life for humans, but it is not acceptable to allow a pet to live in those same conditions. My greatest fear
  10. Latest from Scotty is he says if you want to get an Astra Jenica jab and are less than 40, which is not recommended, then go talk to your GP. Good advice I would think, but then he also says the government will indemnify the GP agains being sued for bad advice. That looks corrupt. To me. Ask a professional for advice on a health matter, but don’t hold him responsible. What I can’t understand is why Albo hasn’t picked up on this, or is it that Albo doesn’t really want to win the next election?
  11. Talk of investing in this and that, may be good, but the government is already doing that. They find a problem and make a lot of noise about fixing it. This always involves putting vast amounts of money into fixing the problem. Somebody else also sees the problem and decides that the way to get rich is to be a problem fixer. That way they get the money the government is throwing around and sit back to enjoy it. Just think back to child care scams. Old peoples homes. Home insulation and so on ad infinitum. Now aged care is getting a boost, but for every dollar from the governmen
  12. I thought about going to Linux mainly because Microsoft is a pain. It seems to suddenly decide to update and gigs of download are used. The reason I am still with Microsoft is because I cannot seem to find out how to download the Linux.
  13. Yenn


    Hydrogen powered cars don't have to have an IC engine, so maybe Volvo could produce one with a fuel cell. I don't know what the costs of hydrogen storage and transport are, but i think it involves high pressure containment to store enough for the production of realistic quantities of power. Green hydrogen is thew way to go, but our present government is not looking at that option as much as making hydrogen from gas or probably oil.
  14. We could start by being honest in our dealings with others and looking after our best interests, rather than brown nosing the big world powers. We could also start to take an interest in what our pollies are doing, rather than saying politics and religion are off the agenda in polite society. How about getting rid of the stupid saying that if you cannot say something good about a person, don't say anything. That is what politicians rely on. Plus refusing to answer any question. If our media reporters chased politicians for an answer we may find out what is happening, but the pollies
  15. Yenn

    Quickies part 2

    That joke predates Peter Cosgroves generalship.
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