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  1. This article seems to sum up the national mood and election well https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-61453738
  2. A small, red, swollen head goes with his big red swollen head, I guess
  3. You can buy a lot of boobies with that sort of dough
  4. Another interesting interview.. Gotta feel for the pawns in this deadly and traumatic game.
  5. I introduced my kids to Dave Allen, Love Thy Neighbour, On the Buses and a whole lot more of YouTube.. They love them... I know we're (almost) all in the older age category, but most (not all) of the humour today is so unintelligent, it's hard to watch let alone laugh at.. However, there are still some gems, such as Would I Lie to You, and some of the comedians on quiz shows/satirical news shows.
  6. Sprituality is, to me the essence of being and belief that helps us push through despite inordinate hardships. It may be a belief in a god or some other religion, or it may be simply a bdesire to survive - like virtually every other living creature on earth. However, if we are to respect religious beliefs and they are the genesis (pun intended) of spirituality, then in addition to respecting the more traditional (read, old/ancient) religions, then surely, we have to respect modern day cults, because, after all, are they not just new religions (edit - that provide spirituality)? Who is to say one is right and the other is wrong, if it is just an unproven belief? And yes, there are some dissastrous cults of depravity and sexual/material exploitation... But have not the traditional religions exploited the same over their lifetime? To me, what we call religions today were yesterday's cults. (for the record, any cult that exploits their flock in any way should be held to account to the full extent of the law)
  7. Shhhh, Marty.. That is not the way to collaborate...
  8. Or they say principles are only worth what people are willing to forego for them..
  9. The freedom of pollies and those that fund them to commit corruption while compelling the plebs to a life of subservience. There is so much corruption in the police and government; much the same as in the corporate world. Look at Mick Fuller, the ex NSW Police Commissioner. In Vic, I was one of the stream leads of a Vic public body for a large systems procurement. We were asked by the IT Director (woould be known as the CIO in today's terms) to return one of the vendors to the mix that we discarded. Their submission was they didn't have a system but could build us one.. These are large, complex systems that take years to build and refine... So, we did.. and during the tender evaluation process, promptly chucked out their submission. They are a big player in the software world, but did not have an offering in the area we were working. The IT Director was fuming and asked us for a detailed report as to why they were dumped. As an external contractor (already with my next gig lined up), I basically said, no need for a report; they don't have an existing offering to buy, which is the first requirement of the brief; they are about twice as much as the next most expensive bidder, and in addition to the two years to implement the system, they will need, in their submission, 2 - 3 years to build it.. As an independent procurement function, we did not think this was even close to providing a good return on investment or application of taxpayers money. In front of everyone, he couldn't argue, but I knew thgere would be recourse demanded later, and sure enough, I was marched into his office and his displeasure wasn't subtle. I reminded him there were three streams, and all three streams of the procurement came to the samed conclusion; that the auditor general is all over this, and we certainly were not willing to put our names to it - he could if he wanted to. I also reminded him that, in an effort to boost productivity and reduce the cost is the technoligy function in his public body, he was asking his staff to work harder, or the executive may decide to outsource - and then asked if pursuing the vendor option he wanted was the right thing to do.. He carried on a bit about how they were trustworthy and always were better value in the end; so much better than the established incumcbents in that industry. I said it was his decision, but I am certainly not chaing my recommendation, and neither were the other stream leads. So... ge canned the project.. and I understand about a year later ended up working with them anyway in some senior role representing to government business. That may or may not be related to his loyalty to them as a potential client.
  10. Has my mate, Wolfie paid you a visit lately?
  11. I agre with that, but only because their commanders would command them to.. and the same commanders made them sitting ducks..
  12. I think the troops in the car were unlucky as they sort of backed into allowing the drone through the sunroof... But, yes, they are easily deployed.. There was a vid that @Phil Perry put up some time ago, which was an army of drones with AI and small ballistics that wwas used to identify and killl student dissenters. It was a dramatisation made by a British uiniversity, in which they called for international regulation of drones, however, in war time, who is going to pay heed to those sorts of regulations?
  13. No.. completely sober, hence not able to spell! Nah.. was in a hurry and just blowing off some steam...
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