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  1. All very well, but would you trust them to make a nuclear submarine, for a foreign buyer?
  2. Yes, I remember that incident. But it wasn't caused by metric measurements, it was the result of poor arithmetic. I know this is drift that belongs in the parent forum, but I cant resist posting a quote from the 1983 NYtimes article, that is relevant to more recent , far more serious Boeing accidents that might not have happened if Boeing had taken notice of the 1983 gliding incident. Quote from 1983: "Safety specialists of the main pilots' union in the United States had recently approved a statement on the the subject of training. They expressed the view that crews were
  3. No wonder our taxes are so high! 😉
  4. Recently at our local woollies checkout I was soundly told off because I happened to have a Aldi shopping bag to put my Woollies groceries in. The checkout operator was quite annoyed and told me that "we won't tolerate any of those foreign companies setting up their monopolies down here!" I was speechless.
  5. Hey, wait up! Marty you can't have a Aldi phone. We don't have Aldi in Tasmania!
  6. Dax, thanks for sharing your views. I share a lot of your cynicism of politics and religion. Although your ideology doesn't totally align with mine, the debate is causing us to analyse things more deeply and that's a good thing.
  7. Hey Marty, what night's leek and potato soup night? I'll be at the door barking to be let in!
  8. And yet, you cast doubts upon the wisdom of moving back to this quiet backwater?
  9. Hi Alan, My post was totally a sarcastic smartass comment, intended to lighten up the thread. I apologise, as I didn't intend to ruffle anyone's feathers. Besides, if everybody drank all that sweet rainwater instead of letting it run off into the lungs of our world, Australia's beer industry would surely collapse!
  10. A thread on bread.... So appropriate. It goes with the threads on circuses.....(the antics of politics) Most days we are too lazy to make our bread. Besides, when I do make a loaf (in the automated electric breadmaker), it simply doesn't last like shop bought bread does...... I start salivating when the house smells of baking bread and as soon as it's cooled enough to slice, well...... it's all gone that afternoon.... mmmmmmm.
  11. Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof! Hope your test comes back clear, Jerry.
  12. I see we've already squandered 2.4 billion dollars on French bribes.... (errr... non submarines). And that doesn't include contract termination clauses, which will probably not be much disclosed in murdocks media. Once again I hear echoes of "All the way with LBJ!". And after all this expensive groveling to the USA, Biden graciously thanks SFM "And I want to thank that, uh, fellow Down Under," he said. , on international television, no less...... how humiliating!
  13. Agree there, Nev. Blotting paper, Ha! And we haven't peeled spuds for years. Wash, yes, peel, no.
  14. NT, there is clearly nowhere near enough people living "up there". Well, not enough to drink all that nice fresh, free tropical rainwater they get. Every wet season I see pictures of vast amounts of wasted water lying around in swamps at Kakadu on the news.
  15. I'm not saying we don't have a water crisis here in Australia. We do. Both here and in other countries, there has been serious mismanagement and "overallocation" (which really is a PC way to avoid saying "the demands caused by overpopulation") However, my concern is that our water crisis can only affect a "mere" 25 million occupants. By contrast, the runoff from the Himayayan mountains, for instance, supplies hundreds of millions of people in numerous countries. If that water source continues to decline, there is the potential for hundreds of millions of hungry, thirsty people rapidl
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