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  1. There's no point going on with this.
  2. Please indicate where I said that so I can see if the text needs correction. I know that the "RESULTANT" force is the vector sum of all the force vectors. At the moment I have described the two vectors I am working with - Lift and Weight. I've been sitting at my desk for an hour now preparing the vector analysis of those two force. Then I will show the resultant. I keep having to deal with red herrings. I had to read and reply to Onetrack's last post. That was the courteous thing to do, but it took time and was an interruption to reaching my real goal. I'm not apply
  3. Yeah. They use them to identify the cars used by break and enter merchants from the western suburbs housing estates.
  4. The very first sentence of section 3.1 The Airplane and the Air in https://www.av8n.com/how/htm/airfoils.html says, In ordinary steady flight, the airplane must develop enough upward force to support its weight, i.e. to counteract the downward force of gravity. The material in the reference you supplied is, as far as you and I can tell, quite correct. It's a great explanation that says, basically, the Lift force comes an interaction between a solid body with the air due to relative movement between them. Who can disagree with that? Not Me. However, the author is explaining
  5. This bit of "Yes Minister" has inserts of Australian politicians demonstrating that the points raised in the satire actually do take place.
  6. Several million dollars given to the legal eagles to get the information that the military and Dept of Veteran's Affairs would have at their fingertips. Just call for reports from the people who are already on the payroll. That would be the way things should be done, but Scotty from Marketing begrudgingly establishes a Royal Commission which he knows will not report until after the next election. When it does report he has two options: 1. If his mob get re-elected, then dilly-dally about implementing the recommendations. 2. If his mob get chucked out, then blame the other
  7. Spacey, Your way of doing "half of 45 is 2 !/2 + 20 = 22 1/2" clearly shows that you understand what a "half" is, and your working out shows it. However, I can accept that you never got your head around trigonometry and as a result you would have trouble doing vector additions. But at least if I try to explain things step by step you'll get the idea. So that's what I'm doing. Starting from 1 + 1 = 2 and moving on to sine of an angle = the length of the opposite side divided by the hypotenuse. Just bear with me and I'll show my point with diagrams. But I'm not going to write o
  8. I say that what you say is correct, but I am trying to go step by step. It's like the kid who was given a long division sum to do in an arithmetic test and simply wrote down the answer. The object of setting the sum was to have the kid show that he knew the steps to take to reach the answer. It's an ancient way of teaching to go from step to step, but that's the way the foundations are laid. I have said repeatedly, "I'm trying to get agreement, one point at a time, to stop the discussion wandering off into a tangle of related matters." I'm not saying FIGJAM. I'm just trying to get
  9. Yeah. Try being a hetero, white, married, over-50 year-old male.
  10. The tomb Spacey is talking about is the Talpiot Family Tomb, located about 5km south of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was originally discovered in 1980, but rose to fame with the 2007 Discovery Channel documentary, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” which was produced by James Cameron and directed by Simcha Jacobovici. Ten ossuaries were discovered within the Tapiot tomb bearing names such as Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The filmmakers identified one of the ossuaries bearing the inscription “Mariamene” as belonging to Mary Magdalene, suggesting she was married to Jesus. Only two of the ossuari
  11. Thank the gods for that! That was the only point I wanted to make at the early part of the discussion. If everyone is happy that the aerofoil cant tell up from down, but responds to relative airflow, then we can move on. As long as everybody agrees that the simple, basic definition of Lift is a force that is produced by the dynamic effect of the air acting on the aerofoil, and acts perpendicular to the flight path through the centre of lift (CL) and perpendicular to the lateral axis https://www.aircraftsystemstech.com/2017/05/forces-acting-on-aircraft.html we can move on. At thi
  12. It takes on a whole new meaning nowadays when a young bloke says that he's going out to burn rubber.
  13. My wife and I used to have a cigarette after doing some "chainsawing".
  14. And before their communities were overwhelmed by European culture, that's exactly what happened. In fact, before the Industrial Revolution, that's pretty much what European communities did. The Justice system has ceased to work the community it is supposed to work for, and now demands that the community work for it.
  15. BS Handbook Item 2 Workplace visits dress code: Brand new Hi-Viz vest; brand new safety helmet; brand new safety glasses. You'd think that like the rest of us, pollies would have their own issue of the above. But I suppose that it doesn't look good to the punters if your Hi-Viz vest is gravy-stained from having your snout in the trough.
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