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  1. I wish I bought more farmland 20 years ago, as well as brock commodores and ex-welfare houses. John Olsen, our liberal premier, was selling them for as low as $3000. Sydney investors were buying them by the street.
  2. Red, you are welcome to come to the Edenhope men's shed anytime. You can come all day every day as we need more members and have no worries with distancing.
  3. Bruce Tuncks


    Thanks Nev, you know more than the guy at the car place in Gawler. I didn't know it was set up rich, maybe I did the wrong thing by removing the drive belt from that blower. The car was the particular Corona which had the 4 cylinder "holden" engine in it.
  4. Bruce Tuncks


    I have an example where spacey was right. We had a ( new at the time ) toyota corona where the emission-control included an air blower which diluted the noxious gas in the exhaust system to make the emissions legal. This was when I discovered that total emissions were not what mattered. If they did then most small cars would beat most big cars. That this air blower would only increase the total emissions ( by the extra power needed to run the blower) was ignored. Needless to say, as soon as I found this out, I removed that blower.
  5. Quite right space. I have a mate who says that germany was the least worst side in WW1 and Australia was on the wrong side.
  6. The kid did not actually die, but it was close. He is back at school now, just not as smart as he was before the accident.
  7. One day a grandson said to me " you old and gunna die soon Grandpa?" To which I responded " Zaccy, there are lots of kids your age who are gunna die before Grandpa does, cos I've learned when I need to be careful." And, soon after, one of Zaccy's friends was knocked off his bike by a bad car driver. But I reckon that kid should not have been on his bike on that busy road.
  8. How could Esperanto have stopped wars? There have been plenty of wars ( most civil ones) where both sides spoke the same language. Unfortunately, we just love our wars. Consider the English in WW1. They were lucky to be allowed in, and only the foolish Schlieffen plan which involved Belgium gave them admittance.
  9. Bruce Tuncks


    Well said jerry. I think it just awful that hamas can get new supporters from an attack on Israel, using the disproportionate Israeli response to their advantage. But when you look at Australia's involvement in many wars, who are we to criticise?
  10. Me too... some bastard put my life into fast forward just when I want it to slow down
  11. In the song "bye bye miss america pie" the song goes on " the three MEN I admire the most, the father,son, and the holy ghost, took the last train to the coast, the day the music died." I rest my case.
  12. Gosh guys, how can you say the trinity is sexless when we have the father, the son and the holy ghost?
  13. Bruce Tuncks


    Gareth, my point is that Israel is effectively an outpost of the US and therefore it is safe for as long as the US have the will and the means to support them.
  14. Bruce Tuncks


    I feel a bit sorry for the Israelis. One day the wheels are going to come off the US umbrella and they are going to have an awful war with the moslems. We think of their religions as being very different yet they are both Abrahamic religions and therefore closely related. Abraham would have been locked up in an asylum these days I hope. He was insane.
  15. Yep nomadpete, I reckon Sagan would have loved to see the pic of earth as a tiny blue dot in the immensity of space. The pic was taken from beyond the solar system by ( i think ) voyager. How sad it is that the main occupation on that blue dot is the passengers fighting each other. I think the second biggest industry is "servicing" imaginary spirits.
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