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  1. pmccarthy

    The Nats

    The proposals to use bio-sourced feedstocks for anything substantial are impractical, not just for monoculture problems but for the scale of land area that would be needed. The land would have to be diverted from other production or from natural vegetation.
  2. We had Peeler's Apples here until recently.
  3. Whispering Gums motel in Newstead, I can just imagine the old bloke at reception.
  4. There is nothing like the natural resources available worldwide to build all the items needed, like electric cars and batteries, in the “net zero” proposals. It is all a fantasy.
  5. I think if there are two grooms you are supposed to call one of them the bride.
  6. The tree was a big landmark for my family on our annual holiday journey to Sydney.
  7. In Broken Hill we used to say "more front than Pellew and Moore", the local department store. In Wagga it was "Hunters on the Hill and Spears around the corner". And don't forget "While I live I grow", the Anthony Horden slogan and the Port Jackson fig in Camden, that was poisoned.
  8. Have used them on WA charters as a passenger when we had an Esky full of cans in the back on the way home. A couple of decades ago.
  9. How about Nahpoo? Or napoo. As ‘applied universally to anybody or anything’, deriving from il n’y a plus [or il n’y en a plus]
  10. Said Hanrahan was written by Father Hartigan, an RC priest at Narrandera, whose pen name was John O'Brien. It has always amused me that the names he used in the poem are family names from the Narrandera - Lockhart district.
  11. A slang term that I like is toodleoo. It is a mis-hearing of the French À tout à l'heure ! meaning "see you soon". I can't think where to use it in a website though.
  12. Onetrack got it right first time. The answer is: c. The speed of the water depends on the pressure head, or depth below the free surface. The pressure heads for both outlets are the same, so water speeds are the same. Or we can look at the problem this way: Move the spout around and attach it to the hole. If the water comes out of the downspout fastest it would overwhelm the current from the hole and force its way back into the bucket at B, so you would have a perpetual motion machine with water running from T to B. If the water comes out of the bottom hole fastest you also have pe
  13. I have sat in her chair, as have thousands of others. No mention of lantana..
  14. On a horse, topless.
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