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  1. Space, if you are referring to the convicts, I have 2 answers..1. they never had any convicts in SA. The whole place was for free men. 2. I reckon the convicts were no worse that the judges who convicted them. And OME, my understanding of the place of aborigines in SA came from a dinner on the Buffalo replica. On the wall were the various proclamations representing the formation of South Australia . I was astounded to read that the aborigines were written of as " subjects of the crown".
  2. I reckon Julia was the best pm we ever had... but I gotta tell this story about how I once rang up a brother-in-law and pretended to be John Howard asking for advice.. Well he hung up!
  3. AND the way that the Spanish treated their indigenous was one of the bits of evidence which convinced Darwin that people were NOT divinely created.
  4. The lack of necessity is why the Chinese didn't colonise Australia. Why seek new lands when you are already the boss of the best place possible? I reckon this explains why the ancient Egyptians never discovered the source of the Nile. I reckon that they secretly knew that their religious stuff was all nonsense, and they preferred the masses to be ignorant so that they would accept the nonsense dished out by the priests. Regarding bad colonists... If you ever read the constitution of the colony of South Australia, you will read that the aborigines were " subjects of the Crown and were to be treated as such". Now they well might have ignored this and killed aborigines, but they were committing murder when they did. How did they reconcile this with the "terra nullius" idea? I dunno.
  5. Only the last sentence is possible alternative history nomad. At that time in history there were several European countries active in the colony business. Australia was once called "New Holland " and the Spanish and Portugese were active as well as the Dutch and French. In Adelaide, there is Fort Largs, built to defend South Australia from a Russian invasion. Here's something about the Boer War in South Africa. The local Negro tribes supported the English, who they thought were much better than the Dutch. Personally, I am no great supporter of the Poms, but who would you prefer to have settled Australia? I reckon the poms were the least worst.
  6. Today I read about how much better NZ was than Australia, and it was mostly correct. BUT when the treaty of Waitangi was compared with our treatment of Aborigines, the article was dead wrong. It implied that NZ was better because they treated their Maoris with more respect than we treated our Aborigines. Here's what happened at the treaty of Waitangi... the whites were going to win because they had the guns. But they knew full well that they were only a shipwreck or 2 away from running out of guns and ammunition and so the Maoris were not in a zero bargaining situation. The whites agreed to a fair treaty. Years later, they double-crossed the Maoris but more recently they have had court wins based on this treaty. If the English had never found Australia, it was only a matter of time before the Maoris did. They probably would have eaten the Aborigines. And many of the other possible colonizing countries would have wiped them out. I reckon today's Aborigines don't realize how lucky they were.
  7. I had a Leyland P76 when I worked with this guy who had an Audi. The Audi guy thought the P76 was better. Another guy bought a Volvo " for the reliability" he said. In fact the P76 was at least twice as reliable as that Volvo.
  8. I would love to have one for an assistant but alas there is no economic case to employ one. The wages are much higher than their productivity on a sheep farm.
  9. I asked my sister after my old girlfriend left me for a fat insurance clerk. I said " do you have any good looking girlfriends?" and I married the one with the best bum. So far its worked out ok....
  10. But think of this Nomad... you have to turn a submarine into a road-truck, by tiny steps, and each step of the way you need to have a useful thing that can survive in its own right. That's what happened with us... your great ( times 500 million ) grandmother was a fish. I reckon its a wonder we do as good as I see around. Of course there are lots of design failings, but just look at the way we are communicating here... not bad huh..
  11. I tried to look up one on google nomad, but no luck. There are a bunch of places which do custom ones, but you need to order a whole bunch. If you do, I'll buy 2 for sure.
  12. Quite right OME, but what about when you have 20 years of projects in mind but only 5 years of time left? I'm still converting a farm buggy to electric, need to do house extensions, need to keep maintaining my Jabiru plus the kid's Lancair , need to provide the grandkids with robotics stuff, need to improve fencing here at the farm, need to clear up lots of paddocks from excessive fallen tree timber, need to build and fly better thermalling models using a telemetry vario system. I'd like to make my own beer too but the wife says I drink too much without making more. And I look at those moonshine stills advertised on ebay and think about making my own spirits too. Too much to do huh. Not to mention making a wind-generator to charge batteries and adding a water-heating feature to the combustion heater ... gosh the list has grown ...
  13. Getting back to wine, many years ago the best deals were at cellar doors. These days, you get the best price from a discount bottle shop. I think that the discounters screw the wineries, while at the cellar door, they charge a fair price. Being a cheapskate, I buy from bottle shops or online. There is good stuff from WA and NZ around, I bet it is even in England. Once, in England, I tried a French white wine that was very expensive and good, but it was only as good as a much cheaper Australian wine. The point is that you can get good wine wherever you live. I have a hankering to try making my own stuff, but this will be another ambition which will be unfulfilled on account of life being too short. Like making my own propellers.
  14. I agree with your thinking Jerry. The biggest mistake my father ever made was leaving Alice Springs for the supposed better medical treatment in Adelaide. The reverse happened. In Alice Springs he was a respected man, while in Adelaide he was just a number. In my own case, I see that the geriatric care is way better in country Victoria than in suburban Adelaide. ( ten hour wait at casualty in Adelaide, ten minutes in Edenhope.) In SA, I would look at retiring to Naracoorte or Waikerie. They both have good health care and good airfields. I am sending this from Edenhope, about 50 k to the east of Naracoorte. Dont worry about bushfires at Tocumwal or Waikerie or Naracoorte. There is not much to burn at any of those places. Years ago, you needed to have ancestors etc to be welcome in a new place. Now I reckon that if you are a sociable person, there are many avenues to get accepted in a community... like the men's shed, or the hospital volunteers, or the bowles club, or the flying club. As for wine, the best wine comes from the SE of SA, like from Penola. The Barossa valley was in the wrong place. cheers, Bruce
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