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  1. It's debatable to what degree the IQ level in the U.S. administration have improved since the departure of Trump and his dodos. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking in South Korea yesterday, said as part of his pep talk “The best case though is that we won't see an incursion by the Soviet Union into the Ukraine." The genius is right, unless they happen to come up with a back to the future time travel car that can go back 30 years in time. It would be laughable if not for the scary fact that he's America's top defence official.
  2. My guess would be Christmas cards to staffers. She might have left it a bit late and had to finish them to hand out before everybody went home for the break.
  3. willedoo

    Only in Qld

    Yukus would be the prefect conduit. We could swap them for a spare submarine hatch.
  4. willedoo

    Only in Qld

    I guess we have to own up to most of them. Except for Bjelke-Petersen (Kiwi), Palmer (Victorian) and Newman (born in Canberra, grew up in Tasmania). But they're all going at bargain prices if any other state wants them.
  5. Great getup for a fancy dress party.
  6. It's a rough place, all right. You don't give too much cheek in Glasgow.
  7. Cutting edge comedy on this forum, but should we give up out day jobs? Maybe best not at this stage.
  8. It was the bratwurst farts that did it.
  9. Peanut allergies would be a big problem for them. They don't have to swap lunches to have an allergic incident. It only takes one peanut eater to touch another kid who then touches the allergic kid. I remember one year when a bunch of us were camping and a mate's son had to be taken to hospital. He was unrecognisable with his face swollen to the size of a soccer ball and breathing difficulty. He didn't go near any peanuts, but some at the gathering were eating them. That's how easy it can affect the allergic.
  10. willedoo

    Funny videos

    The sort of girl who gives you a lump in the back of your pants instead of the front.
  11. I've got one of those stationary exercise bikes on the verandah. A session of pedaling is good for the lungs and legs, but I've often wondered what else the bike could power while being used. Maybe rigged to help charge something. Or with a bit of thought, it could probably wash the clothes, but would need some fancy gearing to turn a spin dryer fast enough.
  12. I just think Australia deserves a lot better than a peanut like that in the top job. Problem is, there's no great alternative on his side. Him and his cohort make up the complete bag of peanuts.
  13. This clown never gives up. Our dog whistling national embarrassment of a PM was asked by journalists about the Chinese surveillance ship sailing near our waters a couple of months ago. This is his quote: “I think the presence of the Chinese Navy – which we were aware of, and they were keeping a close eye on us and we were keeping a close eye on them – the importance of that is to highlight to Australians that there is a very serious situation in the Indo-Pacific,” Thanks for highlighting that to us, Scotty. So what the dickhead is really saying is that there's an election soon, the
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