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  1. The silly part is, nothing has ever gone fully metric. Wheel rims are still measured in inches in diameter, while the tyre width is in mm. TV and computer screens are listed in inch sizes. Cooking is still measured in cups and spoonfuls. Air compressors still advertise their output in CFM. I can still buy (and regularly use), fasteners in inch and fractional inch dimensions. Pressure washers always advertise they're 2000 or 3000psi, because that's more impressive than the feeble-sounding 13.78 or 20.68Mpa! Torque settings are still often listed in lbs/ft - and if you've got 400
  2. OME - You'd probably be shocked to find out how much water is added to that mince that you buy.
  3. It's too easy to simply jack up and shift a 400 ton, 2 storey brick house! https://www.carvideos.tv/heavy-machines/6167/moving-a-400-ton-brick-house-to-a-new-place-on-wheels
  4. Who recalls NASA losing a very expensive (US$327M) Mars Climate Orbiter, simply because of a metric/imperial calculation mixup (by Lockheed-Martin)? I reckon that widely-reported loss is probably just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the many metric/imperial costly stuff-ups. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Climate_Orbiter
  5. I've found that many Aldi products have to be examined pretty carefully to see what you're getting for the money. A lot of their Chinese-made items are made to a price, not for the job. I have also noticed that Aldi prices have crept up steadily since they started in W.A. 2 or 3 years ago. Originally, their pricing was very good, now it seems they look at what Woolies and Coles are charging and sell the item just a few cents cheaper. However, there are some items that are a real winner with Aldi - mostly smaller items. One of them is cotton buds, Coles and Woolies absolutely rort you
  6. Thank the good Lord we have someone like OME who knows what goes into true Cornish pasties!! I make my own, I utterly detest those commercial Cornish pasties full of corn and peas!! Who dreamt these abominations up? But I must admit, I make my Cornish pasties using minced meat, onion, celery, carrot, parsnip and potato. Onion, celery and parsnip are the secret ingredients that ensure the full flavour of any cooked food.
  7. OldK - There are a lot of good, upstanding religious people. Unfortunately, most choose to join religious organisations that are little more than "authoritarian regimes". Accordingly, they hand over their power to think for themselves to the leaders of those organisations, who set out to install rules and regulations and doctrines, that must be followed to the letter, or the adherent will be punished. In the JW authoritarian regime, the leaders of that religion have refined "shunning" or excommunication to an unbelievably refined level. Shunning and excommunication is abu
  8. I think I was quite fortunate in that I was brought up and educated in the '50's and early 60's - and we were educated in both imperial and metric systems. In high school in particular, and in science classes, metric was becoming the rule. In my working life, carrying out lots of earthworks and excavations, levels, and measuring of volumes, I initially always used imperial measures. Then it all changed in 1976 and we went 100% metric! They even made us change our speedo dials! But we got used to the metric life relatively easily - although, I must admit, I still like to buy du
  9. I was selling one of our surplus Camrys once, and the potential buyer got an RAC patrolman to come around and do an inspection on it. This bloke was good at his job, and we got talking about the various brands. He loved Toyotas, and like most people, reckoned they had to be the most reliable and durable brand made. But then I brought up French cars and I thought he was going to have an apoplectic fit. He became very animated and exclaimed forcibly, "Never, ever buy any French car!! The greatest P'sOS ever produced!! 4 hours to change a headlamp bulb, and you have to take the b
  10. Well Dax, it's pretty obvious you won't be one of the 144,000 chosen people! - and you'll be destined to endure the Tribulation!!
  11. If the subs were designed and built like French cars, they would need to have the engines taken out to fix a leak in the conning tower, the parts cost would be astronomical with all the European social welfare taxes added on, and the mechanics and fitters would commit suicide on a regular basis, just at the thought of working on them.
  12. The Govt-owned Commonwealth Bank was set up by King O'Malley to rein in the greed of private banks - which it did for over 80 years. But the private banks hated the Commonwealth Bank and never stopped plotting to dismantle it. With the weak and gutless PM Keating siding with the private banks, and offering the Commonwealth Bank on a plate to them, so they could take it over and dismantle it, the private banks glee knew no bounds. The champagne glasses are still clinking in the boardrooms of the private banks at their unparalleled success, in getting rid of the last thorn in th
  13. In news just to hand, Boris Johnsons Govt has outlined how they plan to extend the Brexit rollback to imperial weights. In a snub to that backward French/EU system of the metric weight measuring system, British retailers and merchants will now be allowed to post the sale weight of their goods in pounds and ounces only. In other British news, those new-fangled, noisy, smelly, polluting cars and buses will be banned from London, and horse and carriage transport in the City will be restored to its rightful position in the transport industry. https://www.ft.com/content/235
  14. FFS!!! Those financial grubs should be taken out and shot, for their absolute and total greed!! And look at the persuasive and smooth patter associated with the loans, and the company!! The sad part is the huge number of people who are so desperate to get the loan of a few quid, to see them through the financial mess they've gotten themselves into, without realising they're only digging themselves into a deeper hole!!
  15. The only thing that matters to JW's is that you adopt their dictatorial view on the total authority of the JW church leadership. They should hang their heads in shame, if ever a "Christian" group indulged in "Un-Christian" practices, it's the JW's. They practise family division on a scale with the Gestapo.
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