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  1. Oh no! Jerry's been driven to drink again! I had to read that to my darling wife. Such tortures are relatively new to her. A recent session like that had her switching the cam off, wandering around just within earshot in case somebody asked her something.... muttering obscenities to herself.... Reading the warning signs, I quickly trundled down to the local battleship and stocked up the wine rack. And you reminded me of all the wasted e-learning sessions that I had endured in my career. Real training was abandoned and outsourced to bods who had nil
  2. Maybe you are just too discriminating. True story:- Driving along the Cape York highway (500k of corrugations) I crested a hill to see long skid marks, an oil trail and a sad almost new, hot lowered red Ford with it's front badly compacted. Fully expired. A couple of First World people stood folornly by. Knowing that there is always an extended family involved, I stopped and offered ONE a lift to town. "Nah, we won't be ready for quite a while. The others haven't caught the damn pig yet. Big BBQ tonite. You commin?" I know it isn't polite to turn down
  3. So many to choose from!!
  4. One for the space and science thread?
  5. There has to be a knock-for-knock agreemant somewhere. One wouldn't expect a rich man to be throwing money away.
  6. Rafa is just whispering instructions to the ball. That's his secret. He's a ball whisperer.
  7. And that's when the first fight started...
  8. Our Men Shed is still open. Required masks, QR login, social distancing. But at least still open.
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