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  2. As regards COVID-19 control, I still prefer the Australian model of control as compared to the Swedish model. And I'll wager they will eventually regret freely allowing in so many radical Middle Eastern immigrants, whose cultural outlook is diametrically opposed to the Swedish cultural outlook.
  3. Those Swedes seem like a sensible lot.
  4. Hello Mark, I am using the text you sent and am adding few notes from my side, I hope this is information would be of some help, if not then please let me know. That is truth, and we have several examples that shows how the system works. As one example and which we had quite recently was of the director of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Dan Eliasson, that was sacked in 1 day, after he did travel to Spain to visit his daughter over Christmas while he recommended days before for the swedes to NOT travel anywhere to prevent the
  5. That mother Sea Monkey had pretty good legs, didn't she. Funny how they were all aimed at male adolescent fantasies. There's an interesting article about all that stuff here - https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/sea-monkeys-and-x-ray-spex/
  6. Get George Christensen on the case, he's a gun nut and rabid Trump supporter. Tell him there's a pigeon named after Joe Biden and he'll be out there like a plus-sized marine.
  7. Congratulations to you, and to your wife, as well as congratulations to your offspring's achievements. It takes everyone's hard work to get one's kids to a good launching point.
  8. In Australia the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) provides for protection of migratory species as a matter of national environmental significance. The EPBC Act prohibits a person taking an action that has, will have, or is likely to have, a significant impact on a listed migratory species unless the Minister for the Environment has given approval. For over 30 years, Australia has played an important role in international cooperation to conserve migratory birds in the East Asian - Australasian Flyway (the Flyway), entering into bilateral migra
  9. Ian, Don't let him think that simply doing a Bachelor's degree will give him a job when he's got it. He is entering into a field where change is the name of the game. Remind him of the time it takes to create course content, and that while a lecturer is doing that, he doesn't have the time to keep ahead of the wave. If I asked my son - who has his own business in this general field - what advice he would give your son, it would be to pester a company already involved in communication design for an internship so that while he is attending Uni and getting the theory, he is also
  10. SHAME ON YOU AUSSIE POLLIES ,. It,s not bloody Trump !. Quick get the American President to issue a PARDON . What are they going to use " ACK-ACK GUNS " spacesailor ps, Polair with large dog catcher net, seen chasing budgie acrosis Melbourne skies.
  11. If Joe is American what breed of pigeon is he. He quite likely couldn't breed with a decent Aussie pigeon.
  12. If they were the colour of the R2E2 he would be worth a fortune. Pity they taste so poor, the mangos I mean.
  13. Well, now the story has taken an abrupt and mysterious turn- with the Americans claiming the pigeon is not one of theirs, the legband number is forged, and Joe really is a plain old Aussie pigeon! I don't understand how we could have a local pigeon looking so emaciated? Are the outside eating areas in Victoria now so deserted, that even a pigeon can't get a decent feed? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-15/fake-us-leg-band-may-get-joe-the-pigeon-reprieve-biosecurity/13061544
  14. Well, here's todays chuckle. Joe, a racing pigeon from the U.S., got blown off course, and appears to have hitched a ride on an ocean-going freighter, and flew into a blokes backyard in Melbourne, obviously looking for a few breadcrumbs. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/offbeat/acting-pm-michael-mccormack-suggests-joe-the-pigeon-could-be-killed-after-flying-into-melbourne-from-the-us-ng-b881770298z But he's an invader, a bio-security breacher, and he has to die! I'm amused by this approach. What is the difference between Joe, and the millions of other migratory birds, w
  15. Same with people and doctors. You feel dreadfully sick, go to doctor and many tests later you still don't know what was wrong, but you recover.
  16. I can recall just about all of those "snake-oil" ads. As a horny juvenile, I dreamed of having a pair of those X-ray specs that would allow me to see girls naked under their clothes. But somehow, I never did acquire a pair of them. I guess there was always a lingering suspicion they weren't telling the truth. I did actually purchase a Charles Atlas body-building course - because I was a pretty puny 97-pound weakling as a juvenile. Army rookie training soon fixed that. The Charles Atlas course was well-meaning I think, and wasn't necessarily snake oil. Charles Atlas promot
  17. As an update to my Son's art in the opening post I am a very proud father with Lachlan has just been offered his first choice in his VCAT University Placing. Lachlan did Year 12 VCE last year (2020) through the Covid pandemic, sat his exams and over the Christmas break he was given 3 conditional university offers including a scholarship at Monash Uni. His first choice was Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT University and yesterday he received his first round offer of just that. So that now makes both of my kids have gone/going to University. Caitlin finished her Bachelor of C
  18. Hopefully more "sparrow" than "emu".
  19. Crikey, I hope they were only the size of the old stringy mangoes and not those big hybrid R2E2 ones.
  20. Plenty of them about. A couple of them have even held the Presidency in the last few years.
  21. No one leaves their doggie alone. One of my sons spent over 3500 and the dog still died. Vets are sure of business. People find the money somehow, but you really can't afford an animal. I enjoy the ones in the backyard in their "scary" natural state. Generally food for something else. Nev
  22. Getting back to American culture. I watched this today and I think that it shows that in America, snake oil salesmen are still very active. It implies that the prevailing ethic in the USA is to dupe people out of their money without any thought to ones scruples. No wonder "In God We Trust" has the added rider, "all others pay cash". It all starts with the kids
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is exactly what happened with our dog! It nearly died, and the vet didn't know what it was so he ordered all these tests. The dog recovered before the test results came back. And the diagnosis? Unknown! Nearly a thousand dollars spent and we should have left the dog alone.
  25. Korea seems the better option for most manufactured goods lately. spacesailor
  26. If the attacker,s thought for a moment, they could lose, I don,t think they Would attack !. spacesailor
  27. Quite right OME. I steadfastly bought cars made in Australia while I could. And a Jabiru plane of course. But I don't see the difference between imported from europe or the US instead of China. I sure see the difference in the price though.
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