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  1. About 15 years ago I read an article about olive leaf extract in an industry magazine. It said that oil leaf extract was invented at that time by an Australian oil producer who was unprofitable and looked at the mountains of prunings he produced each year. He decided there must by a product he could make from the branches and leaves. He was able to extract something which he then tested to find out whether it was poisonous or harmful, then thought about what benefits could be claimed for it. As far as I know, no benefits have been demonstrated but it has been a marketing success. Like so many
  2. Me too fit young 64 year old gorgeous wife. Keeps life worth living.
  3. Machinery maintenance gets very different in arctic temperatures. Things like chassis rails can just snap. Lubricants turn solid. Welds break. I would not enjoy it.
  4. I don’t understand how he was still chasing it in his latter years. Some people never learn.
  5. There are also electric stealth trail bikes.
  6. Where I live there is unlimited fallen timber but it is all off limits and allowed to rot to harbour small creatures, who then die in controlled burns or bushfires, when the fallen timber is also consumed.
  7. I’ve been in minus 40 in northern Sweden but properly dressed. The coldest I have ever been for a period of hours was in the City of London in February wearing a business suit. The cold seemed to come up out of the cobbles. We have had our fire burning at home continuously for several weeks now, two logs keep it alive overnight.
  8. My electric has replaced the 2 stroke job. Works well.
  9. Many olive groves were planted around 1995 to 2005 but proved uneconomic as the price of olive oil in Australia fell dramatically. This was because of tax-avoidance schemes which planted huge groves and then went broke. The groves and plant were bought by the contractors that had been running them, for a pittance. Now they can produce low- cost oil in bulk without the debt servicing. Even well established olive businesses were unable to compete and have shut down. So now we have some large producers, which could export to the UK, and a lot of tiny groves that sell at local markets. But they ar
  10. You can also forward sell gold that is still in the ground. If you can “ prove” you have it by drilling, then you can get paid now to fund part of your project.
  11. I went wildflower spotting after cyclone Bobby in 1995. Will try to get over again for this season.
  12. pmccarthy


    Heres the Maybach Zeppelin to bring us back on topic.
  13. I just got rejected for an Astrazenica shot, due to risk of clotting. Wasted an hour and half waiting. I have been put on the essential services list for Pfizer next week. A good outcome I think.
  14. I loved our Beagle and would have another. They don't come back when on a scent or chase, but otherwise a lovely dog. Floppy ears can be an infection problem. But we’ll worth it.
  15. The handle is too flimsy for it to provide much jacking force, it seems to be just for positioning. The thing looks like a cross between a fence strainer, a calf puller and a log roller. Someone help!
  16. Maybe Covid changes behaviour to enhance its spread. Like in some insects.
  17. I hope someone solves this quickly, it kept me awake last night!
  18. My dog can tell time. I have mentioned this previously and I had convinced myself that she was reading our clock on the wall. But no. She is fed a small meal three times a day on vet's advice due to a tummy problem. The clock stopped for a few days and she still asked within five minutes of the appointed time for each meal. Today I was sandblasting panels in the yard all morning, and was startled to get a push in the leg from a wet nose. I wasn't wearing a watch so I went inside and, sure enough, it was two minutes past the time for her midday meal. I am genuinely baffled by this ability.
  19. My two younger brothers look like very old men. I don't reckon I do. But can you really tell?
  20. Time is speeding up. Is it just me getting older, or is it the Covid experience? Some things seem to reoccur faster and faster. Such as haircuts, clipping my toenails, putting out the garbage, paying rates instalments, seeing the doctor. Are you experiencing this?
  21. If the USA and China are the only two nations to have sent rovers into space, whatever happened to the Irish rover?
  22. Arthur C Clark published predictions in the 1960s but did not get a high score.
  23. Its a fake, but amusing. I have seen a couple similar.
  24. Look at me Kim, look at me.
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