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  1. The last vestiges of a Scoundrel is to hide behind Patriotism.. He's flagging that there's more off the same coming. Someone should tell scotty that the UNION Jack was that disease going around Trades Hall Council a while back. Nev.
  2. Road kill is fresh and nutritional. Waste NOT , want Not. . Keep your wild pigs though. Nev
  3. WA has had it's share of swindlers and Alan Bonds." WA. State of excitement" used to be on the number Plates. You don't get excitement without RISK. Nev
  4. Honda Postie bike. Rubbery at any speed. Probably the largest selling vehicle in the world. Nev
  5. That's what you shouldn't do. Best a pillion just sits in the one place unless you really know what to do and lean with the rider who is really trying to go fast. Most novices try to stay more vertical and THAT can really make things dangerous. Side saddle is quite risky but you often see 4 or more on a Bike in some of these places. Nev
  6. There's several ways of interpreting that. It was intended to preclude (often desirable) forward thinking not stuff that has to be kept secret because it's a RORT. Public service seems to tend conservative in practice as it's safer not to stick your nose out too far ahead. SAFER to do the minimum you can get away with. This is for CAREER Public servants who would not hold down a job in the real world of innovation where standing still is going backwards. .Nev
  7. Public Servants eventually fall into a certain mentality. Backstab when you can get away with it and don't do anything outside the square you might be called to account for later. Give your Boss the advice HE/SHE wants ,not the truth. Never miss an opportunity to grow your Empire. . Nev
  8. Life must be cheap in these places. Figure 8 racetrack? They probably still have scrutineers to make sure the tires are OK. Nev
  9. Not in my field of expertise. . I think I'm a boring hetero. and I just watch the serving speed and if the ball goes out or in. Nev
  10. You'd have to add Trump to that list. He regards ALL some time serving men and women as "Losers and Suckers" . Nev
  11. The Public Service has been ignored and they outsource more advice from EY and KPMG etc. When you pay for the advice and choose the advisor you control the whole shebang. You also get a few jobs like for Pyne who is now with EY. Also Public Servants tend to vote LABOR and Canberra is a rather progressive Government, generally. Nev
  12. People who wish to visit you, If they care about your welfare, may have them and IF they test positive, not come near you for your sake till they prove safer. I think that's how it works.' IF you were feeling crook and went to hospital you would be tested as a matter of course so those who look after you can take precautions.. I know you addressed willedo and I apologise if that is in any way offensive. I intend no offense. Nev
  13. Tracing of DNA and sharing with most living organisms leads to considering most or ALL have the same common ancestry. We didn't evolve from apes but share a lot of DNA. Environmental changes cause extinctions leaving a Modified Gene pool residue to continue on from. All effects can cause modification. We've had plenty of time for that, so complexity is not hard to explain.. Many of our organs are not as perfect as one would hope IF intelligent design was the way it happened. WE are STILL evolving and always have. Dogs have infinitely superior sense of smell. The Octopus has better eyesight. S
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