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  1. What gets me is that despite Palmer offering nothing more than utter and complete BS, and prime marketing words ("trust"), with no substance, idiots continue to vote for him. I'm sure he picks on the disaffected who love being contrarian, and who'll vote for Palmer on the basis of, "that'll show the Libs and Labor how much we hate them". But the bottom line is, in todays political world, with deep divisions being sown on all sides, the Right/Left vote is always on a narrow balance, and it takes very few voters to swing it either way. I reckon Palmer is rat cunning enough
  2. There's no more wires in the ground where I am, it's all fibre optic cable. Besides, it's much less stealable than copper wire.
  3. Those 9 are cheating. That's a 125cc bike.
  4. The public service in W.A. has produced more than its fair share of rorters, thieves and crooks. One head, who was on a massive salary, stole in excess of $25M over many years - because he was head of a Dept and was obviously above any oversight. Several have got away with millions, they're still looking for one crooked public servant who rorted $5M off the Fremantle Port Authority.
  5. It was pretty common in Vietnam in the 1960's to see the whole family - Dad, Mum and 3 kids - plus a crate of chooks, or several bags of personal possessions - all on a 70cc step-through Honda.
  6. As amazing as it seems, despite all the honours and accolades that America declares towards its War Veterans, the ugly truth is that America really only cares about its Veterans, when it suits the U.S. Govt of the day. After WW1, American soldiers were promised a War bonus, on top of their wages. In 1924, Congress voted for a scheme, basically a future Veterans pension, whereby Doughboys who served in the U.S. during WW1 received what the U.S. Govt of the day, called "Adjusted Compensation". Soldiers who served in the Continental U.S. got $1.00 a day A.C., soldiers who served overse
  7. There's a good article on the ABC as to how ScoMo's and Perrotet's "push through" policies are nothing short of a national disaster, and the long term effect is only going to be destruction of the thousands of small businesses that provide wealth and job creation for many Australians. Big Business is relatively unaffected, because they have staffing levels that can cover shortfalls caused by COVID-19 absences. The worrying part is that the Health authorities are saying that catching COVID-19 only gives you about 3 mths protection from re-infection - and that many people have a
  8. The worrying part about the coming election is the vast sums on BS advertising that will thrown at the public by Clive Palmer with his UAP - and the huge number of dumb voters will lap it up, and Clive will pull in enough "disaffected" voters, so he can throw the votes to the Coalition - again. The reports are that Palmer is going to spend north of $100M on winning over voters - and we all know that spending vast sums of money on advertising, wins elections. One can only hope that the defamation court cases between McGowan and Palmer (due to start 31st Jan) only shine a
  9. They'll all have to do like the Indonesians are going to do with Jakarta - abandon it as the capital, and move to the hills of Borneo! What I find amazing, is that nowhere in their planning, does there appear to be any arrangement for a port for the "new Jakarta". Perhaps they're expecting the predicted sea level rise, to bring the port to their new location! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-60037163
  10. I'm always amused by those who claim to be one of the huge number of the "downtrodden, invaded, poor and socially-marginalised people", claiming "their land" was "stolen" from them. These people, virtually without fail, have a percentage of white European blood in them - sometimes even more than 50% of their ancestry - which they totally deny and ignore, claiming they are fully indigenous. Seems to me to be pretty opportunistic to wholly deny a large part of your DNA. Then, there's the question that needs to be asked - who did the Aborigines displace when they "invaded" Austra
  11. I often wonder why more satellites aren't taken out by asteroids or space debris. It only takes a tiny particle to do a lot of damage.
  12. onetrack


    Help has arrived in the form of a C-17 from Australia this morning and a C-130 from NZ this afternoon. HMAS Adelaide will be leaving tomorrow with more supplies. The Tongans are pretty well organised at cleaning up any natural disaster mess, it appears they have plenty of experience from previous cyclones and tsunami's, and they know how to deal with the mess. It's not like the place has been completely destroyed, like Darwin at Christmas 1974 - the serious damage is limited to coastal areas facing the volcano, and a couple of the smaller low-lying islands that got hit quite badly.
  13. onetrack


    There's another reason for the delay in getting help there, too. Tonga is 100% COVID-free, and wants to stay that way. So the helpers are trying to ensure they don't bring COVID in to Tonga, and making sure all COVID protocols are followed. On top of that, Nuku'alofa airport runway is covered in volcanic ash, which is stopping aircraft from landing at present. The relief teams are awaiting landing clearance from Tonga, as the Tongans organise a cleanup of the airport. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-19/australia-new-zealand-send-aid-ships-to-tonga/100766154
  14. East Coasters have always considered W.A. to be the equivalent of another country, anyway! And we voted for secession in 1933, and the Ayes won by a substantial majority - then that snooty Pommy Parliamentary Select Committee reckoned the secession couldn't proceed, because the Aussie Federal Govt didn't agree to it!! It was that lousy, W.A.-ignoring Federal Govt, that we wanted to kick in the nuts! W.A., as always, was carrying the country during the Great Depression, because of the States massive gold production effort! Although the Feds finally got the message,
  15. onetrack


    I think the delay is a fair bit of caution being exercised as regards the dangers involved in moving into a zone of pretty violent volcanic activity. The air in the region still contains a lot of volcanic ash, and no-one wants to be the first to experience a flame-out or scarred windscreens that they can't see out of. The BA 9 flight that accidentally flew through the Mt Galunggung eruption in 1982 not only had all 4 engines flame out, the windscreens were so badly abraded the pilot and FO had very little forward vision, and they stated after landing at Jakarta, it was the hairiest landin
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