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    I didn't know whether to putt this in Funnies or the Science forum
  2. There is always a minority group. Interesting that Corrine just told me that on the midday News on the radio, it was reported that a recent survey of Australians, sorry can't provide the details for credibility, that 65% of those surveyed said they would not take the Covid vaccine. The even more interesting thing is that 65% is made up mostly of females and young people. So, I can see restrictions coming in saying things like "proof of vaccination required when purchasing an airline ticket" or "sending children to school" etc etc etc
  3. All Australians should realise how much damage Daniel Andrews and the Labour Party did to the whole country and it was the Victorian people that suffered but ultimately through their suffering did what they could to come out of it...Every Australian, and their children, is now going to have to pay even more for years to come because of Daniel Andrews. I really hope we remember the failings that caused all of this and not the fact we fixed it.
  4. The Ruby Princess was stuffed up by the NSW Health Department, not the Feds I believe and Covid has brought out some alarming issues with the State Gov's real control of this great Country...I have worked in both State and Federal and I believe the Feds need to get back more control of the country...which they have done recently with having to pass legislation on the Vic interference with Foreign Affairs Policies...I mean the States think they are independent countries themselves and don't give a damn about ALL Australians...power has gone to their heads.
  5. Remember if you support Black Friday shopping in Australia this year, buy ONLY Australian made products or at least ONLY buy from Australian owned businesses...please share to everyone so we can kick start our own country
  6. Trump says today regarding the US Bushfires and Global Warming that the world will cool down...perhaps it is the same as injecting yourself with disinfectant to beat Covid...is he such a visionary?
  7. I don't want to do the upgrade again until I have covered every issue you all experienced so please let me know...waiting
  8. Ok, I have been able to fix the following issues with the upgrade: 1. The What's New Unread will now go to the first unread post in a thread by default so an existing user does not have to change it unless they want to 2. The multiple instances of new posts in the same thread is fixed so it will only show the thread once in the Whats New 3. Some minor display and operational issues Can you think of any other issues you were experiencing with the upgrade that you didn't let me know about?
  9. On Friday I upgraded the site to the latest version of the IPS software however there were too many issues so I have had to revert it back to the previous version. My apologies for any recent posts that have been lost. I am working on trying to get things sorted.
  10. The loss of those weeks was caused by the State Premiers. General health in each State is managed by the State Gov and currently Labour holds the power in the majority of Australian States and Territories. This creates enormous conflict with the Fed Gov who is LNP. What has been clearly evident in this pandemic is how much power the States think they have and exert against the Fed Gov when there is an apposing majority in the States. The Australian people have traditionally voted the opposites between Fed and State in the mind set of balance but in fact it causes conflict to the point that retards Australia's progression. At the beginning of the pandemic the States banged their fists on their chests like neanderthals in fear of losing their perceived power and control against the Fed LNP, and they had the numbers. The Fed LNP tried to maintain harmony and let them have it however due to the continued stuff ups, especially by Daniel Andrews in Vic, we are only now beginning to see the Fed Gov exert their hidden massive constitutional power that they do hold and stuff the attempt to maintain harmonious working relationships with the States for the betterment of Australia and every Australian. So the majority of your States stuffed up the beginning of the pandemic's impacts on Australia and have continued to do so throughout the course of the pandemic, perhaps and hopefully that will now end.
  11. I have $1,000 waiting to donate to a person who needs help with navigating in their own plane from Lilydale or Sunbury to Queensland 🤣
  12. Beautiful day here in Melbourne, sun is out, 20 degrees, COVID numbers are down to double digits for the first time in months so what does everyone do...go out shopping, meet friends in the park and have a great time socialising together out in this beautiful day...People just don't get it, they are in a false sense of security so watch the numbers go back into triple digits in a week
  13. Do you not see any difference between the software that is used here on Social Australia and the software that is used on Recreational Flying
  14. This is a poll to get your opinion...please vote on the poll at the top of this thread
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