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  1. I remember in the 70s hunting with the Sydney Hunt Club along the Razorback and having a drink at the tree , memories
  2. Over the years since my childhood we had dogs, my Grandad and Dad trained cocker spaniels(not for showing) as gun dogs, were great pets as well most were sold on, as an adult i loved sheppards always had one till i came to Aus,after settling here (Sydney) had a bloodhound,great dane,golden retriever, blue cattle dogs, sydney silky(used to travel on my motorcycle between my wife and I), and the last dog was a sheppard named Lucy, I had to get her euthenised ,cancer of the hind legs was dragging around at the last, so since 2009 we have had no animals except for looking after kids dogs and cats
  3. We could live on the full pension , our all up cost which include groceries,car rego(x2) insurance ,phones ,rates,,repairs ,internet,and sundries comes to $18,700 per annum so doable on the couples pension , not much left over for anything else and flying would be impossible as well as owning n aircraft
  4. I get a part pension, a whopping 127.80 per fortnight, being a self funded retiree and my wife cannot get pension till 67 and then will be meagre , but i think that if i relied on pension as my sole income i could not do much at all , just survive , i take my hat off to people who do ,it must be very stressful
  5. To put a twist into this how much sxxt(faeces) do 8 billion people produce daily, annually ,a quick calc is .5 kilo per person( i am being liberal with the amount could be more) times 365 x 1 million is 18.5 thousand tonnes per year( the math for 8 billion is over my head)not just human waste but all the food, trash, used up goods so a lot of sxxt going where? that tells me that we have to many people on the planet, the amount of waste per person is staggering, there will be a time when there are too many people on this planet, i will not see it my grandkids wont see it but 100 years from now
  6. Welcome back Mark , we all missed you
  7. Our family tree is back to the 13th century, a noble (Henry De Lace) Normandy was out of favour and scooted off to Eire ,married a local chieftens daughter and built a castle in Trim ,somewhere in that mix were some Vikings ,the De Lace family angicised the name to Lacey(still a lot of them in Eire) again went out of favour and scooted to Doncaster in UK, then on to Wales where my side of the family resided, most of our family emigrated to Aus in the sixties, my son who has had the genetic testing(primarily for medical reasons) then had it done for ancestry, wow that turned up some hidden gene
  8. Had mine yesterday, no ill effects at all , worked all day on my build, but my wife was sick for a day or 2,go figure
  9. After finishing my build i reckon about 7 or 8 years flying(im 73) till i hang the headset up
  10. The so called black economy has to run, it all goes back into the cash flow of the countries,Im with you Dax, if they wont accept cash i will go elsewhere, the banks are taking the atms out in most small shopping areas, they cannot scam money if there is no charge, I still do the odd supervision project for a couple of companies and they pay me in cash, guess what i spend that on, aircraft supplies and parts for my build so it goes back into circulation, stop cash ,it will never happen in the remaining years i have left, and no i am not on a pension i am self funded.
  11. So, decrease the hrs worked to say 4 per day, also decrese the wages to suit the hrs ,this will never happen but the employer is expected to pick up the tab? sorry work 38 hrs get paid for same hrs yes not the other way around( i had my own business for years and the increasing costs associated with employees gets higher and higher but the profits gets lower
  12. My wife at 66 is stillnthe young woman i met in my thirties,vibrant,funny,fitter than me(tennis golf trekking)great work ethic only 3 months ago retired gives me space to do what i like keeps me on my toes 38 years married we still like our time away together great cook and i still have pic of her in my wallet taken in kings park perth in 1983 to me she is gorgeous
  13. gareth lacey


    Dont worry about the Israelis, they have one of the best armies in the world lots of motivation to never let it happen again by anyone(the holocaust)they are backed by US so will get the best gear,also they are very technically advanced in avionics and weapons,with hundreds of millions of Muslims trying to massacre them, all the muslims have to do is say that they have a right as a sovereign nation to exist then they could then start to be friendly to each other but religeon always gets in the way of reality
  14. last time i was in USA my wife needed to go to doctors for acute stomach pain ( gastro) cost us $84 plus script ,so not to bad, i have a yearly medical with my doc not claimable on medicare cost $220, so comparible with the us
  15. Sorry your wrong, class division was alive and thriving post war years up until mid sixties, Teaches,doctors,bankers,managers,treated most working class(miners et al) in wales with disdain ,and if you came from a large family this made it worse, if you wanted a job you had to be part of a "class" either religious or non working class ,if you had inherited wealth this made them obnoxious, my fist job as an apprentice welder in wolverhampton saw the snobbery of the so called upper class ,they were mostly in the power positions,management,i remember the manager a former Captain in the army, what
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