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  1. Oh thank you so much. For a while there I was worried about him. Our beloved Mr T is alive and well!
  2. Thanks. I was stirring the pot because there was a lot of talk about expected criminal action against a bunch of them. So I expected to see them in high profile Judge Judy court cases and serving time by now. And I take the point that nobody wants to misstep in any way that might present a loophole. Still, I wait with baited breath. I'm hoping we are (eventually) in for some entertaining theater.
  3. So, can anyone explain why Trump, his son's, Rudy, etc have pretty much fallen out from media coverage? I was expecting them all to be appearing before the courts. My suspicion was raised when his orangeness was left office without pardoning himself. Now it seems that he might have been confident that there would be no need for pardons. So, how much of what we were fed about his bad behaviour was REALLY fake news?
  4. How much of that 500kg of phosphorus bait gets ingested by non-mice?
  5. Petrol can be very hazardous but, like lithium batteries, it isn't guaranteed to spontaneously explode when things go wrong. For instance, any kind of concentrated energy shouldn't be allowed out all at once, whether it's petrol, electric, or steam. All can be disasterous but that doesn't mean it's impractical. It doesn't mean it should be banned. Equally, any of these dangerous products can sometime be unexpectedly benign. For instance, I've personally seen a lit cigarette dropped in a open sink full of petrol. The petrol extinguished it. The sa
  6. Thanks Yenn. As I said, I was mostly repeating the site induction talk. Maybe they were exaggerating And the four hours was mentioned by a power link person, who was cautioning us to be careful when testing the intertrip gear.....The four hours was when big financial penalties started biting our bottom line.... When I think about it, even when the arc stops, there must be a considerable thermal store in the pot. On the subject of 'shrapnel' I recall a photo of a portion of turbine drive shaft embedded in a foot thick concrete floor when a (not Aussie) generator failed. The shaft h
  7. Quote from ABC news today... "By Wednesday, Greg Hunt had a slightly higher figure to report in question time, claiming "17.3 per cent of Commonwealth aged care workers have received doses”. That still means more than 80 per cent are yet to receive a single jab." That's the current vaccination story for aged care employee's working in Federal aged care facilities. Elsewhere it was stated that over 80% of Victoria's aged care covid cases were actually employee's! And yet they have obviously not prioritized the rollout of vaccine to aged care workers!
  8. Anecdotally, it seems the supply pathways have been terribly poorly established in some areas. (Mostly news from the mainland?) But here in Tassie I've personally only heard good reports of local doctors practices and they seem very well organized without long queuing up. I don't personally know anyone in the aged care industry. My previous post was from a news announcement.
  9. I'm not asserting that there isn't any risk to our power grid security. What I'm saying is that in Qld at least the grid operator/designer/maintainer is acutely aware of the potential risk and has historically gone to great lengths to make it hard for outsiders to sabotage the grid. I spent 17 years commissioning and testing power grid control systems throughout Queensland. Yes it's true that no system is totally, absolutely secure. But what I saw was that even a well trained multi skilled employee with insider knowledge would have a hard time to even begin to do any damage. I
  10. Gents, smart (customer) meters are not part of the grid. It would hardly be a terrorist act if a couple of houses went black. These are in the distribution network, or 'poles and wires'. The grid is the national bulk supply network, so it involves whole cities and states. At that level there's a higher risk of being noticed if something goes black. Yes, Jerry most SCADA systems are totally stand alone rings in a substation. I didn't wish to bore anyone with the multi layers of internal comms. In truth there will always be some way to work around any 'secure' electronic communi
  11. Again, I say most of the switchgear was not IP addressable so hackers couldn't trip a feeder. I am aware that newer substations will have An internal internet but last I heard it was not in any way connected to any gateways/routers/switches that might allow hackers to access any of it.
  12. Yenn, the times I quoted were what I was told during site induction at Boyne island. My mention of guarantee of supply comes from working for the power station owners, supported by site induction information. Although they might have been trying to frighten us, I tended to believe them. I was working on power feed protection equipment in Gladstone Power station, Switchyard and Boyne island. A mistake in my work had the potential to trip them off, so we took our work very seriously.
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