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  1. Of course he won't resign. Mark McGowan has a sky-high approval rating, largely from standing up to the federal LNP. I know state politics and federal are two different beasts, but I reckon the LNP would get its arse handed to it in a by-election there.
  2. The cornish pasties you described had me drooling more.
  3. "Pork" in Spam probably covers a multitude of sins. I guess a pig's eyelids, snout and arsehole are all pork.
  4. That was very cutting, OME, I thought you were the perfect foil. Sabre what you want - I'd like to claymore about this but you'd probably épée no attention.
  5. I saw the opposite approach today. There's a house about 5km from us that's been knocked down. The family put up a nice shed first (obviously to live in while the new place is built), and today the house was gone - but there's a neat pile of framing timber, a neat stack of roof trusses, and a skip of bricks.
  6. Centimetres should never have been invented - they just confuse the issue. Millimetres, metres, kilometres - each 1,000 times the previous. Nice and easy.
  7. Aragorn's got a bigger one. (Yes, yes, I know - it's not the size, it's how you use it!)
  8. Marty_d

    Quickies part 2

    If Poland got in on the act too, would it be FAUKUP?
  9. Well it did get Patricia Karvelas kicked out of parliament (and apparently the news made it to England!) -https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-46425950
  10. Yes, the problem with exactly following a constitution means that militia groups in the US think the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to bear whatever arms are available today, including machine guns and rocket launchers. Whereas the founding fathers with their single-shot muskets could not have possibly imagined the danger a literal interpretation of their words would mean in the 21st century.
  11. No you won't. Go to the MyGov site and print your certificate. Besides that, who pays $1500 for a phone? You can get a second hand job for $100 that will do the same thing. Not sure who charges $60 a month either, I'm on Aldi Mobile for $15/mth and it does everything I want.
  12. Oh, after 5pm on a Friday. That's about an hour after the weekend has started!
  13. The real vaccination is free. Wow, $200 for not being protected! What a deal!
  14. Wow, you had a booze cart come in?? We had to skive off to the pub for lunch and forget to go back.
  15. Next time you come up to give me some aircraft wiring assistance, make sure it's at lunch time! Mind you, the best seafood chowder on earth is served very close to your place.
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