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  1. Interesting angle there, Bruce. But I'm not so sure about Churchill being rich. He certainly wasn't born into great wealth, although it appeared that way, as he was born into aristocracy. However, his parents were spendthrifts, and Winston Churchill inherited their undesirable traits, in the same manner. Winston Churchill hovered around bankruptcy during the largest part of his life - simply because he obviously had no money-management skills. But writing saved him, and writing his memoirs after WW2 saved him most of all, and he ended up with an estate valued at £7M when
  2. The major differences between Churchill, Stalin and Hitler, is that Churchill wasn't prepared to use criminality to further his power - whereas Stalin and Hitler were absolutely ruthless in utilising criminality, mass murder of opponents, and any other totally immoral technique, to garner more and more power over their populations.
  3. Personally, I'm not heartbroken about the blockage of the vaccine coming to Australia - I feel that Europe is such a basket case as regards the handling of, and casualties from the virus, they're in more need of it, anyway. I also think that there's still a lot of lingering belief here, that a vaccine rushed onto the market in such a short time, may have some hidden side effects that may not show up for some time - and as result, a lot of people here are happy enough to do without the vaccine for a while, until the full results are in. In rural Australia, where I deal w
  4. Thanks for the lengthy and informative outline, Jerry. In summation, I think Lex Greensill has been indulging in too much of the American Bankers tope (he did work for Morgan Stanley and Citibank, and is no doubt very familiar with American-style banking methodologies). Unfortunately, that tope involves "aggressive" practices, continues with some fibbing, extends to lies, then eventually results in fraud - all in the name of keeping up a great financial image to those who never see what goes on at the CEO's desk, where the important decisions are made. There is obviously enough sm
  5. Get the Hema maps, and you will soon find every delightful 4WD track and goat track, you could ever wish for. Get Google Maps, and it will take you 500kms further than you need to travel, because Google Maps avoids anything that doesn't look like a 4 lane highway.
  6. Jerry - What's your take on this collapse of Greensill Capital - the supply chain financier? Seems like their banking supporters are saying their "receivables" are just rubbish? Is this going to be a repeat of the CDO disaster that caused so much damage in financial circles, and major losses, worldwide? I'm asking, because you seem to be right into the bigger end of town, in the finance world. IIRC, the CDO's were just uncollectable debts from dubious borrowers, bundled up as a "quality" product and onsold to other financial institutions. Is Greensill just part of a lar
  7. Every BMW owner should be encouraged to buy some.
  8. Christian Porter will rely on his high-powered associates, old-school tie, political mateship, and probably membership of some powerful clubs, to ensure he never has to face the music for his misogynistic behaviour, over a long period of time.
  9. There was also a near-mutiny of several RAAF officers at Morotai in 1945, the reason being, they felt they were being tasked with "militarily unjustifiable" jobs, to relegate them to a rear position, to enable the Americans to claim, "Air Victory in the S.W. Pacific". I believe their actions were quite justifiable, and a judicial inquiry largely exonerated them. The event became known in some circles as the "Morotai Mutiny". Unit morale was obviously at a low level, for them to feel the need to take such drastic action. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morotai_Mutiny
  10. One Professor Ivan Watkins of the University of Texas, Austin, postulates that the Incas utilised the focussed rays of the Sun to cut their building stones so precisely. Sounds a reasonable proposition to me. In the late 1960's, the brother and SIL bought a stainless cooking bowl, and placed on the back seat of their Holden sedan with some paperwork thrown inside it. The car was parked in the Summer sun for an hour or so. When they came back to it, they were stunned to find the paperwork smouldering, and the car full of smoke smell. The dish had focussed the suns rays on th
  11. Well, the minister has been "outed" - and to no-ones surprise, it's Christian Porter, a man with a great deal of bad behavioural baggage. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-10/four-corners-investigation-christian-porter-sexism-inappropriate/12862910
  12. Marty, you sure you didn't get that info from Mad Max? I reckon most of their buggies were built up from parts of Landrovers, VeeDubs, Toyotas, and Mirages. The Mirage appears to use just one central hub nut for wheel retention, in line with most larger aircraft design. http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_Belgium_2015/content/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_29_GraemeMolineux_large.html
  13. Ahh - but God didn't create all the people on the Earth. Even the Bible tells us there were people on Earth before "God created Man in his own image". The people created by God are the Nations (or tribes) of Israel, and the Bible is simply the story of the Nations of the Israelite tribes. These tribes were 12 in number, and they comprise a pretty substantial number of the people on the Earth today. There were obviously many types of people inhabiting the Earth over a very long period of time, before God decided to make a spot called Eden and put his initial race of people there.
  14. CATITTUDE: The arrogant and aloof attitude, that only cats can have.
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