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  1. That is true, OME, as much as I want to argue against it. The problem is that due to the particular character and moral attributes generally required to amass vast amounts of moolah, those who both have money AND want to influence the electorate are not usually what I would consider a force for good. (Trump, Murdoch, Palmer, the Koch brothers...)
  2. That fat clown Palmer is at it early. I put on a Youtube video for my son this morning and that idiot came up in the first advertisement.
  3. Remember MrAbbott with his 6 or 8 Australian flags? And that Lurch Dutton beside him. At least Scummo is still number 2 in the race to worst PM in living memory.
  4. Sorry, we're full. But seriously, the policies get made by the dills on the green leather, the public service HAS to put those policies into practice, no matter how stupid they are. So next time you're dealing with a public servant who seems to be making life difficult, it could be because they're an arse, but more likely because they're limited to what they can do because of the policy created by the dills on the green leather.
  5. Taken today in Animal Tuckerbox. (Agree completely!)
  6. Not at the vet they don't... there was a sudden expression of shock and outrage on the face of our miniature Foxie a few weeks back when the thermometer went in!
  7. As a Tasmanian I'm a little unhappy - we've been extremely lucky because of our isolation and pretty much missed the Delta strain. For a long period we had zero cases in the community. In fact we've pretty much had no lockdowns (4 days I believe) and minimal change to our lifestyles. I know the state government had planned to open up on 15/12/21 but the effects of Omicron on other states should have led them to keep the drawbridge up for another few months to see what would happen. Our health system was already running at its limits before covid. Now it's here, and the number o
  8. I think Code Brown is where the patients are in the shit.
  9. That is true, OME, but the problem is it also extends to clicking "I accept" on 500 pages of terms and conditions when using any sort of software. No one ever reads those.
  10. The two are not mutually exclusive. He could be looking at "fireman's helmets"...
  11. Yep had my 3rd Pfizer a few days ago. Bugger all side effects this time which was a pleasant surprise, the second jab really got me.
  12. Didn't drink WHILE he was PM. I think!
  13. Let's just hope that the level of outrage against this federal government extends far enough into the "quiet Australians" in May. I have my doubts.
  14. Gerry Harvey did bloody well out of the pandemic, and now apparently is selling RAT tests as well.
  15. Not quite sure the same saying could apply to today's youth - pubic hair is so 1970's.
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