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  2. Actually the description probably makes this property look not quite so desirable given the asbestos problem and need to earthquake proof this building . "A historical air-traffic control tower next to Wellington’s airport is for sale, on a prime hillside plot of property with “unbeatable views” of the town and harbour. Built in 1959, the old tower served for 60 years before its replacement was built farther down the road, according to its listing. “If the views and character aren’t enough to hook you, the tower is believed to be the only one in the world to have a residential address and its own letterbox,” the company says. But DIY-ers beware: the tower will take some work before it’s a home for any aviation enthusiast. First and foremost it’s full of asbestos, the listing says, and also requires some earthquake-proofing. This is New Zealand after all. And if you do want to convert it to a home, it might be an interesting transition. The tower “boasts many of its original 1957 design features, including a cramped floor plan, narrow stair-only access to all four levels, a lack of natural light in many areas, and one toilet,” the listing says. “It has had a lick of paint in at least the last decade and the kitchenette is circa 2000s chic.” The real-estate firm in charge of selling the parcel says the land is worth about $US363,000, and has the “possibility of development” into something completely different. That might sadden some locals, though, who nicknamed the old tower “Arnold.” “It has sat up there on the hill and served us well for 60 years, so we will have some mixed feelings about seeing it go,” Airways CFO James Young said. “While we know it’s most likely that the property will be bought by a developer and cleared to build new homes, it’s nice to imagine the old tower being given a new life through some creative grand design.” The new tower is just down the road. I took this picture from a hill on the other side of the airport. Wellington airport must be one of the worlds best airports for for aviation watching/photography, The grey building (bottom left) is Spruce Goose Café. On my regular visits to Welly I sit on the outside area of this café and drink a nice coffee or craft beer (usually both) and photograph the comings and goings at the airport.
  3. Yenn

    Your ABC

    A Royal Commission. Just what we need, a good way to keep spending money to no advantage and it lets the media spout away without having to do any real work. Then years later when it is all finished, nothing happens. Have a look at what the enquiry into the banks accomplished. Already the government is going in completely the opposite direction to the findings.
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  5. What about Trump and the US military alliances. Has his determination to get the US allies in NATO and Asia to kick in their fair share of the costs of military backup caused those Nations to pull back from the alliances? I cannot vouch for the political leaning of the producers of this video, but its content is worth discussing. Amazingly, the only alliance that seems to be holding is the ANZUS Treaty.
  6. I try to publish my opinions where the intelligent members of society gather. Places like this.
  7. Covid self test. Covid self test.mp4
  8. red750

    Quickies part 2

    LIFE IS SHORT, SO DRINK THE GOOD WINE FIRST! I talked with a homeless man this morning and asked him how he ended up this way. He said, "Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had HDTV and Internet, and I went to the gym, the pool, and the library.” “I was working on my MBA on-line. I had no bills and no debt. I even had full medical benefits coverage.” I felt sorry for him, so I asked “What happened? Drugs? Alcohol? Divorce?” “Oh no, nothing like that” he said. “I was unexpectedly paroled.”
  9. I am guessing that it s a means of moving a lens in a light ray, to direct where it is wanted.
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  11. I suppose this is why we are happy to support Microsoft. It might almost be monopolistic, but at least that monopoly is doing things for Mankind. Is it wrong that it should be well rewarded for its efforts?
  12. I like NASA's buggy that can go sideways. About as good as a Dodgem car, but much faster.
  13. China is the worlds largest exporter of fruit juices - particularly apple juice concentrate - and they have been known to get into strife over the quality of their juices. They occasionally juice rotten fruit, when good fruit is scarce - then deal with the rotten fruit flavour, by adding chemicals to the juice to hide the "off" taste. https://www.chinauncensored.com/index.php/real-china/643-rotten-fruit-processed-into-juice-and-exported-to-the-west https://oec.world/en/profile/bilateral-product/fruit-juice/reporter/chn
  14. red750

    Funny videos

    Dan Andrews in action... joined_video_247599cf56a14b81b3bade8e5faf1dff.MP4
  15. Yes, the British did assume control of most of the outer Japanese conquered countries, probably because they had the military organisation close by in India and Malaya. The French did not have a military force in late 1945 to go in and take back their pre-war colonies. MacArthur was the one who did the posturing in the south-west Pacific. He really did the dirty on the Commonwealth forces, leaving them to do the clean-up work on the Japanese forces isolated by the Allies dominance of sea routes.
  16. And thats the story of OMEs' life. Born just after the pubs shut. That would really piss you off.
  17. Here is an interest ing animated graph showing the rapid growth of China's car industry, which I received today in an email. World car production
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  19. Yes, it's looking a lot better for the Government than it is for the LNP. Latest polls out put Labor ahead of the LNP at 52% to 48% 2PP. Newspoll gives the Premier a 76 per cent approval rating for her government's management of the coronavirus. Also a personal approval rating of 63% compared to 37% for the opposition leader. And that's after a big boost in figures for Frecklington since the campaign began. Before that she was in the mid twenties on personal approval. The importance of those polls is that half of Queensland voters are expected to vote early, starting Monday. So even with two weeks to go until polling day, the current opinion polls will reflect how a lot of people will vote. Someone recently told me that the Premier is a moron and has to go. If that's correct and she wins another term, that makes 10 years that a moron has kept the LNP from government. So what does that make the LNP if a moron can continuously beat them?
  20. There was a model plane magazine where the editor tried to introduce SR1, which meant spelling reform 1. It was to use the "e" in a consistent way. So you would write about the book you had just red. Personally, I agreed with the idea but I didn't like reading it in practice. It never took off.
  21. Back in the day, you used to be able to go to Mascot Domestic on the weekends and buy a "Mystery Flight" ticket for a few dollars which would give you seat on a plane going somewhere in the State. You got an out-and-back trip and put a bum in an otherwise unused seat.
  22. And here's another LRB classic Lonesome Loser
  23. It never ceases to surprise me, the number of MP's who are almost invisible, and merely "seat warmers", who suddenly appear when a political crisis arrives - and you're left saying, "Who TF is this MP? I've never heard of them, or seen them, before now?"
  24. $30 per hour is not bad if the alternative is $0 per week.
  25. It's not a sport I normally follow a great deal - but the stepson (John) and his wife are top-flight MMA fighters and not the sort of people you want to cross. John used to do part time work as a nightclub bouncer and got targetted by 9 blokes one night. That's 9 on 1. He took them all out, without incurring any injury. He's shown me some particularly vicious moves. He's travelled the world, attending MMA events, and come back with a host of trophies. He took it up when he was 13, and he turned 50 this year, so he's got plenty of experience.
  26. The fastest ever crewed trip to the ISS is set for Wednesday. Roscosmos are using the new Soyuz-2.1a rocket which carried it's first crewed flight back in April. The trip will take just over three hours with only two orbits.
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