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  1. Most car manufacturers have committed to end IC vehicle production by the mid 2030s. I don't think anyone here need worry that they won't be able to choose and IC vehicle for the foreseeable future. What I sus[ect will actually happen though is that EV technology will mean that in the near future EVs will be the more economical choice and some people will make the choice to spend more money to run a less economical IC vehicle.
  2. SpaceX's Starship SN15 prototype successfully lands in one piece No explosions so far.
  3. I do have experience of driving my sons Tesla around NZ and it is fine. It is probably not necessarily easy to Drive all the way around Australia in an EV but it is definitely possible and there are some websites where people detail their trips. Not saying that this is the way that everyone wants to make their trip. Driving around NZ it is a matter of stopping for lunch and a charge. List of Successful Electric Vehicle Trips Around Australia An EV is not yet the choice for everyone YET but given reducing prices and improving technology the time is getting nearer.
  4. I lived for 21 years outside of a country town and I would say a car is essential. It is about individual circumstances. There are circumstances in which an EV or not owning a car makes sense and circumstances in which it does not make sense. For the foreseeable future we have the choice of these options.
  5. Any rental car I have ever used has been in considerably better condition than my car. Many years ago when we lived on a large bush property, we woke up in the early hours to see a torchlight moving around outside the house. We called the local police and by the time he arrived the person had gone. I walked around the house with the policeman and he shone his torch through my car window. "Looks like they ransacked your car" embarrassingly I had to admit that it always looked like that. (true story) I calculated the other day that over the last year my car cost me $3000 (ex
  6. I always rented a plane rather than owning it and whilst I acknowledge that ownership seems (to me) in some ways seem more appealing it does come at a cost. I am just speaking from my own point of view and am not criticizing what others choose to do. There was a time when I aspired to own a plane and I could have afforded it but it would have come at the cost of other things I wanted to do and my general standard of living. When it comes to vehicle ownership I do own a car mainly because of the "privacy and comfort aspect" other than that I have no particular attraction to ow
  7. It is interesting to see what China is up to regarding public transport. The City with 16,000 Electric Buses & 22,000 Electric Taxis
  8. The semi conductor shortage whilst being important will pass. Supply chains have been disrupted by covid but this will end. Not all companies have been as badly affected. How Did Tesla Avoid the Chip Shortage?
  9. For a bit of an overview of what materials resources we are talking about. https://www.leadingthecharge.org.nz/do_we_have_enough_rare_earth_metals_for_evs The issue is about batteries not EVs. Of course EVs require large batteries therefore a large amount of resources but what we are talking about is batteries. So often I have been on the receiving end of a lecture on just how evil lithium based batteries by someone happily typing away on their battery powered laptop. Lithium is not rare. I believe that cobalt is one of the issues. Tesla batterie
  10. The suggestions was that the situation in India was a beat up by the media and that it was not as bad in India as it is in the US. I dont think in the US people are dying in the street. Whilst it is true that many in the US can't afford health insurance people usually receive at least emergency care, they may end up hugely in debt though. I think to say you are no better off in the US than in India as a poor person is a bit of a stretch.
  11. I don't think hospitals in the US are running out of oxygen to administer to patients. Whilst the US may have more cases all up they also have a first world health system.
  12. Astronaut Michael Collins, Apollo 11 pilot, dies of cancer
  13. Swap and go: electric trucks to run between Sydney and Brisbane using exchangeable batteries
  14. Out on a long bike ride today I came across these. Unfortunately I did not have my DSLR with me so I had to rely on my shoddy phone camera and shoot through a fence.
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