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  1. How were records kept that long ago? Of course an earthquake originated rock slide could have caused local flooding. The "impression" is of a world wide flood so God could get rid of the bad GENES in the biomass he had created but then the earth was flat so it gets more conjectural. ( and pointless as fact). Their god is too dumb to be any sort of real god. proving man created god in his own image to explain the unknowns that Science has largely covered as we learned more mostly in the quite recent past. Nev
  2. Plenty of silly OLD "B"s about. A Boeing sized BEE wouldn't fly. It's about Reynolds number (Scale effect) Same with flat thin section wings. Apart from not having enough strength It will not lift at any real angle.. It works on a small chuck glider. The best performing wings go on competition gliders .Nev
  3. ALL too far from a SEA breeze for me.. South Australia can get some very hot days resulting from winds that have crossed a lot of miles of hot desert. The hottest part is the Kimberly's when it's at it's worst. No way can I take over 45 C . Nev
  4. And I could be my Auntie if I'd married my uncle. The bastards up the river have screwed SA. No Capital Gains is paid on water speculation profits either.. Crime pays. You just have to have the right contacts .Nev
  5. Just another Bottom of the Harbour spiv scheme? What about marine creatures? The ark was out of bounds for them and if the whole world was flooded just where did that colossal amount of water go to? . Also with such a restricted gene bank to draw on to reproduce from the species would be of pretty ordinary quality. Half of them would have eaten the other half. It's logistically ridiculous. Happened just before yesterday when everything was like it is now (except technology). What about disease from the dead and rotting bodies of the rest of the world? Nev
  6. The pressure at the outlet of a centrifugal pump is a measure of the FORCE the liquid exerts on the case when the impeller spins it. Pressure is force per unit of area.. For where does the light go? Entropy tells how the energy degrades to a lower energy level, with a longer wavelength. The light becomes heat but can never become visible again . It's a one way trip . Nev
  7. The more technicolour Yawns you will have. I wasn't going to bring that one up but less of better is the go. Use the other for cooking sausages on a barbecue. Red wine on Sausages. Mmmm. Nev
  8. IF centrifugal force doesn't happen how come multi stage water pumps are such high pressure and over revving flywheels fly apart in tension? That's a few days old. Talking of turning off the lights, It's also turning me off. What is the purpose of all this dissection of meaning? Common usage generally dictates how and what language is used by the people at a certain time and is a dynamic thing ever being modified . Nev
  9. Worse in Japan. Nearly 100% of those accused are convicted. It really is not like that here but Justice is only for the wealthy. The most money is made by those Lawyers who defend BAD guys. Nev
  10. An Election was imminent and she was made aware of the undesirable effect her complaint would have on the result.. ARe you partv of the team or not.. Was steam cleaning the room a cover up and destroying evidence? It's probably on CCTV which she has not been permitted to view.. It's easy to find out the name of the "alleged" perpetrator. I have without really trying. He was dismissed because of the security breach aspect of it. Blaming the victim has occurred. It's a power "thing" very common in Lawyers firms where you must do time there to get your articles. As Malcolm Turnbull says .It's l
  11. Cold doesn't exist. It's what is there when there's NO heat. It's NOT just a matter of how you look at it.. minus 273 C is absolute zero. ie 0 degrees KELVIN. You cannot go any colder as atoms cease to vibrate and things become superconductors. I doubt there's an absolute upper limit. Nev
  12. Heat only flows from hot(ter) to colder. Look up entropy. If OME's right about certrifugal force, my pushbike needs no mudguards and I must look for some other reason by person gets covered in road grit. Nev
  13. There's much money made from the Mecca experience which is compulsory at least once for each Muslim. Images of Mohammed are forbidden and after him no other prophet is going to happen. Unless you are Bahai or such.. Nev
  14. The "people" who make out there are many of these "rich" destitute are the ones to avoid. Demonise the poor and you don't have to do anything for them as they DESERVE their condition. RICH people are worthy and the poor do it deliberately. That's been Sco Mo and Hockeys mantra since day one of the LieNP reign. Daily living allowance for MPs is $240 a day.. Go on a Polly pedal and that's what you get. Nev
  15. The Father , the son and the holy ghost do take a it of explaining. Religion is very much a matter of each to his own. Mine's bigger than yours and death to the non believers. god willing. What could be more simple? Nev
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