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  1. I wonder how the company, Harvey Norman was able to justify its need for financial support to pay people who worked under its umbrella. I thought that each department in a Harvey Norman shop was a franchise. In other words, a separate entity paying franchise fees to HN.
  2. A kid like this is the same as a German kid grown up in the Hitlerjugend. The same as a Japanese kid. The same as a modern Chinese kid. The same as a kid amongst the Taliban. The same as an American kid. During WWII, Disney made a lot of propaganda cartoons/cartoon format pictures. Here's one of them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Education_For_Death.ogv
  3. Australian Bren Gun Carrier: Carrier, Machine Gun, Local Pattern, No. 1: Also known as "LP1 Carrier (Aust)". Australian production similar to Bren carrier but welded and some minor differences. Universal Carrier MG, Local Pattern No. 2: Also known as "LP2 Carrier (Aust)". Australian-built variant of the Universal Carrier. Also produced in New Zealand. Used 1938–1939 Ford commercial axles; the 2A had 1940 Ford truck axles. 2-pounder Anti-tank Gun Carrier (Aust) or Carrier, 2-pdr Tank Attack: A heavily modified and lengthened LP2 carrier with a fully traversable QF 2 pounder (40 mm) anti-tank gun mounted on a platform at the rear and the engine moved to the front left of the vehicle. Stowage was provided for 112 rounds of 2pdr ammunition. 200 were produced and used for training. 3 inch Mortar Carrier (Aust): A design based on the 2 Pounder Carrier with a 3-inch (76 mm) mortar mounted in place of the 2 pounder. Designed to enable the mortar to have 360 degree traverse and to be fired either from the vehicle, or dismounted. 400 were produced and were ultimately sent as military aid to the Nationalist Chinese Army.
  4. On 2 December 2021, the Australian Parliament passed the Autonomous Sanctions Amendment (Magnitsky-style and Other Thematic Sanctions) Act 2021 (Cth) (Act) which is partly based on the United States’ Magnitsky Act1, and similar laws already in place in the UK, Canada and the European Union. The Act is designed to sanction individuals and entities responsible for certain “thematic” categories of “egregious conduct”. The Act came into force on 7 December 2021. I suppose that the vote on that bit of legislation was unanimous.
  5. Looks like you were not wrong
  6. Is that the breast you could do with your dough?
  7. If a bloke doesn't like one of the codes of football, he ignores it; doesn't follow any news of it; wouldn't go to game if you gave him a free ticket to a corporate box. Maybe we should ignore the power game these politicians like to play. After all, the only part Joe Blow plays in our democracy is to pick one of the players. He can't pick the whole team. He can't have input into the team's tactics.
  8. It would be Uber most people's heads.
  9. Don't you get the feeling that this young bloke won't last long after returning to Russia?
  10. One thing that should be either scrapped or further defined is Standing Order 80 80 Closure of a Member speaking: If a Member is speaking, other than when giving a notice of motion or moving the terms of a motion, another Member may move— That the Member be no longer heard. The question must be put immediately and resolved without amendment or debate. https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/House_of_Representatives/Powers_practice_and_procedure/House_of_Representatives_Standing_Orders It appears that the Standing Order was introduced as a means to curtail a Member from filibustering and wasting the Parliament's time for conducting its business. The Morrison Government has made a welter of this Standing Order to shut down opposition and cross bench members in this past term. It has used it so often that, since it holds the majority in the house, the Speaker now doesn't even call for a vote. The motion is simply passed.
  11. Sorry, but all those Conservatives look the same to me - tarred with the same brush.
  12. Labor is hampered in raising dirt simply because it can't overcome the biased media. Labor might be willing to acknowledge its sins of the past, but if the skeletons came out of the closet too close to election day, the LNP would put flesh on them and parade them through the streets like Barnum and Bailey coming to town. Don't forget that a Federal ICAC could also look into Labor's cupboard, but it seems that Labor thinks confession would be good for the soul if it meant that the sins of the LNP could be exposed to the public.
  13. Simply an example of the application of "political" power. By "political power" I mean the use of tactics to secure control of a group.
  14. For the very same reason we should respect religious dis-belief ... out of respect for the other person's right to live as they please. But that always comes with the caveat that there is a return of respect.
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