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  1. Here's a star car and a couple of "stars".. One of my favourite films (the whole trilogy):
  2. I forgot about this thread - ahhh.. the good ol' days... (Although, is that an XD? Doesn't quiet look right, but they were yuk,anyway).
  3. To be fair, there's plenty to complain about the major political parties and the reality of politics is that it is a greasy pole to climb and there are a lot debt accrued in the form of favours on the way. If the Libs came to power in Vic and the bueracracy prevailed, would it become the fault of the Libs for not fixing it? If the Libs came to power and decided to cancel the allowance or Labor decided to cancel the allowance, that would be the fault of the respective party who took the decision. However, you, on reflection, the law which is enacted by the pa
  4. When I worked for the Vic Public Service, there really was little pollies could do short of changing the respective leglisation about the PS itself to get things moving. The heads of the departments could be held accountable as could exec/snr management, but us plebs could almost do as we pleased (well, that is an exaggeration, but it was easier to get promoted out of a position than face disciplinary proceedings). But, to be fair, after 5 years in the PS, I went to work for Australia's largest retailed at the time (lat 80's), and to be honest, it wasn't that much more efficeint..
  5. I haven't been on rec flying for a while (well, not with any gusto, anyway), so TBH, I am not sure what the argument is, but I can guess. But, I'll always have a word.. Out of pure interest, I wouldn't mind looking at the video.. On belligerence or heckling - I learned long ago to ignore it. The words, horse, water, and drink spring to mind
  6. Hmmm.. Haven't yet watched the proposal, but from Met theory, wasn't it the radiation from the earth absorbing the heat that warms the atmosphere? In which case, if you remove the vegetation, won't it make the earth more absorbant of the UK waves (being a darker colour than the vegetation)? I shoudl watch it before I comment, but that would be my first question
  7. I think those debts were repaid only in the last couple of years...
  8. That is true... Any drug, substance, or any other addition (e.g. obsessions, etc) becomes problematic to those who suffer it. Unfortunately, our culture doesn't accept these as health issues, but usually refers to such people as bludgers, alchies, and the like. Portugal, at least from the drugs perspective has got it right - compared to many other countries - but do one of us seek to emulate and improve on it? No, too easy to just blame them. I can't deny - I like a tipple of what I consider to be good stuff (although, when working in London while the family was away, I did, to sav
  9. In the UK, I am known as a JAFA - Just another effin Aussie... Of course, these days, with the number of Aussies here in decline, it doesn't have the same ring to it..
  10. You're not wrong! Unfortunately, society has become very vouyerstic and from a TV (or media perspective) seems ot have its roots in some of the sensationalist current affairs programs and TV shows like Donahue, Opra, Springer, and a few others. I am amazed at how people can make fortunes out of being total cretins. Not long after returning from Aus, I was in India on work. A woman named something like Jane Gaddo was in a Big Brother type show in the UK along with a B rate celebrity of Indian descent. This Jane Gaddo was a no-one and in Aussie terms, quite ferral. Got to the hotel i
  11. I think alcohol's preservation effectiveness depends on how long one has been consistently consumin the required quantities. I am a perfect case in point - been dead for 10 years now and still going strong (and in the pungent sense, as well) 😉
  12. Jusrt drink lots of your favourite tipple before and after - thins the blood...
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