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  1. This rates as a silly picture. A very embarrassing mistake by a U.S. Republican Senator wishing the U.S. Air Force Reserve a happy birthday via her Twitter account.
  2. The question with the ISS now is how long it will continue to operate. Russia has participation obligations until 2025 at this stage. After that date, they're expecting the failure of a lot of components due to age. The Russian president has just signed off on plans to put up their own space station (named ROSS), which could be ready for deployment after 2024. The plans are for a relatively small station of from three to seven modules, able to house up to four cosmonauts. Roscosmos has also signed a moon exploration deal with China where they will share a Lunar station. It's early
  3. I see that the Russians are using their new method of getting to the ISS; two orbits I think it is. From lift off in Kazakhstan to docking at the ISS, 3 hours 23 minutes.
  4. In other news, the latest Soyuz has docked, carrying two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut. The Soyuz was named for Yuri Gagarin to mark the sixty year anniversary of the first manned space flight. During their stay, the Russian cosmonauts will undock the Pirs module to make way for the long delayed Nauka laboratory module.
  5. The U.S. is inching closer to rocket engine self sufficiency. This year, Russia is shipping the last six RD-180 engines to the U.S. under the current contract. The Atlas 5 which uses the RD-180, will be eventually be replaced by the Atlas 6 using the Blue Origin BE-4 engine. Last year the first BE-4 test engine was delivered to the United Launch Alliance. It's said that the two single chamber BE-4 engines fitted to the Atlas 6 will develop more thrust than the single twin chambered RD-180 on the Atlas 5. The BE-4 is a methane burning engine and the Russian RD-180 kerosene burning.
  6. I remember Skull Murphy, Brute Bernard and Mario Milano. Mario was the good guy; all the old ladies in the audience loved him.
  7. octave, I see it as evolution of sorts. Every species of life is programmed to try to survive and adapt. Short term, it might seem odd to try to colonize Mars. But let's say, in theory, the human race survives a lot longer that we expect. All the planets are gradually getting sucked towards the sun and the time will come when this planet is too hot for any life to survive. By that time, Mars could be looking good for a while. The type of possible lifestyle on Mars might seem dismal compared to what we know here and now, but later on down the track the human race might see it as a b
  8. There was a lot of peer pressure put on those still on home soil. My dad was tall for his age and looked 3 or 4 years older than his actual age. When he was 16 and 17, he would go to town and get picked on by old ladies in the street. They would admonish him for not being in the army, until he could explain that he wasn't old enough. With those attitudes in mind, and a long family history of military service, he couldn't wait to join up. The first two attempts were unsuccessful. On the first try, he was underage and on the second, he put his occupation down as farmer and was knocked back. On t
  9. Sounds familiar - fast forward and you describe China today.
  10. Probably all down to the interpretation, and in a way, you're both right. From the point of view of civil peace and not having to fight a war again, ome is right. From the point of view of the veteran's inner peace, octave is right.
  11. If we all agreed with each other, we would have nothing to talk about.
  12. I'll admit to being a bit pessimistic regarding the Biden administration. I really hope we don't see four years of war, geopolitically driven interventions and destructive foreign policy brushed over by the mantra of 'at least he's an improvement on Trump'. Even if Ghenghis Khan came before him, it doesn't absolve Biden's administration from the scrutiny it deserves. When his presidency was confirmed, I only had one expectation; that the civil war in Syria would restart. Hopefully I'm wrong on that one. Regarding the civil war in Ukraine, I didn't think anyone would be silly enoug
  13. ome, pure coincidence, but last night I watched the movie 'We were Soldiers' on tv. Mel Gibson's character, Lt.Col. Hal Moore, was asked that very same question by his youngest daughter. His answer was basically the same as yours. Probably no better way to explain it.
  14. Russia's new prospective military transport aircraft, the Ilyushin Il-112V has successfully completed its second flight. It first flew a year ago and has had weight reductions since the first test flight. A twin engine turboprop, it looks like it would replace the Antonov An-26 and An-32. Similar capability and role to a Caribou by the look of it. Has a very flat wing; no anhedral.
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