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  1. My brother retired to Portland Vic and loves it for boating and cool but not cold climate. He lived 40 years in Townsville. I am happy in Central Victoria but need a winter getaway to places north.
  2. Rotax engines sound nice as they go past, sort of like a Hyundai with extractors, which as you know are very common. Whereas the old fashioned sort of aeroplanes make a loud noise that makes people look up and ask “ what is that?”. I think the Rotax ones are made by the Singer sewing machine company, they have that sort of rhythm to them, but you don’t need to thread a shuttle.
  3. I live in a small Victorian town. A year ago we were surrounded by kangaroos. Now we have four new houses going up in those vacant spaces around our one acre property.
  4. I wasted time on it not realising you could pull letters out of the middle.
  5. The girls in 1970 didnt like riding a VW Beetle either, one girlfriend moved across to a bloke with a GT Falcon
  6. One track did you know Clive Annear or John James at Redrosss, two old friends. Clive is still with us.
  7. He hasn't read what happened to Julius Caesar.
  8. The moon is a harsh mistress, by Henlein about 1958, had a AI take over a colony on the moon. Fortunately it was a friendly AI.
  9. This is the museum pic. Definitely it.
  10. From Zeiss: Such tables were used for ophthalmological instruments until about the 1930s, e.g. corneal microscopes, slit lamps or ophthalmoscopes. You can find an example (only German) in our "Virtual Museum": http://www.archive.zeiss.de/zeig_start.fau?prj=zeiss&dm=museum&listex=Ident-Nummern&zeig=760 I hope this information is useful. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. With best regards, Ms Marte Schwabe
  11. I got this message: Hi Peter, Thank you for your email. We have forwarded it to our Museum of Optics in Germany and will let you know what it is once they have replied. Kind regards, Ines
  12. It is very heavy cast iron. One of the four feet has a screw adjuster so it is very stable.
  13. No serial numbers that I can find. But I havent disassembled it.
  14. After looking at this in a secondhand shop for two years, I finally bought it. It is a 3-axis thingamejig by Carl Zeiss. I don't know what it is. But it had superb control of X-Y by the two wheels, and Z by the knurled ring on the shaft. I can think of mounting a camera on it for precise close-ups. Or mounting a bar with two points to transfer positions precisely from drawing to job. Or fit a thin arm for assembling a ship in a bottle, or putting the pilot into an Airfix model. Maybe I will just admire it.
  15. I thought Nigella always gave a well-rounded presentation.
  16. pmccarthy

    Quickies part 2

    One of the safety mantras at work 50 years ago was "steel against steel", which meant don't do it!
  17. My wife and I had 750 olive trees on the property we sold four years ago, we are still enjoying oil which has been kept cool and out of light in stainless steel containers. No need for additives or anti oxidants or whatever. It loses its greenness and bite but is still tasty.
  18. Too much wealth.... My Karcher pressure washer died yesterday, I think it blew an internal seal. For the first time in my life i did not take it apart and try to fix it. I took it to the bin. That is now my policy, life is too short to engage in an intellectual competition with designers and manufacturers who don't want you to fix things. It will cost me money but it will save me a lot of grief and distraction.
  19. pmccarthy


    I have the wartime book on how to raise chickens on kitchen scraps if you need it.
  20. He is not the first world leader to be a narcissistic nut job. Many are quite successful in ruling for decades. The only difference with Trump is modern media coverage.
  21. I learned about aerial photogrammetry for map making. Learned how to view photo pairs without a viewer, by squinting in the right way.
  22. I think the best grounding in mechanical skills is a few years building Meccano when you are quite young.
  23. I have recently discovered the great advantage of the old Imperial system. When you are trying to reproduce old and damaged parts, it can be impossible to know what the original dimension was in millimetres. But in inches it is obvious. This was a one-inch board, or the rebate was 7/8 inch deep.
  24. I think those first steam engines used greasy hemp packing.
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