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  1. Time for Labor to get a good jingle going. How about. Believe in Scott. Lose the lot,
  2. Now Scum Bag is going to bring in permission to take up to fifty grand out of your super for a first home buy. We have had years if minimal interest rates and all that has happened is that there is a housing shortage and buyers felt able to pay more, hence prices went up. Scumbag wants his mates in the financial industry to be able to foreclose on buyers who cannot pay the higher rates and then put the houses back on the market. Scumbag also wants us oldies to downsize to make homes available to first home buyers. I have been considering downsizing for some time, but if I do so it will not put an extra house on the market, as I shall be buying somewhere to live. Of course he is giving me two years instead of one to find a new home, could he be hoping that if I don't buy immediately there will not be a home available, or is it just to increase the going rate when I really need that home. Of course I could go into aged care, run by the federal government. That would be good for the aged care owners who will be paid more and more from the government, while crying poor, so they cannot afford to pay a decent wage to their employees. The other concern is climate change. This government has denied climate change and more or less said that the opposition and the greens will cause all the miners to lose their jobs. They fail to comprehend that for the duration of this government and even before, we did away with our productive industries, so we have to buy from China or somewhere else and the only way to afford that is to sell coal and iron ore overseas. We also had a fairly lucrative education industry where overseas students attended our overblown universities. Scumbag certainly made friends of them when Covid hit. Speaking of Covid, we did fare fairly well, even though we are at the moment number 17 in the world for covid cases, but this was not brought about by Scumbag, it was in spite of him that the State Premiers prevailed and we waited until there was a jab available, even though Scumbag let us down again by not getting the jabs in time. I am surprised by a lot of people who think Covid was a scam, because we didn't have millions die and i know how they will be voting. As I said before the Aussie voter is a moron, but hopefully enough will wake up to get rid of this corrupt government, including the treasurer who said it was OK if businesses got money they were no entitled to to get through the Covid. I wonder if Harvey of Harvey Norman did return that money.
  3. The old bren gun carriers certainly did need a strong arm. The first 90 degrees of steering wheel rotation moved a cross arm, which moved the road wheel in the centre one way or the other. That put a bend in the track and gave you a big radius turn. The drive train was a 4 speed box and a flat head V8 Ford. Driving them in my opinion was great fun. The C class British tanks, that is Comet, Centurian Conqueres etc had a very complex gear box with two inputs from the engine. One ran through the gears in the normal way and the other powered an epicyclic steering system. I used to be able to explain how it worked, but that was nearly sixty years ago. Neutral gear gave you one track going forward and one in reverse when you pulled the steering lever. First gave you a fairly sharp radius turn and from memory fifth gear gave 110' radius turn. To really stuff you up though reverse gear reversed the steering. In the few write ups in motoring magazine by journos who have drive a Centurian, none of them mentioned this fact. After time in the army working on tanks among other things, I can think of nothing worse than having to go to war in one.
  4. When is Labor going to drop the dirt on Scumbag and his LNP? We have heard nothing about all the rorts that the LNP got up to, nor the lies by scumbag, nor the mishandling of the Submarines contract and the covid innoculants. The LNP have had a disastrous effect on Australia but the LNP are too scared to tell the truth to the voters. Now is the time for them to point out the LNP failings, but as usual they are trying to snatch defeat at the last moment. As far as I can see there is only one politician amongst the whole lot of them who appears to know what is going on and she isn't putting up her hand to be PM. Could it be that the job of PM is just toxic?
  5. Why should we respect religious beliefs? I can see no reason to respect stupidity, except that it has always been that way. Is it not time to change and get rid of the monkey on our backs? Parts of religion are good, such as the looking after of others and comradeship, but the God thing spoils it all.
  6. If Scumbag changes I wonder what the change will be. Will he tell the truth for a change? Or is that too much to expect. Will he consider doing anything about the toxic environment in parliament house for women? Will he take the brakes off the federal police about the Btittney Higgins case, I am amazed that the federal police are going along with the politicians, rather than doing their job.
  7. Read The Australian and you will see what the LNP want you to see. You will also be able to read the most ridiculous letters to the editor. It really appears that the Australian voter is non compos mentis. A woman the other day on local radio says she is voting for Clove Palmers party because she wants freedom. Would that be the sucker vote?
  8. Define spirituality. My definition is the belief in something that is unbelievable. I have never found anyone who can argue that there is something to believe in, at least something that we can influence or be influenced by. My belief is in mother nature.
  9. What is Putins aim. Do you think he is trying to win a war against Ukraine or is he really trying to demolish Ukraine. Look at the damage he has done. He may not be in a winning position, but I reckon he is happy to see all the damage and we all know that Russian soldiers are just cannon fodder to the generals and pollies. He is also stopping the agriculture business of Ukraine and that bodes poorly for a lot of people who have relied on Ukraine for their food supply. All in all I reckon Putin is doing what he wanted to do and has the world scared stiff that he will go nuclear if cornered. Biden should be telling the world, that if Russia launches a nuclear missile, the USA will not hesitate to retailiate. Maybe that would make the Russian generals bring the situation to something approaching sanity.
  10. There may be s lot like Barney, but I reckon you need to understand the language before you become an Australian. You cannot become a French or Japanese citizen without being fluent in the language, as well as living in the country.
  11. It is a good thing that the most informal votes come from migrant suburbs. If the voter cannot understand English they should not be allowed to vote. At least if they stuff it up it is as good as not being allowed to vote.
  12. I can still remember the start of the film "And God Created Woman", at least that's what i think it was called. Bridget Bardot was magnificent, but later pictures show her as completely gone to pot.
  13. I agree that the system of compulsory voting is wrong, but it is not really compulsory to vote. You have to get your name crossed off on the electoral roll, that is all. What you do with the voting papers is up to you. My son told me that he once put the paper straight into the waste paper bin and one of the officials chatted him about it. He just asked what law he had broken. I consider that anyone who has no interest in voting should not be required to vote, and we would then have a much better government As far as defence spending goes when did we ever have a contract deliver on time and on budget? The LNP are spruiking that the Aukus agreement is a plus for their planning and foresight. Just conning the voters into accepting that their piss poor planning when the ordered the French submarine was something to be overlooked. They could have changed the order to a French nuclear powered sub, with none of the animosity coming from France. I surely would like the French President to have a vote in the Scott Morrison electorate.
  14. Coal was cooked to produce coal gas when I was a kid in the UK. Now all the gasometers have been demolished and I doubt that anyone knows what coke is. The think it comes in a red can. Coal gas powered many cities and coke was a good fuel, unless you pissed on the fire and then the stench was pretty awful, but only a squadie in the army would do such a thing. I used to fill up the coke fire in the workshop when we arrived for work, pour in half a litre of petrol, with a trail of petrol round the corner. Light the fuel and it was roaring away merrily when we went into the workshop. Try that with coal or wood and the petrol burns instantly without necessarily lighting the fuel.
  15. So Labor brought in th old age pension. Who did away with it? Result being massive super schemes awash with money and also awash with highly paid directors and CEOs. My knowledge of Albanese comes from the ABC and SBS news mainly, combined with an historical memory of Albanese in years past when he was useless.We have a clash here in Flynn electorate with the Sitting Qld member, up against the present city mayor of Gladstone. The Qld member is a climate change denier and has done little in the state parliament. The mayor is well liked and does get things done, although I cannot go along with the councils handling of rural weed problems, which the mayor does nothing about. The one thing that must happen is that Scott Morrison must go because he is a liar and rorting the taxpayers money, also he has surrounded himself with a like group of people.
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