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  1. I had my 2nd Astra Jab today so I am now fully done
  2. Both but her preference is investigative police work. She has a huge interest in human trafficking so she is hoping to get into the AFP or border force. Caitlin has currently applied for border force although she just wants a little time out first to get some life experience so she is working casual at Adairs the retail linen store.
  3. Thanks OME and Son...Lachlan read the post and agrees and says thanks
  4. Luckily he has already been told from a local agency that they want to talk to him after he graduates. This company doesn't normally take work experience kids but they were very impressed with his work that he had done they gave him work experience. He worked on very large clients and at the end they told him they want him to come back to them after uni so that is a possible start. His uni course also includes the promotion into internships as well. But like everything, you never know unless you try
  5. As an update to my Son's art in the opening post I am a very proud father with Lachlan has just been offered his first choice in his VTAC University Placing. Lachlan did Year 12 VCE last year (2020) through the Covid pandemic, sat his exams and over the Christmas break he was given 3 conditional university offers including a scholarship at Monash Uni. His first choice was Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT University and yesterday he received his first round offer of just that. So that now makes both of my kids have gone/going to University. Caitlin finished her Bachelor of C
  6. We are in a similar situation. My daughter's university graduation is on the 20th Feb on the Gold Coast and couple of weeks ago we booked and paid for 5 days accommodation at a hotel for the 4 of us. We had planned to drive up to Qld from Melbourne via the Newell Hwy, cheaper than Flying being 4 of us and therefore having a car there to visit friends also in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Then the Sydney outbreak happened. Today the best case is looking like we will have to fly and hire a car, worst case is our daughter won't be able to attend her graduation ceremony and we lose
  7. Hey @red750 do you know some of your images don't show like the post above
  8. This is my most favourite Christmas Video. Not only is it the best song of Christmas if done well but also this guy and his African band go around to hard done by people and do this for them. PLAY IT REALLY LOUD
  9. Please be advised that the site software has been updated to the latest version. The license is about to expire however we can continue to use it although the spam defense will stop working so depending on how much spam we get will decide what will be done with the software.
  10. That is standard as the software does it just in case you want to continue with it...it saves what you have typed every so many seconds and if it doesn't get posted it stays there
  11. Admin

    Try this

    I didn't know whether to putt this in Funnies or the Science forum
  12. There is always a minority group. Interesting that Corrine just told me that on the midday News on the radio, it was reported that a recent survey of Australians, sorry can't provide the details for credibility, that 65% of those surveyed said they would not take the Covid vaccine. The even more interesting thing is that 65% is made up mostly of females and young people. So, I can see restrictions coming in saying things like "proof of vaccination required when purchasing an airline ticket" or "sending children to school" etc etc etc
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