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  1. I've posted this before, but I do find this funny (appeals to my immature sense of humour): https://rsoles.com/ And here is a list of quite a few: https://biznamewiz.com/funny-business-names/
  2. Yep - know that one.. There is (or, at least was) a big David Jones on Bourke street - if my memory serves me well, where Buckley and Nunn used to be (hence the saying, "He's got Buckley's" as is Buckley's chance, which is a modern rendition of "He's got Buckleys and Nunn"
  3. Quite true, Spacey... No stamp duty on used cars and I think no VAT either if the VAT was paid when new.
  4. Looking at that video - isn't a bad workman always blames his (or her) tools? Oh, and they act like tools, too..
  5. You must have a thick skin, as I have tried... 🤣 Just kidding, of course. OME. I can only echo others words... tough job, but at the end of the day, a spirit of decency is called for.. robust debate and the odd ribbing can be done well within the bounds of a spirit of decency.
  6. Yes... Sadly, although Gladys said Delta was new and they didn't know anything about it, it had already taken a grip in the UK which caused the UK to go back to lockdown. Instead of lying, if she had have locked down Sydney harder and faster, maybe Australia wouldn't be in the situation it finds itself... The UK has loosened up its restrictions and, not that it was ever good, we are getting over 40K new infections a day, and close to 200 deaths a day.. and is increasing. The health officials are saying put the brakes on, but the government is letting it rip. I am guessing, at this
  7. Er.. I would steer clear of that Shiraz.... Watch John Catogan on yootoob and he will provide the answers (search his caravan towing clips). Basically, you would have to engineer stability into the system, which is the purpose of the towbar.. Then, you would have to build in an drive/power train, beef up the suspension, braking system, and steering system.. and suddenly you have a slf-driving carvan, which equals a self driving car... What if the batteries go flat, there is a disconnect of the control cable (you would probably want to go wireless anyway), et
  8. Chrysler made stagecoaches?
  9. Jerry_Atrick


    No.. they are taught about mythical creatures that try and explain how nature evolved... Agree with this.. When I did Aussie law (of all things), I got a much better appreciation of Aboriginal culture than my secondary school taught me (albeit in the late 70's, early 80's)... Only Abrahamic religions see god like this. There are far more religions that have different gods, which is why I mentioned aboriginal gods (dreamtime creatures). Geneshi (spelling is no doubt off), is but another; how many Greek gods (OK, not of modern Greek Orthodoxy), etc., and god knows
  10. November 6, I will find out! (Daughter decides, believe it or not!) Actually, I will email the ol' flight centre today (with explicit instructions only on airlines that continued to fly to Aus during the pandemic)... However, my guess is that prices will not yet drop. One of the reasons for wanting to open up Aus is that the second or third largest industry - education wealthy SE Asian students is beconing, and that will mean the airfares will probably stay high until Feb/March, and sadly, rents which are at almost all time lows, will increase (not selling o
  11. Well, it's official.. the god of Australia has changed his tune, and SFM will be able to change his.. Sad to think that many Aussies take note of such a one-sided press company... Loved the criticisms of the Telegraph readers...
  12. No.. no.. no... no..no.. That is the point of the site.. there isn;t going to be nah poo.. there will be plenty of it! 🙂
  13. Jerry_Atrick


    OK - my bad.. not a god per se, but mythical creatures that are celebrated and used to try to understand/contextualise the environment and teach/influence behaviour.. in the same was that god is used.. but with different means.. That was the point I was trying to make.. The "dreamtime" creatures are a belief system, but is used productively rather than destructively. Therefore a belief system is not necessarily a pre-requisite to ideology or exploitation. I learned that even tribalism isn't quite the same thanks to moiety. But there is a belief in mythical creatures that somehow
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