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  1. Look up the Norse shield maidens. Now out of the town of Sle, under the captains Hethae and Wisna, with Hakon Cut-cheek came Tummi the Sailmaker. On these captains, who had the bodies of women, nature bestowed the souls of men
  2. What if you used a wind generator with a motor to power the flywheel? Then use the flywheel to drive a DC generator and an inverter? It would be mechanically simpler.
  3. Way back when, electric mine hoists had an electric motor spinning a whacking great flywheel, which in turn drove a DC generator to provide power to the mine hoist motor. The flywheel smoothed out the electrical demand as the hoist accelerated and slowed, hoisting up and down. It was called a Ward-Leonard set. This flywheel came off the one at Mt Lyell mine.
  4. That reminds me of the anti-gravity device that was in the news a couple of decades ago. A couple of gyroscopes in a complicated cage. It sat on scales and when he turned it on the scales registered less weight. Easier to belive than perpetual motion.
  5. The news that swarms of explosive drones have been used in the Middle East must worry us. The trenching tool has been a primary defence for soldiers for centuries, digging down to get out of the way of bullets, shells and bombs. But drones can find them in a trench or bunker. A bunker door can be blown off by several drones, then a swarm enters and attacks. Ten thousand drones at ten thousand dollars each cost much less than one fighter plane. It will revolutionise how ground wars are fought.
  6. The paper below is a challenging read but well worth it. I accept 100% the science that it presents. Finally, a research report that does not deal with "models" but with real world observations. https://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2021/05/State-of-the-Climate-2020.pdf Octave, your response to this will be of interest. It is hard to see how anyone could take issue with the balanced contents of the report. However, I expect the alarmists (not Octave!) will try to attack the credibility of the authors as they usually do. I invite comments...
  7. Growing up in Broken Hill pre air conditioning, we lived in a cement brick house and sweltered all night. Later I lived in a corrugated metal house and it cooled off as soon as the sun went down.
  8. PMC - Would that be Keepit Dam? no it was Dasey Town, now under the Copeton Dam. The settlement was named Boggy Creek but renamed after my ancestors the Dasey family.
  9. Good luck you guys in the UK.
  10. Some of my relatives are buried under a reservoir. The headstones pop out during droughts.
  11. Like Onetrack I have never been threatened with violence but... My ex-wife was held up in a bank with a shotgun. He then tried to shoot the teller but the gun misfired. One daughter was held up at pistol point while working in a shop as a teenager. Another daughter was a witness to an armed robbery in a service station. All this happened within five years when we first moved to Melbourne in the 1980s. The only crime I have ever seen is on TV.
  12. I have been reading about the global freeze and famine of 535 to 540AD. No one knows if it was volcanic dust or a comet impact. Probably a volcano. So what will happen if it happens again, which it must one day? There was a similar event in about 1000 BC and of course the one 12,800 years ago. If we come to rely on solar energy, how quickly could we revert to Fossil fuels? Not quickly enough to help the global famine and, if like the 535AD event, plague.
  13. The thatched building theory is the first sensible explanation I have seen for the mortise and tenon setup on the stones. It would take some lateral thrust.
  14. At least we know why they built Stonehenge. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9750957/Architects-concept-Stonehenge-rocks-base-Neolithic-temple-brought-life-models.html
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