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  1. Yes, I can remember reading a story about how the Japs conned the Russians as regards coal supply in the 1970's. The Russians had found huge coal deposits in Siberia, and wanted to develop them, but they had no money to do so. The Japanese heard about these coal deposits and wanted to ensure their energy supplies were secure. So they said to the Russians, "We heard you have lots of coal? We need lots of coal for our manufacturing industries!" And the Russians said, "Yes, we've got heaps of coal, but no money and no equipment to get it out of the ground!" The Japs said, "We'll
  2. Peter - I think many blokes have a need to have a pretty young thing hanging off their arm, like some people need to wear watches with outsize dials. It's all about showing off. I seriously doubt whether these couples have anything like a "normal" man-woman relationship, as most people have. These gold-digging women are chasing exposure as well, and the lure of money and glitzy accessories being showered on them is irresistible. Most of these young women come from financially-deprived situations, and usually have had no worthy father figure in their lives, either.
  3. I must say I was a little surprised when I saw this news tonight - mostly because I don't consider 78 to be all that old. But perhaps Geoffs high-flying, tumultuous career, including his multiple hookups with a string of young gold-diggers, all added up, to wear him out. RIP Geoffrey, at the very least you provided us all with regular doses of flamboyant entertainment. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-11/geoffrey-edelsten-dies-aged-78/100210062
  4. Jerry, here's two of our local (W.A.) olive oil producers. I'm not sure how much oil they have available to export, the local demand is huge, despite local olive oil being dearer than European imports. Most consumers here are quite wary of European olive oils, as they're well known for lower quality, possible adulteration, some oil operations controlled by criminals, and varieties that are not necessarily good, due to the age of the varieties. The olive oil industry here has the advantage of being young, and being able to choose the best varieties for flavour and yield. Plus our clim
  5. I hate cold and have no desire to ever experience the bitter cold of the Northern U.S. or Europe. I've only seen snow once in my life, I drove up to the snowline on Mt Kosciusko in 1970 to see it - and then drove down again, unimpressed. I can recall an associate telling me how he was in Chicago in the early 1980's when it was -14°, and how you had to be careful about taking deep breaths, or you'd have icicles form in your lungs. One of the mad Canadians on our tractor forums lives in a place called Lynn Lake, Manitoba. I think his location is within about 250kms of th
  6. I was mentioning the "National Park" title for electric chainsaws, because they allow campers and 4W-drivers to harvest firewood quietly and inconspicuously inside NP's, against all the NP regulations.
  7. Back in the 1960's, when we used to operate tractors and dozers in the W.A. wheatbelt with open cabs (or no cabs at all) - and the Southerly gales with their massive wind chill factors would bring temperatures in the open paddocks down to low single digits - and you had to work nightshift as well, in that weather - we'd buy the ex-RAAF flight suits from military surplus stores and wear them on the tractors. The great advantage with them was that they had inbuilt heating elements that were 24V, so we could plug them straight onto the 24V electrical systems on the tractors. Their dow
  8. Ahhh, yes - the electric chainsaw. Also colloquially known as the "National Park" chainsaw, thanks to their near-silent operation.
  9. There's a substantial article in the link below, about how Trumps trade war with China actually cost Americans and American businesses, dearly. And a little known fact is that thanks to Trumps raving lunacy on American-Chinese trade, the Chinese stopped buying American soybeans, thus sending U.S. farmers into a deep hole. Trump was so concerned about vote losses in his Mid-West constituencies, he showered vast amounts of subsidies on those farmers to compensate for the soybean sales losses - while he neglected to support U.S. manufacturers who were hurting equally, due to Tru
  10. I am yet to be convinced that electric heat pumps are satisfactory overall for hot water. They may be cheap to run, but they're expensive to buy and install. And their recovery rate as far as producing more hot water is pretty slow. And the bottom line for me is - no mains power, means no hot water. And the power can go off in storms, when some idiot hits a pole, when some premises has a fire, or even after a shower of rain following a long dry period - which causes "flashovers" here on salt-and-dust laden pole crossbars, and which trips out the power. We have a simple,
  11. We took on 3 business partners in the early 1980's to assist us with re-treating about 240,000 tonnes of gold tailings on our lease, utilising "vat leaching" and cyanide. The operation was very successful, it took us a bit over 2 years to extract all the remnant gold, and we made a tidy profit on the operation. One of our partners (Don Blaxell) was a WW2 veteran who had served in an Airfield Construction Sqdn in PNG, and who had dabbled in gold for years. He was a boatbuilder by trade, and he was a pretty clever cookie. When the military found out he had extensive boat bu
  12. Physical Gold is fascinating stuff, I love it. Having been a gold miner and having owned a viable gold mine, and having personally produced probably a couple of thousand ounces of gold, the intrinsic fact that so much money value can be contained in such a small volume, is what fascinates me, and which drives many people to continue searching for it in the ground. There's a story on the ABC right now of a 64kg piece of speciman rock that has just been purchased by the Perth Mint. It was bought for $3M and they claim it possibly holds up to $3.5M worth of gold (you don't know what t
  13. I was perusing the NOAAA site last night, and was quite surprised to find that about half of the continental U.S. (the Western half), is already in drought, and the outlook for those areas over the next 3 months is for increasing drought conditions. In addition, some other areas outside the drought-listed areas are predicted to see an initiation of drought during the next 3 months, as well. The outlook for many places in the U.S. appears a bit grim as regards cropping, and some types of dryland food production - and for bushfire risk as well. I'm not sure about their irrigatio
  14. It's interesting that the last article is an SMH article. In the same media outlet, there's a story that China is now struggling with their COVID-19 response - and that the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines are only around 50% effective. The Chinese vaccine testing data is apparently fudged, and no-one - especially those countries who bought the Chinese vaccines - is prepared to believe the Chinese vaccine data, now. If the article has any ring of truth to it, China has stumbled badly in both the viral race and the economic race - meaning it has lost its race to beat the West eco
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