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  1. Dax I am with you there and you missed the fact that eating diaries means you make spelling mistakes. Sorry. I couldn't resist that! OME has mentioned what we should all know. All things in moderation. I eat red meat, dairy, sweet things, but in moderation, especially sugar, which has low appeal. I much prefer honey. Bread seems to me to be one of the poor quality foods nowadays. Last time I saw packaged bread and read the contents I was not surprised that health experts are saying bread can cause obesity. It seems to have dozens of un necessary things in it, when it should really on
  2. Yenn

    The Nats

    we could produce vegetable based fuel but that would reduce the land available for food production, also a large part of Australia is too dry to produce big crops, far better suited to dry grazing, with low inputs and low running costs. Even producing all our fuel from vegetable oils, if we don't lower usage we will be polluting. Our problem with fossil fuels is that we are using many years lay down of fossil fuel in a single year. The answer is to reduce fuel burn, not to change the fuel. Modern agriculture has regressed to monoculture in many cases. I see cotton, sorghum, corn
  3. Any prop gun with a bullet loaded in it is suspect in my opinion. To accept the word of someone handing you a gun and saying it's safe would be stupid. When I a in the pommie army in the fifties we used to guard our workshops. We were armed with a 303 and blanks. The gypsies used to raid the area so we used to put a pencil up the spout and some were hit with the pencil. It didn't kill them but they stood out to the local police.
  4. In Singapore there was an undertaker. Goh Soon Moh.
  5. Yenn

    The Nats

    The Nats have agreed to Scumbags going to Glasgow with zero emissions by 2050 and that is a win for Scumbag according to the media. We don't know what transpired in Nats and Libs meetings, but the fact remains that Scumbag is not really in favour of net zero, what he really wants is to keep using coal and this agreement has been reached to make him look good. The problem is that if you really look, he does not look good. What we need is a pathway to surviving in the post coal era and we are not getting it. We are looking at going backwards against the progress of the rest of the world, th
  6. This topic has appeared in other posts about differing things, so I thought I would start a dedicated place for it. We are one of the most obese nations in the world and it seems that the reason could be our diet. OME has said elsewhere that Maccas has been here for 50 years. I did once try a meal at Maccas, that was when I was with a group of young people who had spent two weeks in Morocco and were hanging out for a big mac when we got to Spain. That was my first and last. Possibly I am not obese because I have to leave home and travel 50km round trip at least to get any fast f
  7. Yenn

    The Nats

    Albo may be a decent bloke, bit he comes over as a whinger. He needs to state what a mess the current government is producing and forcefully explain what his party would do to get us back to sanity. The whole lot of them appear to me to be more like a group of schoolgirls complaining about their lot.
  8. I have never copped any derogatory comments here, maybe what I say is not explosive enough. Thank you all for ignoring me.
  9. When Qld opens its borders, which I suppose will happen, there are a lot of anti vaxers who ill get a shocking surprise. They have had it so good for the duration of the pandemic, that they think it will not affect them. It is going to devastate our hospital system. I heard today on Maccas program that a retired scientist who had worked at exterminating rabbits all his career had said that his fellow scientists were predicting what happens with Covid, based on their knowledge of the viruses used to control rabbits. He said that they can't exterminate rabbits, but they have made a big redu
  10. Yenn

    The Nats

    The LNP have the only policies that will get Australia to the front of world opinion and not only that they have the best policies for handling Covid as well as China. Labor don't know which way is up and even if they did, they would still go the other way. Whatever Scott Morrison says you had better believe it, because he has been knighted in his opinion. He has GCMG after his name. God calls me God. That is the official LNP position and if you don't believe it you are not properly brain washed, or should I say brain dead.
  11. e hear that farmers are doing wonderously well, because prices are high. What we aren't told is that prices are high, because farmers cannot fill the market. To make money when prices are high you have to have produce to sell,but our journos cannot see that.
  12. Yenn

    Colin Powell

    Colin Powell has died from Covid complications. He was a former Secretary of State to G. W. Bush and also an advocate for the Iraq war. I could never understand how he could support that war, especially given his record in the army. He started at the bottom of the officer ranks and worked his way up to become the top general in the US army. I have read his autobiography and he had a firm grasp of how to wage war, especially as far as being aware of the desired outcome and what could go wrong. He came over from that book as a level headed, intelligent, thinking senior officer. Th
  13. Yenn

    The Nats

    We hear that the National Party are meeting to decide if they will go along with the Libs proposal to endorse the zero emissions by 2050 for the upcoming meeting. I don't know when Morrison came to endorse the zero emissions, but it seemed to me it was thrust upon him by Friedenberg when Morrison was out of the country. It looks as if the Nats under Barnaby just want to cause strife. What would happen if the Libs said "Do what you like but we are going for zero" Would that result in the demise of the Morrison government? Labor could hardly get the upper hand if the Libs are goin
  14. Are you implying that politicians are not good debaters?
  15. Do they still have that swill. Watneys? I preferred Whitbread or better still Guinness and Bass.
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