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  1. Is that snow or firefighting foam? Hard to understand how it's on the underside of the gun barrel.
  2. "Pass the Wensleydale, Grommet!" - fantastic cheeses, especially the one with cranberries. We visited the factory in Yorkshire last time we were over there.
  3. What was that American car which used to explode if it got hit in the rear?
  4. Which is exactly what a successful ad man does.
  5. Not sure that you can blame the public service when they get no leadership from the ministers responsible. The trouble is they're facing an election this year (which is probably why they've ramped up the anti-China rhetoric - nothing like an "external threat" to get votes, that's a classic from the John Howard playbook). Oh, and then there's their mates from the fossil fuel industry in their ear about ensuring any transition is from one form of fossil fuel to another, rather than do anything which may result in lower emissions, and more importantly, lower profits. So as a result the
  6. Marty_d


    The question is... was it a chick Magnette?
  7. Look, I previously thought (and said) that the federal government were doing a good job with Covid, and in some respects they did (although I'm starting to suspect it was far more due to the states). But now they have become a joke. After losing over 600 people due to the virus made it into age care, they didn't even make it mandatory for age care workers to be vaccinated. WTF??? Talk about not learning from your mistakes! What bunch of idiots look at the age care system, KNOWING that the deaths were caused by underpaid workers having to do shifts at multiple facilit
  8. Why wouldn't you just make the coffee at home and use a thermos? Unless you're driving more than 2 hours, it'll still be hot.
  9. Marty_d


    Yeah, we all picked up on that one...
  10. I just wish they'd open it up to under 50's who are prepared to get AZ. I'm 49 so at the moment not able to get the shot, but would do it if I could. Gotta say they haven't covered themselves in glory with both the vaccination rollout and the inability to set up proper open-air quarantine locations.
  11. Hindsight's a wonderful thing. We would all have bought Dogecoin and be multi millionaires if we could see what the future held.
  12. Not just time, dogs know what day it is too. I give our dogs a Greenie denta-bone thing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the time they usually get it, they let me know they're ready for it.
  13. The pillow may be unnecessary!
  14. Yep - who was it who said "Before he is married, a man is incomplete - when he gets married, he is finished"...
  15. It's ok Peter, you're in good company! I used to be one of the younger people at work, now all of a sudden I feel like the majority of people are younger than me. Told someone today that I was 49 and got an incredulous laugh. I really should get rid of this big grey beard.
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