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  2. I'm staggered at the regular amount of huge losses by people who hand over large sums of money for a major purchase via an email request - only to find scammers have intercepted the businesses emails, and advised the buyer the bank account number has changed - whereby the buyer still does no basic checks and is scammed completely. It has happened in W.A. with scammers acquiring houses, and purchase monies for houses. The Govt was forced to tighten up the real estate and settlement agent industries to try and remove loopholes that allowed this to happen. Everyone is now advised to c
  3. Did someone offer her a quick course in enemy aircraft recognition? LOL
  4. Can l suggest !. Give that support number to the " cold calling " people that annoy me & countless others. No,Laughing,Matter. spacesailor
  5. " The cars (and aircraft) of the Art Deco era " You did say ART. In an Art gallery. spacesailor
  6. Here's a star car and a couple of "stars".. One of my favourite films (the whole trilogy):
  7. I forgot about this thread - ahhh.. the good ol' days... (Although, is that an XD? Doesn't quiet look right, but they were yuk,anyway).
  8. octave

    ALP efficiency

    Red I am no unsympathetic about you problems with this. As I said I a have had this problem a couple of times recently with federal programs, it really sucks but it is not unusual. I think I would be giving the support phone number a call (although Ill bet it involve a long phone queue.)
  9. I saw a Doco of someone ( archaeologists ) opening a burial niche, reportedly Jesuses family. If a sham. WHY. spacessailor
  10. I,ve got a DELICA L400 Should be a classic. Just about to start showing it's age. After my 14 years of enjoyment. LoL spacesailor
  11. O M E Thanks, I had No idea of that french " camion ",. My long distance truckie relative, ( who died in the townsend thoresen ferry sinking ). Almost got arrested for calling his "camion " a truck. I mean it was his & it was English !. spacesailor
  12. Because I wanted only sensible people to see it. I didn't elicit that comment, it just came up in conversation about flying his aircraft. We weren't having a BS session. Why do you think it's BS?
  13. Hitler ! " Ferdinand Porsche (left) amuses German dictator Adolf Hitler by showing him, a model for the Volkswagen car where the engine is in the rear, also known as the “boot.” The Volkswagen company was founded on May 28, 1937 by the German Labour Front, a Nazi labour union ". Dam Good Car. spacesailor
  14. Congratulating the US air force with a picture of Russian planes.
  15. To be fair, there's plenty to complain about the major political parties and the reality of politics is that it is a greasy pole to climb and there are a lot debt accrued in the form of favours on the way. If the Libs came to power in Vic and the bueracracy prevailed, would it become the fault of the Libs for not fixing it? If the Libs came to power and decided to cancel the allowance or Labor decided to cancel the allowance, that would be the fault of the respective party who took the decision. However, you, on reflection, the law which is enacted by the pa
  16. This rates as a silly picture. A very embarrassing mistake by a U.S. Republican Senator wishing the U.S. Air Force Reserve a happy birthday via her Twitter account.
  17. The question with the ISS now is how long it will continue to operate. Russia has participation obligations until 2025 at this stage. After that date, they're expecting the failure of a lot of components due to age. The Russian president has just signed off on plans to put up their own space station (named ROSS), which could be ready for deployment after 2024. The plans are for a relatively small station of from three to seven modules, able to house up to four cosmonauts. Roscosmos has also signed a moon exploration deal with China where they will share a Lunar station. It's early
  18. The early Volkswagens did ok too Nev. How they did this when sucking in all that dust is a mystery to me.
  19. What evidence is there that christ actually lived? There was a diary-keeper in Jerusalem at the christ time and he mentioned nothing. Also the dead-sea scrolls show that christ's parables were 400 years old at the time and stolen from elsewhere. The standard test is whether there are independent sources. Herod passes this test but christ does not. .
  20. Marty_d

    ALP efficiency

    No, because this has nothing to do with the political party. There's already so much to complain about with the LNP without blaming them for stuff they can't control.
  21. octave

    ALP efficiency

    Last year I applied for job keeper, a federal program. The application process was a nightmare. Although I am not a fan of the federal government I understood that it was thrown together due to the covid emergency. Although I spent hours on the phone and it would have been nice if it were simpler, mainly I was just thankful that this money was made available to me.
  22. I reckon there is a lot of racism directed against whites. The recent stuff about "sorry" is a good example. Neither me nor any of my ancestors were involved in any way. They arrived in Australia well after the events. In any case, I think it racist to blame me for any faults of my ancestors. So what have I to feel " sorry" for? In fact, the opposite is the case and they should be saying "thanks".
  23. Maybe they would and maybe they wouldn't.. Unless you are actually dealing with a minister, Which is usually reserved for people who PAY to keep the Party going, you are dealing with the bureacracy.. Try dealing with most banks OR an Insurance company. Nev
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