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  1. Not particularly an area of interest to me but this clip shows a the Bren Gun Carrier being driven What is interesting (at least to me at least) is that at the guy driving it at the 9:40 point in the video is my son. 1942 LP2 Bren Gun Carrier: Regular Car Reviews
  2. Well, I have done my democratic duty and posted off my postal ballot forms so I guess I can tune out now.
  3. Election material (from AEC) is translated into a huge number of languages including Swahili and Hazaragi (what ever that is). When it comes to understanding the voting process, I think the biggest issue is how well a person can read in their language. I am more concerned about a locally born, poorly educated bogan than a motivated immigrant.
  4. There is a vast difference mining materials that can then produce cleaner and sustainable power production and then be recycled and coal which is burnt once and also produces harmful by products. Mining will probably always be a part of human existence. What we do mine has to be done sustainably, not just dig it up and burn it
  5. It is something that is taken very seriously Here's Why We Sterilize Spacecraft We could of course never 100% sure however what do we do never go into space? It is interesting to contemplate that it is conceivable that if there was ever life on Mars it could have contributed to life on earth via meteorites that originated from Mars. The problem with old satellites and other detritus in Earth orbit is a very real problem that is being thought about and acted on. There are now deorbit guidelines and plans to reduce these objects. As far as bits and pieces left on the Moon Venus, Mars etc. in terms negative consequences I cant quite understand why 6 lunar module decent stages are such a big deal. Personally I am thrilled by the prospect of what the Webb space telescope is about to discover. Any thing we humans do has a cost and a benefit. The migration of the earliest humans from Africa to Asia and Europe no doubt came with costs and benefits. Seeds plants and animals would have been transported to areas that they were not native to. It is interesting to read comments on the net about the latest pictures from Mars. Some folk express outrage about leaving objects on other planets who probably don't put much effort into sorting their recycling or care about the pollution to our atmosphere that they contribute to. The notion that scientists and engineers don't give a toss and this is certainly not true. The parachute etc. on Mars was a necessary component of land a probe on Mars, it was not laziness or stupidity. The alternative is not to send anything into space. I found this article quite interesting, it illustrates that the scientists are aware and concerned and do go to quite a lot of trouble to reduce the odds that they may discover life and not know whether it came from Earth or Mars. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210510-could-the-perseverance-rover-have-carried-life-to-mars I don't think we should cease exploration. We should of course take great care of other planets and of course most importantly we should take care of this planet.
  6. its all good nomadpete, no offence taken 😀
  7. What a coincidence, I have just spent some time looking for this exact cartoon to post that I remember from many years ago. You beat me to it.
  8. Polluting our atmosphere and water is obviously a bad thing. Most human activity has costs and benefits. We put satellites in orbit and use our shiny new GPS. There are many environmental problems we face of varying degrees. I have trouble understanding why leaving the decent stage of the lunar module on the moon is so much worse than driving our cars or flying our little airplanes. The parachute and backing shell on Mars are not there because engineers are being total dicks or don't give a toss. There is no way it could have been done any better with the technology we have at the moment. It would be a reasonable point of view to say we should not engage in space exploration until we can assure that we leave no trace. I don't believe this, I believe we do are best until we can do better. I believe the moon landings, Voyager, Pioneer Hubble Telescope, various Mars rovers etc. are a net benefit. If we draw up a table for example of what we have gained scientifically and technologically from the moon landings on one side and the damage caused to the Moon on the other side, I feel the balance tips toward exploration and I a not even sure how you quantify damage to the Moon. When it comes to environmental concerns I think the tens of thousands of words I have written on this forum indicate I am very pro environmentalism. As individuals we strike a balance between living our lives and trying not cause too many adverse affects. For many years I flew little aircraft often just in circles around an airfield. It is all too easy justify or not notice what we ourselves do, but be pretty keen to point out what others do. In the far future, perhaps when humans no longer exist some other intelligent civilization may land on Mars and study what our civilization has left behind. Perhaps some civilization will discover Voyager or Pioneer floating through space, will they consider it trash or examine and learn from it? This is like when archeologists excavate the detritus of ancient civilizations. When archeologist locate and ancient midden or ruins of a building they are excited and curious. I don't suppose any archeologist has ever lamented on "how untidy these people were" or "these awful people painting graffiti on these cave walls, its just vandalism" I don't see the picture of his family that Charlie Duke left on the Moon as being a wanton act of littering nor the numerus experiments. We can still measure the changing distance of the moon from the earth by bouncing a laser beam from reflector left during the Apollo years. I posted the Mars clip because I thought people would be interested in the technological achievements especially of the Ingenuity helicopter being that we are all interested in flying. I have no problem with the observation that there are many "bits of the planet Earth" on Mars but this seems to be all people are interested in. I might hold off on posting the little doco on the Webb Telescope (more junk!) Perhaps this is the wrong forum for this subject.
  9. That is what I am intending to say. "candid and open" If something is not working as intended I want be be told why and what is being done about it. I also want politicians to serve the people not the party or themselves. Perhaps I am not articulating my point well enough.
  10. Neither do I but that wasn't my point. I referring to the way want politicians to make promises to us that are unrealistic.
  11. I don't think the debris from the landing of the Perseverance rover was wanton littering. I guess the choice to be made is do we explore the solar system or not? Perhaps we wait until we can recover everything we send. Were the Pioneer and Voyager litter? Are Apollo sites on the Moon just rubbish dumps. There is no way of landing on Mars without leaving something.
  12. I think that a part of the responsibility for problems with politicians rests with us electors. We are quite childlike. We demand often quite specific promises. In the real world these promises are often unrealistic. We also tend to think poorly of a politician who enacts a policy and then discovers that for some reason it does not work as intended and changes that policy. The media will use terms like "the minister has done a backflip" This means that at worst a government will doggedly stick to something that is not working and at best they slowly phase out a policy hoping we wont notice. To me an election is similar to a job interview. A good interviewer generally does not ask the candidate for a list of promises. They are more likely look for a general ethos and also check past performance. The only real promise I want from a politician is they will rationally analyze and weigh up the data, seek advice from a range of experts in the relevant field and consult with the people. I also want them to be candid and open. I want to be told the relative risks and benefits of a particular policy. By way of an example, I had some surgery about 3 weeks ago. Before the surgery I had to sign the usual consent form. I was asked if I understood the procedure and then given a list of the things that could go wrong and what the remedies would be. I asked what the complication rates were and given the odds of a negative outcome. I did not ask for a promise of success because that would be pointless. Perhaps another example might be flying. During take off we get used to planning a strategy (policy?). If the engine fails at this point I will land on the remaining runway, if it fails at this point I will land straight ahead, at this point I will considered turning 90 degrees etc. This is what I want from my politicians. I want them to be evidence driven and I want them to admit it when things do not go to plan or they get something wrong. There should be no shame in making a mistake as long as they admit it and do their best to remedy it.
  13. I see it more like historic shipwreck sites. Do we consider Shackleton 's recently discovered ship the Endurance to be littering or an artifact of the human races curiosity about what is in the next valley or continent or planet. I suspect that if the human race loses its curiosity then it will ossify and die out. I do believe that if life on Mars is discovered, no matter how simple, we should leave the planet alone.
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