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  1. In Search of Medicine, 1884 by Vladimir Makovsky (Russian 1846-1920)....Russian peasants....life was cruel and hard....
  2. The star spangled banner is a difficult one to sing for the average person because of it's range. I spent 12 years as a musician in the RAAF band so have played many national anthems. In 1982 we played at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth games as well as at arrival ceremonies at the athletes village so we covered all of the Commonwealth country anthems. There is one anthem that that I can't now recall that goes on and on and has many false endings, quite hilarious as dignitaries who are unfamiliar start to sit down only to have to spring back up when they realize that it is not yet finished. As far as Advance Aus goes it a a very simple tune (which I guess may be a good thing)
  3. It is absurd and troubling that Trump's administration is refusing to provide the incoming administration security briefings as is the normal practice. Even more troubling is on a day when covid infections have reached record levels the president is doing stuff all as he seems to be too busy watching right wing news shows and tweeting his insane rantings.
  4. Red750 I use Zoom regularly, I teach 30 music lessons a week plus I used it socially. Happy to offer any advice if I can.
  5. There was record turnout in a country that traditionally has a low turnout. There is no doubt that Trump motivated many more people to vote. Some of them were motivated to vote for him and but a greater number were motivated to vote against him.
  6. There are many things that the President can do by other means such as executive order. Trump has issued 193 executive orders Clinton 354, GW Bush 291. Obama 276. Biden and McConnell are reputedly friendly with each other and have done deals before when Biden was VP although bargaining will be difficult. It is not great for Biden but not hopeless either. The senate still has to undergo 2 run off elections so it will be interesting to see what happens there. Biden can also reverse Trumps executive orders he can also reverse federal regulations Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies. It has been and remains a suspenseful time but I am ok with it my blood pressure is fine (for a truck tyre)
  7. Perhaps we could say that Biden has now woken a "silent majority" who want a return to civil discourse.
  8. I do take issue with the term majority. The majority of American voters did not vote for him. That aside, it is interesting to question why a sizable chunk of American voters did vote for him. American philosopher and author Sam Harris suggests this: "American philosopher and author Sam Harris addressed this very mystery in an episode of his podcast Making Sense, recorded just before the vote. “I've been struggling for years to understand how it is possible that nearly half of American society admires or supports Trump,” he said. Trump’s secret, Harris opined, is that no matter how boastful and narcissistic he is, “he is never actually communicating that he is better than you, more enlightened, more decent, because he’s not, and everyone knows it”. “Because he is never really judging you ... he offers a truly safe space for human frailty and hypocrisy and self doubt,” said Harris. “His personal shamelessness is a spiritual balm.” This appeal makes sense, Harris reckons, when you juxtapose it with the moral superiority, judgment and sanctimony that many of Trump’s supporters (and others) associate with the left." https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/why-did-so-many-people-vote-for-trump-like-it-or-not-he-is-a-safe-space-for-millions-20201106-p56c8c.html This though doesn't address the question you posed. My answer to that (for what it's worth) is yes and no. No he hasn't' "woken a silent majority because they are neither silent nor a majority Yes because Trump will disappear but some level of Trumpism will remain amongst some sections of society for the foreseeable future.
  9. The thing with Trump is he is a salesman (scam artist), He claims to have achieved great things in North Korea but what are is actual achievements? North Korea: What we know about the 'massive' new missile on parade I am sure if we look hard enough we could find the odd achievement (Mussolini reputedly made the trains run on time) The achievements I can see seem to tend towards the negative. Trump has dragged the political discourse down into coarse thuggery. If anyone can find any good he has done it surely is outweighed by the bad. Something I have always found alarming about him is the magnitude of his lies, All politicians can be creative with the truth but it is much more dangerous when the lies told can be debunked but a portion of the public know he is lying and don't actually care, shout it loud enough and often enough and it can become "the truth" During the Trump reign the bar has became set so low that his outrageous lies became acceptable because we expect so little of him. Earlier in this thread I suggested that Trump was the a much more dangerous option than Biden (whatever his shortcomings may be). As far as I know there has never been a President who would not concede and in fact is happy to incite his nuttier followers. I really fear what he might do in his next 70 days, I think he will break as many things as he can. I believe Biden has appointed a panel of Doctors, Immunologists etc to a Covid advisory panel. And not a single son in law or family member among them. I find it amazing that anyone can listen to a Trump speech and think he is anything but a spiteful buffoon. By the way anyone who would like to read the book about Trump written by his niece here is the audio version Too Much and Never Enough - Mary L Trump - Audiobook
  10. So you a are saying that this is not viable and will not work??? And no one in the scientific community has thought of this? I think that these problems have been considered and planned for. The vaccine will be formulated, finished and placed in cold storage in the pharmaceutical giant's Kalamazoo, Michigan, facility, its largest such plant in the country. During the shipment and storage, the vaccines must be kept at 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in order to maintain optimal efficacy. Each package can contain 1,000 to 5,000 doses. From there, the vaccines will be packed below dry ice inside thermal containers expressly designed by the company for this vaccine’s delivery. The packages will be shipped via air to major distribution hubs and then delivered by ground transport to dosing locations, which “may include hospitals, outpatient clinics, community vaccination locations and pharmacies,” Pfizer spokesperson Kim Bencker told NBC News in an email. Some vaccines will also be shipped from a separate distribution center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Each package will be equipped with a GPS-tracked thermal sensor to monitor location and temperature, which the company says will “proactively” prevent “deviations” — such as accidents or theft. Pfizer readies 'Herculean effort' to distribute coronavirus vaccine
  11. Well that seems to be some positive news Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine data suggests shots may be 90 per cent effective
  12. I think the evidence suggests that they are effective. As for getting breathless as soon as you put a mask on, there are numerous videos of people comparing with a mask and without a mask using an ox meter, it is just not an issue. We do not have surgeons falling face down into their patients due to lack of oxygen. When I do any sanding or anything else that creates dust I wear a mask because it is the rational thing to do, I also expect my dentist and surgeon to where a mask even when covid is not around. I have some preexisting conditions that make my slightly more susceptible to complications from covid. Even when masks are no longer mandatory I will probably carry one in case I end up in a high risk crowded situation, it is the rational thing to do. In Vic we have gone from over 700 cases a day to 0 with a combination of lockdowns and other measures including masks. we can't be sure what role masks played but I for one don't want to head back into lockdown yet again. We know that the Asian countries that have done well also tend to be culture who understand the importance of wearing masks. I acknowledge that there are a small number of people with health conditions that make it not advisable to wear a mask but I would also think these people would not be out and about so much for their own safety. There are thousands and thousands of supermarket workers and other workers who wear a mask all day partly for their own protection but also to protect their customers. It just seems a bit whiny when people complain about this minor inconvenience.
  13. it is never official until the electoral collage has voted, this is a little while away. It is usual to concede or to claim victory when it is no longer mathematically possible for the result to change.
  14. this sums up the current situation I think https://vimeo.com/221380805
  15. Do you mean Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez? She was returned.
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