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  1. Have just been watching the MAKS live stream. It was getting a bit boring and then Svetlana Kapanina took off and put on an amazing show. At 52, she certainly hasn't lost any of her edge. It looked like an Extra 330 SC that she was flying; she must have retired the Sukhoi.
  2. Checkmate export promotional video:
  3. The new Sukhoi single engine stealth design was unveiled at MAKS airshow yesterday. It's been dubbed the Checkmate and first test flight is expected in 2023. Sukhoi's plan is to build a superior aircraft to the F-35 for between a third and half the price. There will be a big export market if they pull that one off. Time will tell.
  4. That sounds about right Marty. The polycarbonate sheet is about 810 total width, so 762 coverage makes sense. Maybe if it had the rudder fitted it would look more like a Catalina.
  5. Just a side note to the above photo - for some unknown reason, I just can't resist having a go at the Yanks. Regarding the oxygen mask pictured. It's a Soviet/Russian KM-32 pressure demand mask, designed for higher altitude flying where a positive pressure above ambient is required. This particular model of mask first appeared in 1960 and is still used today in L-39 trainers, Tu-95's etc.. Looking at the mask in the photo from the viewers left is the main O2 hose. Next to it in the centre, the round black disc is the expiry valve outer housing. In the centre of the expi
  6. That fuselage frame hanging on the wall is close to six metres long. That would make it around 1/3rd scale for a Catalina.
  7. Thanks Marty, you don't often see them on Gumtree, mainly eBay. It's an ShL-78 helmet and judging by the condition, is reasonably priced at 75AUD. They are a typical Russian bit of gear - designed for multi-purpose use. They're worn on their own in helos, transports, and still used in the older Tu-95 Bear bombers. Also used by ground crew and crew chiefs. Some airborne units cut the comm leads off and used them as jump helmets. They also still use them for pilot ejection and survival training in parachute jumps. I've even seen photos of the Buran era in Kazakhstan where control tower radio ope
  8. The Russians are putting up their own Hubble. The Spektr-UV will be a space based UV telescope, planned for launch in October 2025. It will be built by Lavochkin of former aeroplane fame, and funding of equivalent 50 mllion USD has been allocated. sounds cheap when compared to the launch cost. The other telescope announced is a ground-based optical laser system to observe satellites. It will also be able to determine what kind of equipment is on foreign satellites and detect space debris that threatens domestic equipment in orbit. Far away from space, this year they launched an und
  9. It will be interesting to see if these new nano-diamond batteries get up and running. Having a battery that doesn't go flat for a few thousand years will be handy for a lot of devices. It would be good if they could build them big enough to power housing and industry.
  10. The heart inflammation cases have been with Moderna as well. I think the EMA figures are only for cases in the EU and don't count the U.S. cases. The EMA study found 145 cases of myocarditis and 138 cases of pericarditis out of 177 million Pfizer doses given and 19 case of myocarditis and 19 cases of pericarditis out of 20 million Moderna doses given. Five people died who were all elderly or had other underlying health problems. They have said the heart inflammation side effects are more common in younger men. The one I have been following is the cases of GBS after getting the AZ s
  11. I've heard a few other anecdotes of people being crook with flu like symptoms for days with Pfizer. Fairly normal I think. There seems to be different reactions with different people. One bloke I know had his first AZ shot and was very sick for three or four days. His wife who was vaccinated at the same time had no reaction. Another mate was in the rehab ward after a knee operation and told me one of the other rehab patients was just out of intensive care after surviving a brain clot from AZ. He didn't elaborate as to the condition of the bloke who got the clot. But the odds of tha
  12. I might have been confused earlier. Do they wash his feet or kiss them or both? I think his ring is somewhere in the mix as well.
  13. Move along, nothing to see or report here. Joe has proven to be predictable, sensible and boring. Unlike the orange person's madness by the minute. I bet the press miss Donald.
  14. Pete, you obviously haven't watched Shaun the Sheep.
  15. Listen to the acoustic guitar at the start of 'how to make gravy' and then play the start of Thunderclap Newman's 'spirit in the sky'.
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