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  1. There was a little but of subtlety, sir.. just a little...
  2. Doh! I thought I was shooting pheasants.... I think you can include many western societies in that statement. Has voting in the LNP been in the interest of the majority of voters that voted them in? Probably not. Would voting in Labor be in the interest of the majority? Probably not. At any point in time, one party may represent the interest of the majority better than the other, but LNP is clearly big existing/obsolete business, and Labor is usually more moderate but union worker focused. My brother has recently obtained a position where he now has to handle industrial relation
  3. OT - given the statistic that OME provided - that no president elected in a year ending with 0 has survived their presidency, the odds aren't looking good for him (of course, I am not sure there is a statiscially valid number of presidents elected in a 0 year - but sometimes, even I have to admit, stats aren't always a great predictor). But, even if it were not a 0 year, I would think the odds of him being assasinated are pretty high. While the extreme left are known to engage in violence, the extreme right seem more prolific at it - porobably because there are more extreme right wing than lef
  4. By implication, doesn’t a fantasy of being Superman include being irresistible to women?
  5. Normally, I would agree with you.. However, he will probably issue himself a pre-emptive pardon and his actions with respect to office come under federal jurisdiction. While it is not certain a president can issue a self-pardon, it is far from settled at law. The constitutional text does not preclude it; it is a doctrine of law (jurisprudence) that is believed to prevent it; thatbeing one cannot sit in judgement of themselves. However, a pardon is not in itself a judgement, so there is a chance that if he issues a pardon and it is challenged in the supreme court, then they may uphold it.
  6. Lindsay Graham is a slithering snake... and although that would have certainly knocked me for a six, when the heat got too hot for him, he showed he is worse than BoJo - will bend harder and take a good ol rogering if it means he can progress... The democratsare threatening to impeachTrump again if Pence and the Cabinet don't invoke Amendment 23 (or is it 27).. That i folly on two counts.. Firstly, even if they do decide to pull Amendment 2x, if they don't get 2/3 majority of both houses, then it fails... and I seriously doubt they will get that.. The second is, it doesn't bar Trum
  7. I did have a chuckle on that one....
  8. With age, comes experience, if not wisdom.. Or at least the opportunity for experience and having seen things that those younger have seen.. Of course, if 60 is the retirement age for pilots (in EASA land, anyway), then maybe it should extend to pollies...
  9. Bruce, 15% may be an overestimate, but I thin the number is probably more than you think. There have been cases where a child contracts or is born with a disease where the gene which is defective is only present in men, and when the father gets tested, his gene is not defective and it therefore is not passed on. The only explanation is that the father is not the husband/partner. There was a famous case in the US, where a family had 5 kids (or something like that) and it turned out none of them were fathered by the husband. The reality is that a woman's natural instinct is to mate w
  10. The UK is apparently the 9th placed in world adultery rankings https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/adultery-countries-most-unfaithful-5188791
  11. Unfortunately, they will all be tared with the same brush...
  12. I am still trying to fathom how one man, especially Trump, can have such an impact on the public... The meme is sad.... I know America has its problems.. more so than many others of such wealth and prospertiy... But I have lived there and I immensley like Americans on the whole (those not on holiday abroad ;-)) It is a sad day....
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