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  1. The idea of future battles being fought by specially recruited gamers sitting in darkened rooms and fed pizza and soft drink is coming to fruition. https://www.swarm-troopers.com/ http://www.swarm-troopers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/book.png For the history buff https://www.historytoday.com/history-matters/origins-drone-warfare
  2. But wait! There's more! With every Redneck kitchen appliance sold this month, we'll throw in this set of stainless steel bowl cleaners.
  3. Most haven't changed, but the main metropolitan secondary ones now have warehouses encroaching on the runways.
  4. Yep, that stimulus payment will go to the energy suppliers and the phone mob, and maybe a few bucks for the third party insurance. Not enough left over for petrol to get out the the viewing area at the airport to watch the plovers and magpies.
  5. While I was working and paying taxes, that money was going to support members of previous generations, currently unemployed persons, those unable to work due to illness or disability and so on. I don't begrudge paying tax for those uses, especially when I see the aid my parents got in return for Dad's military service, and also Mum and Dad worked and paid taxes to support the same uses of government money. Accessing Social Security benefits is like queueing to go on a bus. You get on the back of the queue at some point in your life and as time passes you move closer and closer to
  6. I think that to get some background on Nazism, Volume 2 should be the one that is studied as it is more to do with the philosophy and plans to implement that philosophy. After 75 years I think we have all agreed that the procedures followed are to be abhorred, but as a document in history, it should stand alongside the Russian Communist Party Manifesto.
  7. They're a Weird Mob by John O'Grady and filmed in 1966.
  8. There's the criminality of the Rich and the criminality of the Poor. They are differentiated by the amount of dirt you get on your own hands
  9. Churchill and Roosevelt operated in a system that would not allow the use of cruelty. They were both products of an ancient political culture, whereas Hitler and Stalin were overthrowers of ancient cultures. Someone will soon pop up with the statement that while Churchill and Roosevelt didn't do these things to their own people, they weren't averse to turning a blind eye to their people doing it to others in the name of colonialism.
  10. Life in the suburbs of Sydney has generally been as normal. It's probably Melbourne that has suffered the most inconvenience. I suppose we were saved because of the years of convict transportation that planted in our social conscience the idea of reliance on the Government to tell us how to behave. A sort of give and take arrangement where, if we behaved the way Government wanted us to, the Government would look after us. The idea seems to have broken down in the past twenty years as younger people refuse to act for the good of society, but only for themselves.
  11. Adolf and Joe were very similar in their exercise of power. They were both dictators in totalitarian governments. No one dared say "No" to them. Churchill and Roosevelt on the other hand were leaders of free-will governments. They both faced being deposed at the will of the people. In fact, Churchill was, and Roosevelt had introduced the two-term rule, although his Vice-president did win the next election after the war.
  12. We whinge and bitch about the amount of tax we pay, but when that money is used to make the majority of medicines easily affordable and health care almost free, then we can thumb our noses at the country which, "In God We Trust" - all others pay cash.
  13. But you can circle left and circle right in a Square Dance.
  14. Apparently she has the security clearances required to be told little secrets.
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