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  1. I guess we will see if the demo plant is successful or not. One thing I have learned while following these new technologies is not to grasp on to an idea that is early in its development and believe it is the answer but also not to jump in on every development and proclaim that it wont work. There are many different technologies that are in the demo stage such as liquid air energy storage, thermal solar etc. I believe it is important research all of these ideas Now that is an intriguing statement!
  2. It is not so much whether the technology is new or not but it is about whether or not it can be economically utilized. In this case this company believes it can build grid level storage that would be complimentary to lithium storage. We just love our E bikes.
  3. Dax, yes I posted about iron air batteries in the EV thread due to the usual thread drift problem. Certainly relevant for grid storage.
  4. Here is another emerging (hopefully) technology. New Iron-Air Battery outperforms best Lithium Ion tech. Cheap. Abundant. Non-toxic & Carbon Free.
  5. Caterpillar unveils an all-electric 26-ton excavator with a giant 300 kWh battery pack JCB Electric Excavator / Mini Digger
  7. Plenty of children are raised in a single parent households. There is plenty of research to suggest that parents of same couples fair as well as other children. My sister (now in her 60s) raised 2 boys with her same sex partner. These boys became well adjusted men (now in 30s). https://theconversation.com/factcheck-are-children-better-off-with-a-mother-and-father-than-with-same-sex-parents-82313
  8. OK a few thoughts, There is a lot here I do like although I would possibly disagree about how it could be implemented. Don't get the idea I am putting down your ideas I am merely questioning some details. I am not sure we can say say all education is about turning out economic clones. I am quite familiar with the music degree course at various institutions and if anything they fail to prepare students for the economic realities of working in the arts. This happens to be an area that I have knowledge of but those surely applies to other areas as well. Diet, sex, law whose
  9. The point I am making is that would a party that pledged to immediately wind down the fossil fuel industry be elected. Sure you and I would vote for this party but would they be elected? One for the things my wife does is training people on who to interreact with their local MP. People naively believe that they just have storm into their MPs office and rant and rave and thump the desk. In the example of stopping the Gas facility being built the local MP (who is personally onside with us) will say OK that makes sense but tomorrow I will have a union rep in here accusing me of being ant
  10. That is a long read but I will work my way through it, I should point out though that I make no claim to be scientifically qualified in all of these areas. There are are points of data and then there is an interpretation of just what that means. What I can do is treat it like I would tread medical information. I can look at the range of information out there and weigh up the different sources of information and interpretations. I have to weigh up this organizations state of the climate report with CSIROs state of the climate report. Being thorough, this is a big
  11. But you tell me that 99.9% don't care so why would you think that putting everything referendum would make change for the better. The point is I can write to a politician and demand that all ICE vehicles by banned from tomorrow, which would be great but we know it is impractical. Change has to be actually workable. The fact that you could not persuade a politician to adopt your plan doesn't mean much. The changes I mentioned were around air pollution, recycling, making it it more difficult for companies to fund new fossil fuel, projects, taking lead out of petrol.
  12. Yes that is my point. When I say one person actions are meaningless I am saying that whilst sorting recyclables is obviously a good it does not change the carbon footprint of the world by a meaningful amount however if you can convince many others that it is worth the effort then you begin to have meaningful change. Saying you don't believe there can or will be change is the the a great motivator. So protest, By the way I think this notion is not correct, yes these may be ways to force governments to change but not the only way. Governments also want to be reelected. W
  13. And many who are pessimistic also do little. An that is admirable and also what I try to do. The point is though we could say one person's actions can be pretty meaningless in the whole scheme of things but large numbers of people can change things. To me it is important to not only make personal changes but to inspire others to adopt change. You dismissed my post growing "right to repair" movement. I understand your point that many companies do not want their products to be repairable but they probably didn't want them to be lower energy users or to have to have an end of
  14. I disagree things, do change gradually. Consider appliances that now are labeled for energy use. Modern appliances have become much more energy efficient. I believe that a scheme is being considered whereby stickers similar to energy consumption but in relation to repairability. This need not be provided by the company itself but by third parties. I believe it is crucially important maintain optimism, without it we may just as well give up. If it is too late then why not buy all the latest tech. I think there are many people who believe that they doing good merely by pointing
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