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  1. Many friends tell me that their toolboxes seem to be bereft of 13Mil open ended spanners ( Or Crescent wrenches if you're a septic ) I did a tool check in the summer ( yeh, I know, I get bored easily being a retired Gent ) It appeared that I had around a dozen . . . even though I have only owned TWO Ford products since being kicked out of OZ as an undesirable in late 1983. . . and as any decent Ford Fiddler knows, there are lots and lots of nuts desirous of that nomenclature of Crescent Wrench. . . . NOT that I could lately be accused of climbing underneath my Fiesta 1.4 to unslacken anything. . . .
  2. Just remembered my password . . . . and its sort of let me in I think, although it's a bit jittery. Possibly the weather. . .who knows. OME, Sir. . .I really should've explained my 'Vax' status, not wishing to open any kind of debate on the subject. I'm not an ANTIVAXOLOGIST' I just maintain the view that all the people who lied to me about everything over the last few years; are the same bunch of drongoes who are insisting that I take it. I DO try to avoid discussion on the subject wherever possible. Hi to all, I'm still Looking for more Juicy ATA Lady photographs to post. Phil P. Onward and Downward.
  3. Lanc viewed from Mid upper turret. . .
  4. There's something sad about a perfectly good but deserted airfield.. . . .
  5. Come on. . .No cheating with Goggle Pictures. . .
  6. Terribly sexist cartoon alert...
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