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  1. Can l suggest !. Give that support number to the " cold calling " people that annoy me & countless others. No,Laughing,Matter. spacesailor
  2. " The cars (and aircraft) of the Art Deco era " You did say ART. In an Art gallery. spacesailor
  3. I saw a Doco of someone ( archaeologists ) opening a burial niche, reportedly Jesuses family. If a sham. WHY. spacessailor
  4. I,ve got a DELICA L400 Should be a classic. Just about to start showing it's age. After my 14 years of enjoyment. LoL spacesailor
  5. O M E Thanks, I had No idea of that french " camion ",. My long distance truckie relative, ( who died in the townsend thoresen ferry sinking ). Almost got arrested for calling his "camion " a truck. I mean it was his & it was English !. spacesailor
  6. Hitler ! " Ferdinand Porsche (left) amuses German dictator Adolf Hitler by showing him, a model for the Volkswagen car where the engine is in the rear, also known as the “boot.” The Volkswagen company was founded on May 28, 1937 by the German Labour Front, a Nazi labour union ". Dam Good Car. spacesailor
  7. I,m getting mobile ( cel ) call asking me ifthey can access my account for $ 695 by Amozen for purchase of a Applephone. Is this a scam from the fone guys, or a scam to my bank! . spacesailor
  8. France even ' outlawed ' the word " lorry " from use in place of whatever t.he french name for 'lorry ' is. spacesailor
  9. Not the same, BUT A plane with a high canopy, while on 'flare ' seems to blanket the tail-rudder fin, making less yaw stability !. spacesailor
  10. ME TOO Even thoe the wife keeps saying "keep your mouth shut, your foot wont fit in then " , BUT I still dislike the Europeans & Yanks, And more, but l,ll try & keep my mouth shut !. LoL spacesailor
  11. Don,t tell !. Jay Leno that, with a super-large garage.full of Old bangers. spacesailor
  12. IS that ! MY Problem. Was a few Years on opiates while in hospital. THEN nothing, ' fend for yourself ' was the old catch phase. " Excessively apprehensive " when meeting people, . ( missed All the formative years ) ME TOO. Going to have a look at the , Cambridge code , might give them, a look at a crazy person. LoL spacesailor
  13. WHY Bring back those poor animals, into a hothouse world !. WHEN We can,t look after our Elephants and other animals, that are dying by the dozens. spacesailor
  14. Like O K, I couldent follow the maths ect., BUT To me , The Hindenberde, & Graf Zeppelin, had MASS, nothing to do with weight. ( lighter than air ) A lead brick has weight not Mass. I could be wrong, by science of course. spacesailor
  15. O.K Don,t forget England was broke. and Repaying that Yankee Marshal his due, out of the mouths of babies. How can you refit anything without Money. 17 years of paying, Would the English workers have been worse off under Hitler, Not, from some of us. spacesailor
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