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  1. Will someone please write a nice polite groveling letter to Lizzie? I'm sure she wouldn't notice our absence.
  2. Tassie has a better chance of seceding. We're already an island, so we have geographical separation. All we need now is to cut ties to the Australian Federal grubamint
  3. Also, I personally didn't feel that the term 'nignog' in their context was insulting, therefore to me was not racist. It was used in a sense of camaraderie. A word can have insulting implications when used offensively.
  4. My answer to your question is No, I never saw that show as racist. It delightfully showed up the foolishness of racism.
  5. Are you trying to start an argument? Until people start to learn to laugh at themselves, PC is going to continue to sanitise all our social interactions.
  6. OME and OK, You are reasserting the same inexplicable unknowns. Clearly there is some physical evidence of construction of stone things. I say 'things' because there is no discovered evidence of stone dwellings. My fascination is that there are big stone structures to be seen but no signs of human habitation (and all that involves). No, that doesn't prove that the aliens did it. But it only forces us to confront the question of how 'prinitives' managed to put incredible man-hours into precision stone masonry without leaving archaeological evidence of the makers existence.
  7. It's looking like the good old days are back! Methinks this will not end well.
  8. Maybe Rupert was expecting to get more news royalties than the new law gives him?
  9. We got on to photons and light when OME posited "Does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?". Which prompted another question related to sunset. "Where does the light go when it goes out?" I'm surprised to hear our OME speak in such obviously scientifically incorrect terms. So I commented on the sun's obvious transit across the sky, and connected that thought back to circling mass and centrifugal force. Thread drift is just so simple!
  10. Of course I'd never condone breaking any laws, but If I lived closer I'd gladly help you push the Hummel out if you needed to do a test taxi trial along a runway.
  11. Settle down lads. It's not called terrorism when our "friends" do it, or when our own military and police do it. It's only allowed to be called terrorism when officially designated baddies do it.
  12. You should ask Yenn. There is a connection. When light acts like a particle, it's related to the energy of an electron going around a nucleus just like your ball but without utilising a string. I vaguely recall that light is emitted when an electron changes its orbit radius, obeying centrifugal force for a moment. So, although a tangent is involved, Yenns question is related.
  13. And nobody will ever find out, because this isn't the flying forum.
  14. The question remains unanswered. "Where does the light in a reflective cavity go, when it 'goes out' Consider the fact that energy can never be destroyed. Should all those photons, once created, just keep on bouncing around from one mirror to the next, for ever?
  15. Buy a motorcycle brake lamp bulb. Mine have dual filaments so they last twice as long.
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