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  1. He's probably from Tasmania. The school kids are tough down there. HOT Near the equator Cold Near a pole.( Look up geographical meaning of pole if in doubt) Geography for Queenslanders. Ref Mexicans. where they live.... Nev
  2. Heat exchangers for the engine oil heat the fuel so it doesn't block the filters. Bleed air does the wing de icing and THAT uses FUEL.. ie You only use it in icing conditions It does affect your climb rate and what level you can reach. Your speed through the air at cruise warms the plane about 32 degrees C. Nev
  3. Flying along in a jet the OAT is often minus 50C or lower One wonders how brittle the airframe is. Nev
  4. I would have considered that Pineapple to be not ripe.. When "we" propagated them we planted the top bit only. Maybe each bit that emerged is a seed. Nev
  5. Replacing two element type hot water systems (off peak) with two heat pump(still off peak as it has to be rewired yet) exactly HALVED my total power use and I'm NOT getting any benefit from the solar there in respect of the heat pumps, YET.. Gas prices have continued to rise. The ones that need electricity as well are a risk... Instant switch operating heaters are often an "only works with the taps fully on" thing or doesn't come on at all . You find this out when you use Motels a bit. CHECK them the night before a frosty morning or find out the hard way. Nev
  6. Gold is a fascinating material as all the very heavy elements are. Look up how they are formed. Nev
  7. They may not have known you had one. By the way an electric heat pump hot water system is cheaper to operate and more safe than a gas one. Nev
  8. The many babies born that way have no say in it.. They are invariably too young to do much about it. Nev
  9. The Boss and I got ours 3 days ago. 2 people didn't show up so we slipped in at the end of the day.. Unusual luck (rare). it's all relative. Nev
  10. When I used to travel in aluminium tubing across (up and down actually) Australia we actually carried Gold bars and they are extremely heavy. There was no security they just sat on the forward cargo hold floor . The "word" was when gold looked like it was going good, invest in Gold mines, There IS a difference though. Nearly everyone I know who has bought gold bullion hasn't made that much from it. Today where negative interest rates exist, we are surely in unchartered waters. Greed and fear are what makes the stock Market function. Insider trading is RIFE. That's how any real money is ma
  11. I'm surprised that gold is not more expensive at this time. There's bugger all other things that aren't a risky investment. India converts a lot of it into Jewellery. It doesn't corrode. OUR currency is rendered of less value by how we act. We hope to up our exports by devaluing it but when some other country wants to manipulate it's currency we squeal to high Heaven and cry foul. Anyhow it's NOT working but if it did you would pay more for almost everything. (and a higher GST on it as well). Houses cost prices that many current purchasers will never pay off and will have to default if intere
  12. Pretty inhumane way to dispose of them also. Nev
  13. Just compare it with 3 or4 cars being refuelled by petrol diesel or GAS going up. The first vehicle didn't actually burn that long . 2 litres of hydrocarbon fuel properly vapourised will easily blow a house sky high. We have tonnes of fuel in tankers speeding on wet roads. How sensational can that be when things go wrong. When I see a tanker on the road , I try to distance myself from it.. That's a REAL blob of energy. Imagine one in a tunnel involved in an accident, and it all goes up. Nev
  14. You quoted an Australian newspaper even though it's not the worst one of the MSM and on performance, ALL of them are pretty SUSS.. Australia would be a lot better place without OUR media monopoly. You have Rupee , Nine "Entertainment".. Costello, and WA news papers, Kerry Stokes.. Nothing to sheer about. Nev
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