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  1. Ouch.. that's gotta hurt...
  2. Guaranteed then, that by the end of the year, you won't find any Telstra public phones 🙂
  3. Oops.. missed this post... Happy to report OME is doing OK.. Taking time out to tend to pursue other interests... Let's hope he returns...
  4. If only Aus would invest more on renewables for electricity generation:
  5. They build high quality roads, there... they do...
  6. Er... actors/actresses of a certain genre of movies may have a different opinon (I think that is also what Spacey was getting at) 🙂
  7. Here you go.. Arrrmmmeeeerica's got it all sorted: https://mindmatters.ai/2021/06/the-most-promising-defense-against-militarized-drone-swarms/
  8. Er.. I have provided emerging evidence which may explain the tendency to homosexuality and transgender. Your response is purely opinion and anecdotal evidence; so I critique and instead of offering up evidence to back your assertion, you offer what pollies and ideologues do when they can't respond - personal attack and false and disparaging labelling.. I have presented emerging evidence (I haven't said it was the only reason, nor have I disagreed with other mind bending substances having impacts)... It doesn't seem to fit with the gripes and opinion you hold. OK.. no worries.. you can have you
  9. Before I get started on this tripe. before the right (and I am not left) redefined "woke", a term I hadn't heard of until Trump took power, let's look at the definition of what it means: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=definiton+of+woke "alert to injustice in society, especially racism." So, what the f! woke has to do with scientific research into the physiology of the brain - amongst other things - with respect to the propensity to homosexuality or transgender, I have no idea.. .Maybe you could illuminate us on that one... But let's take this little beauty:
  10. Well, it looks like SFM is up to his old tricks... https://www.theage.com.au/politics/federal/former-judge-labels-660-million-car-park-fund-corruption-20210721-p58bo3.html#comments Basically, blatantly buying, or probably more accurately, rewarding votes. I suppose, I don't recall him saying he will govern for all Australians. Or maybe, it's the work of god he is embarking on? I can't quite tell. Whatever, it is a genuine marketing effort, which is why they call him SFM. But lament not.. Australians voted in Tony Abbott, and then wondered wtf, he is really bad.. Aussies
  11. I am always weary of such statements. I understand where the sentiment is, but ultimately, virtually all behaviours are down to the physiological makeup of the brain and related organs. An example is the fact that different anti-depressants aiom to restore levels of different brain chemicals, e.g. serotonin, to their normal levels as there has been found a correlation to different abnormal levels of these chemicals and moods.. often something thought of to be in the head. Modern psychiatry and psychology is more about the impact of the brain physiology on behaviour and feelings as the study an
  12. Doesn't look too much like a Catalina to me, either.. but the shape of the bottom of the fueslage looks like a hull.. But then, I checked some photos of a Catalina here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consolidated_PBY_Catalina and it may be drawing a mid - long bow a replica..
  13. Just a quick update - thanks @onetrack for OME's email address.. I am happy to say that OME responded and has wishes the stalwarts of this great forum all the best. +1, although, I have to admit I have dropped of rec flying, partly because it seemed to get toxic for a while, and partly because I am a GA flyer, and, well, to be honest, apart from being what appears to be the most active flying site in Aus (PPRUNE doesn't do it for me), somehow doping and ironing fabric is something of an anathema to me 🙂 And those bloody rotax engines.. over-revved pencil sharpeners with liquid r
  14. They will call it Patriot IV
  15. Or.. more likely... Except that, if it is a good vibrator, I guess it will make her eyebrows shake 🙂
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