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  2. Ouch.. that's gotta hurt...
  3. Guaranteed then, that by the end of the year, you won't find any Telstra public phones 🙂
  4. Something I picked up tonight on the web. Not that you can find many around these days, but as from tomorrow, all phone calls from a Telstra public phone are free. So you won't have to rummage for a few coins if you are caught with a flat mobile battery.
  5. OME - Good to see you back, and indulging in your creative side with the resultant neat handiwork. Back in the late 1990's when I was going through a particularly low point in my life, I picked up some huge old timber trusses (10M span) from an old military depot shed. The shed (one of many on the former military base) had been demolished due to termites chewing up one of the sheds support posts, and nibbling on the end of a truss. The trusses were a mixture of Karri and Jarrah timber, and the shed had been built in the mid-1930's with some very good quality structural t
  6. Thank you for that reply,. I think l needed a little something, . LoL A friend of mine, ( Dubbo SES & SCOUTS ) is making pens by hand, also those ' scouts ' round wooden scarf dongles. They, r for sale on facebook, with the proceeds going to the scouts. hope l don,t get busted for this blatant advert. spacesailor
  7. Spacey, You've never done anything like that. You're one of the Good Guys. Red750, Fortunately the wife's cancer is not internal, although she has had radiotherapy in the past. Think of it as a skin cancer, and that's the closest to it. It's not one of the horrid, hidden internal ones. With COVID, elective surgery has been dropped, so she has moved up the list. Maybe this week and not next. Dax, The standard of my woodwork has has improved since watching the Rex Krueger videos. He's not one of those types who requires you to have a million d
  8. I would like to. APOLOGIZE. If l have done anything to cause you a problem, My only excuse is my bad mindset, I know l proberbly caused a few bad statments that l regret. The last one was about ' intellect ', so thats another, APOLOGY. From me to all of the formulates. spacesailor
  9. Hi, O.M.E., I hope you are checking in to see our best wishes. I have a bit of an idea of what you are going through. I hope they resolve the pain problem for your wife. As for the cancer, has she had chemo or radiation therapy? My wife had both, and hardly has any hair left on her head. Has to wear a beanie when she's out, which is basically just to go to the hospital. All the best to you and your wife.
  10. red750

    Quickies part 2

    I've received many remarkable nature photographs over the years but this photo of a nesting Falcon is perhaps the most remarkable Nature shot that I've ever seen.
  11. red750

    Funny videos

    Brake testing in India.mp4
  12. Some chinese goods are fine, have lots of their junk and a MF backhoe frontend loader which comes from the 1960's, which still works fine, but a bit sloppy. Have a medium size Kubota 4x4 for the last 20 years and it's a great little tractor. My ebay $199 chinese bore pump has outlasted my neighbours $1500 grundig and it runs on my portable lifepo4 pack which sits in the workshop. Simply love lifepo4, such a massive advancement in energy storage and with most of my tools being cordless, means can work anywhere in the farm.
  13. Agree with your comments, always wonder why people can't discuss without being abusive derogatory or belittling. Seems if their viewpoints aren't accepted, or the comments interfere with their ideological programming, they get angry and go on the attack. Which means they learn nothing new, or gain an understanding of how others think and operate. Love your woodwork, mines sloppy and lazy. Hope you're ladies operation is a great success and you have many more years together.
  14. Yesterday
  15. G'day all! Just sticking my head in the door to let you know I'm upright and breathing. The main reason that I haven't been around is that I was spending hours here, and when I put a lot of effort into researching a topic and creating a post, there was no reasonable discussion, simply personal attack. At the same time the early restrictions due to COVID in Sydney and the frustrations of dealing with a GP who thought that the piece of paper on the wall proved that she knew more than everyone else, were impacting on me. So what did I do? Well, the wife's condition got worse and
  16. My wife is one of your old students. probably shouldn’t use”old” or I will get smacked in the head.
  17. As an ex-chalkie, I also found it accurate!
  18. Hi Mark, I too am sorry to see you leaving, I try to ignore poor sportsmanship on the forums. It is hard, it I consider your input informative and entertaining when tounge in cheek. It would be great to have you stay. If you don’t I wish you well and will miss your input. I tolerated a lot of bullying at school, since it didn’t turn me into a mass school murderer I believe it made me stronger for adult life. I can ignore d!£kneads and still get on with life in a proactive way. I hope you can find a path like this and continue to engage with your online friends who will miss you. cl
  19. wifey found this on FB, fairly accurate for children.
  20. As for Chinese stuff... well I have a tractor which cost about half because it was Chinese and it has gone fine ever since. The biggest mistake I ever made was to buy a Massey-Ferguson ( good name huh ) which turned out to have been made in Mexico. It was no good and it was an expensive lesson. If you shell out the minimum, you have less grounds to later complain. But hey, the cheap thing just might be OK.
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