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  1. Still thinking........... Can think if some isolated good things done or said, but....they might have just been momentary brainfarts.
  2. I'm trying to think of a politician that I'd admire.............
  3. Obfuscation Which is a practice perfected by politicians.
  4. Depends, are these rivets of aerospace quality, aviation quality, or Bunnings?
  5. That's an interesting "alternative history". But it does fall into the "might've, could've, should've, but didn't" category. I think we have another thread for these. An interesting thought, though.
  6. This "humming" drift sent me down the rabbit hole. I'm a serious sceptic - I love to pull apart conspiracy theories. For instance, I have a couple of entertaining relations who totally believe that they can't go to sleep unless the WiFi is turned off (they say it causes headaches, even though they still get headaches when it's off). But the humming one is rather more difficult to debunk. At first all the arguments seem fragile. Any constructive thoughts?
  7. No OK, Eden is too far south for Jerry. And is not a great flying location
  8. A close friend of mine worked for the "Vehicle proving department" of Leyland Australia, not long before they closed down. He was asked to blueprint a small number of vehicles for a rally - he said that he couldn't even snatch a matching set of distributors that opened the points equally for all cylinders. The QC was terrible. If built properly, their cars were great. Sadly, not many were. ( And before you start, I do know they didn't make their own distributors but you get my drift)
  9. Lucky sod. You must have got the good one.
  10. .... Swat them with such efficacy with which I was once able to achieve. There, is that better,,,,,,,,, sir?
  11. In all due humility, I confess, I think I also ended my sentence with a proposition.
  12. You are instrumental in causing flies and cockroaches to evolve smarter avoidance of the human flyswat, by killing the slow ones. Thus you are the reason I can't swat them like I used to. That's even worse than being a grammar cop. 😞
  13. I'd say it has a lot in common with the Marree Man geoglyph in South Australia. Just another man made mystery.
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