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  1. spacesailor

    The Nats

    BUT Not those Dirty jumbo jets !. The skies have never been as clean as they are at the moment. And it,s not the cars, Whem Kingsford smith airport is up to full capacity, we will have the dirty horizen again. were will we get our petrol from after the servos are all gone over to ' charging ' stations. spacesailor
  2. I,ve been eating rubbish all my life! . Every so often, those higher minded people tell me that my food is GOOD !. Potato, bread, was bad now better. Eat chemicals for your health. As Natura plant foods are fattening ?. I,m Fat !, so are most people locked away from their freedom. So do l keep sucking on Saccerine, or go back to Sugar. spacesailor
  3. spacesailor

    The Nats

    If those coal mines close, No coal byproducts will be available. Those petrol powered car owners will be walking. Unless those EVs become as cheap as IC cars. Brumby ute was $ 10,000 new. Any EVs that cheap. 92 Jackaroo still running good, drive it go the scrapyard, just because it,s not electric. It doesn't matter because the owner isn,t powerfull enough to keephis pride & joy. spacesailor
  4. Makes our covid masks look absolutely El cheapo. spacesailor
  5. I didn,t believe it !, SO mr Google said that it is Correct. When multiplying a number by itself ( 2X2 = 4 ) we must be !, WRONG AS 1 X 1 = 1.4142 spacesailor
  6. spacesailor

    The Nats

    England thought that very same thought !. When it was a REPUBLIC , Strange how things change when the peasants are Revolting !. spacesailor
  7. " Hey we had one too " we had two Japanese sisters, my granddaughter went to Japan first & stayed with the girls parents. Then it was our turn to look after those Japanese girls !. ( boy crazy ) Just hoping they wer,nt pregnant after getting home. That Grandaughter is now marrid with five children. " what am l doing now ". After our first family bbq, is now 7 days old & we have no aftereffects,😀 we,r going to another one, at another grandson,s ' house warming bbq. BUT Just missed out on nephew,s Wedding, the two grooms are going to live in
  8. SHHHUS I,ll keep a low profile for a while !, Just in case l,m targeted. Is this a laughing matter ?. LoL spacesailor
  9. We get hit with everything that they can tax us on. Including that GST on Federal exise-fuel tax. Could Westminster tax your tax !, with VAT ontop of taxed goods ?. spacesailor
  10. Each generation is having fewer children, whether choice, or economics. The wife & I had only four, ( my motherinlaw had thirteen. ) Elder brother none !, same for wife's elder brother, younger brother three. SO my extended family of thirtysix, takes an extra nineteen spouses to get a large !, by todays definition family. spacesailor
  11. A little Suprise. The UK caravan And trailer,s ARE NOT taxed like the tow vehicle. Australia taxes everything it can get, even taxing ' Federal tax ', with GST. Except push cycles And their trailers, even through car trailers cannot carry people. Cycle trailers can !. spacesailor
  12. spacesailor


    Dax said, " they would have little trouble getting here ". But waiting another millennium and Andromeda will be here, All around us !. Hopefully those neighbors will be kind enough to ' steer around our little blue dot. spacesailor
  13. I got another Great Grandson, for my birthday present! . I,ve yet to get away from Covid Sydney to see 2 ( two ) Great grandchildren. AND Yes lv,e lost count of the number of offspring, WAS 15 then 1 or 2, now another 2 !, so could be 19 Great Grandchildren. Or l may have missed one. LoL spacesailor
  14. QUALIFICATIONS Just those Bureaucratic money grubbing 'tests ' that only test, how good at test,s you are. I could have been a ' professional ' welder, if l could read those test questions correctly. Using words not in normal workday, merly university trained people would understand. Like the under the harbour,s redhead,s " misongic " word !. That had many people dusting off their old dictionary. spacesailor
  15. TARZAN Swinger from wayback !. LoL spacesailor
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