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  1. I worked on a cobalt project a decade ago, in North Queensland. It is a big deposit. The company was acquired by Chinese interests and I have not followed what happened since.
  2. The mineral resources to make sufficient EVs may not be available. Or if they are, demand for them may cause international tensions, as did iron before WW2. So the rate of change may be slower than predicted or desired (by some).
  3. Not quite what we used to call brothel creepers.
  4. There must be a big business in fiddling odometers.
  5. pmccarthy


    Tannic acid cleans out steam boilers, so the brown water from soaking gum leaves was used. Plus Le change ..etc
  6. pmccarthy


    To extract hydrogen you need very pure water. Not sea water. Water is already a scarce resource.
  7. The town of Cockburn is pronounced co-burn.
  8. The Australian Institute of Criminology provides the data on Indigenous deaths in custody. Their latest report covers the year of 2018-2019: https://www.aic.gov.au/publications/sr/sr31 Indigenous people are incarcerated at a high rate compared to their population, but on a per-100 prisoner rate Indigenous people were 43% less likely to die in prison than non-Indigenous people in 2018-19 (0.13 deaths per 100 vs. 0.23 deaths per 100, pg.4) . Death rates of Indigenous prisoners have been consistently lower than the death rates of non-Indigenous prisoners since 2003–04 (pg.
  9. The rate of indigeneous deaths per incarcerated person per year is substantially lower than non-indigenous.
  10. I have a book on my shelf “And there ghosts may be heard” which was written about 20 years ago and deals with the possible impact of the shipwrecks on aboriginal activities and language. The extensive yam fields are mentioned, but they seem to me to be identical to those in parts of PNG. Similarly the dress depicted in the Bradshaw figures is pretty much identical with PNG native dress pre the white invasion.
  11. I have read the comments attributed to Prince Phillip and can see no harm in them. An offended person would be one with no sense of humour. Whereas the sergeant in Full Metal Jacket was shot for good reason.
  12. Political correctness literally means that a person is suitable for political office, or to be promoted in a corporation. If they made tweets or FB posts ten years ago or more that are not now acceptable to the mob, they cannot be considered. This has happened and is happening right now around the world. The solution, we are told, is to educate young people about what that can post in discoverable places. In other words, to shut down dialogue and freedom of expression for everyone, forever. In our brave new world, no one will speak out or stand out. If they do, they will never become influenti
  13. I would let it go. Nothing to be gained by extending the opportunity for diatribe.
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