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  1. This is probably the time and place to say that at least for the foreseeable future I am retiring from the forum. I have been considering this off and on for a while now but recently I reached out in a private message to a member to explain my point of view over a discussion we were having. What I got back in reply was quite a nasty attack on me as a person. I think the majority of people here are great and I have enjoyed chatting and debating with those who hold different views. I have been a member here since 2007 and goodness knows I have been involved in spirited debates but I beli
  2. There is nothing wrong with challenging ideas the problem comes when "I disagree with your opinion" becomes "I disagree with your opinion therefore you are an idiot" or whatever. There are people here I often disagree with but I have great respect for them if they can challenge the views of others with a polite and reasonable argument.
  3. At no stage have I said this. To sum up the discussion you are disparaging me and my experience. We may practice music differently but let me be clear I have NO PORBLEM with the way you do music. I am not criticizing your style but you are definitely criticizing my style. What I am saying is that some musician jobs require good sight reading, that is a fact. Many jobs do not and that is fine as well. Country no rock yes blues yes toured yes. Back in the day we used to around 240 engagements a year both in Aus and overseas. Ah more denigration I have done
  4. I haven't read your full post yet but I have to answer this ASAP. No you are wrong, I have great respect for people who play by ear and I don't believe I have ever denigrated anyone who uses this method. I have however pointed out that for many types of musical work you need to get to grips with large amounts of material in a short time. I think perhaps your belief that I am elitist or denigrating people who play by ear may be something you are imagining.
  5. Sorry Dax but that cannot be true and is easily testable. If I post a link to a piece perhaps you could demonstrate your prowess? Sorry to sound perhaps a little arrogant here but I have earned my entire living from music and music education. I don't claim to be brilliant (like you) but I have always had enough work in all genres of music. Your comment about me having "very little knowledge of the popular music industry" is rather condescending. You have no idea what I have or haven't done. I would be interested to hear some of your work, don't
  6. Dax most musicians I know and do and have worked with do both. When playing with smaller ensembles with more popular music it is more normal to play without music but at some stage there would have been written music as part of the process. It is simply not possible to paly a Mahler symphony by ear. If you take a popular piece of music or song it is not just a case of of playing the melody. Usually the arranger will arrange the piece, this arranger may also be a player. They will decide on style, harmony and who is paying the melodic part and how that is handed on to another player.
  7. I don't totally disagree with this however if we use the example of a pilot there are procedures to be learned that allow pilots to navigate using procedures that are shared throughout the industry. Modern airliners are complicated pieces of machinery. The pilot cannot possibly know every shingle technical detail of the aircraft. There is much formal education surrounding what actions to take given certain engine malfunctions. A pilot could go many years without being faced with an engine problem. On the other hand the people who built and designed engine have a better understanding
  8. I have to jump in here and disagree. The only job I have ever done is being a musician and music teacher. I did my first professional music job in 1979 and it is all I have done in my working life. I have taught many hundreds of students some to them to be professionals. You are not wrong to say that you can be a fine musician without being able to read music however this does not hold true with all forms of music. I have taught many great musicians who played by ear but needed to be able to read music in order to find work. My firs job as a musician was as a
  9. The increase in IQ scores is known as the "Flynn effect". There has also been an increase in DQs (development quotients) in infants. This certainly rings true in my family. My IQ is higher than my father's but lower than my son's
  10. I have recently been using my time in lockdown to digitize all of my photos. One of the benefits is that it has made me look at photos I have not seen for years. This picture was my first ever flying lesson in 1989 I think. The confronting thing is that the fit young man in this picture bears little resemblance to the decaying human wreck I see in the mirror these days!
  11. Sorry to here that Red. Hoping you and your family have a speedy recovery.
  12. Only an idiot would not take precautions against an infectious disease especially one that for some people is fatal or debilitating.
  13. I would hate to have the fear you have about having a vaccination that has been shown to be quite safe and effective.
  14. The mRNA vaccines do not contain any inactivated virus. mRNA vaccines have been in development since 1989 and the first clinical trial of mRNA to treat cancer was in 2001. When people say the vaccine development was rushed I now ask them if they can explain to me which testing phases were missed out? The logic of at least some of the vaccine doubters seems to be around anxiety about the safety of the vaccine. The immediate safety is reasonably well understood. We are now up to 6.34 Billion doses with 2,6 Billion people fully vaccinated. In terms of long term safe
  15. I am also an addict/enthusiast. I have a 20 year old Rancillio but my new love is a hand operated lever machine which is a joy to use.
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