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  1. Spacy just take it out and do some fast taxi runs. If all is well, do some lil hops. Have fun.
  2. Good onya spacy. We won't tell and I reckon you should just go and fly it. As for penalties, I would rather go to jail than pay a fine myself. Like being on a cruise except that the stewards would be less polite but the other inmates might have more interesting stories. I don't reckon there is much risk as long as you do it quietly.
  3. Did you hear about the exploding prayer mats being sold? Prophets are going through the roof.
  4. AND what about the Rainbow Warrior? That episode made me ashamed as an Australian.
  5. New Zealand has put the same restrictions on US nuclear ships as San Francisco and New York. They are not allowed to use the harbor. Now the US has a rule of not disclosing which of their ships are nuclear. They carried on at NZ like pork chops. Meanwhile, Australia accepts nuclear ships in Melbourne and Sydney. Personally, I am pro-nuclear, but there is no way that ship reactors in our major cities would be as safe as a land-based one up in the desert. I reckon NZ is much better than Australia.
  6. I reckon the only thing that could make a globe blow prematurely is excessive voltage. Can you put a connected voltmeter ( any point where the voltage is the same as the globe got would do) and run the engine? You may have faulty voltage regulation.
  7. Well I helped start a school called trinity college and I never found out about the trinity. So I asked this guy I knew who had done a phd in philosophy and who lived in trinity gardens, a suburb of Adelaide. He said the answer was to enquire who or what put that wicked question into my head. An anglican priest I knew who was building a plane had a different answer " A divine mystery" said he. So I still don't know.
  8. Onetrack and jerry, you both say much that is correct but you actually explain why things are so bad. @ onetrack, it is too easy to blame the homeless themselves and you are correct... but if this were the complete truth, then why do we find some deserving people homeless? and Jerry, for sure they need lots more things but I say first give them a chance to sleep safe and dry. I bet that the self-esteem of having a place of their own would help a bit with the other stuff in some cases. I don't rate myself as a bleeding heart, in fact if they didn't respond to the gift of a place to live, t
  9. Bahai or mormons both came after islam. Like " the war to end all wars" it was wishful thinking to say mohammed would be the last prophet. Just how they are called prophets, when they came up with nothing at all beyond what was known to any scribe in those days, is a mystery to me.
  10. Quite right OME. At that time, in the 50's , wool was so highly valued that you could buy a new ute for a bale of wool. Now you can't buy the wheels. And phosphate ( from nauru I think ) was so cheap that you could drop it over rangeland and pay for it with the extra wool. I can hardly believe this myself.
  11. I quite agree with you old K, and I visited those places when the secular strongmen were in place. They appeared to me to be progressing materially and peaceful. There is a concept called " least worst" and Gaddafi etc were in my opinion bad by our standards but less worse than what has replaced them. It may be that when they were in power, it was the best time to live in one of their countries.
  12. Thanks old K. that is exactly what i reckon we should do.
  13. PMC, in a geologically active plate tectonics world, it is quite reasonable that some islands are growing. This does not at all negate the fact that sea levels are rising. I think that the reporting of the story like that was to trick some gullible people to believe that sea level rise is all untrue. Here's the best test.... is it harder to insure against sea level rise flooding or not? The answer is that insurance companies have had big payouts from sea flooding already and are wary of much more and they don't want to insure anymore. Have a look at the US situation, if you don't agree t
  14. I'm one of your lot Yenn. Here's something OME might explain to me... The moon is moving away from the earth. Tidal forces are slowing the rotation mainly of the earth. To keep constant angular momentum, the moon must move away. How does the moon know that the earth has slowed?
  15. I got a real surprise when I read that most rapists had a female partner who was flabbergasted to hear about the rape. " he gets all he wants here at home" they say. Until then, I was under the impression that they were busting for some sex. Apparently, the rape is a control thing. Aeroplanes are simple in comparison I reckon.
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