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  1. Rang the dr today, about our booster shot, was told they messaged me on the 23 rd. Sunday, To come & get the shot !,, three days ago. Marty Fly, take me back to sunday !, so l can get my third booster shot. Ps : l don,t have ' message bank ' . spacesailor
  2. I think he is just ' wetting ' the ball, to make it heavier. spacesailor
  3. You forgot the ' shorts ' bit !. spacesailor
  4. Public service ?. So who are the dreaded !, Bureaucrats That stuff our lives up with their ' lawyer speak ' rules & regulations. spacesailor
  5. Wear the mask !. ZORO does. And Bank robbers. Lets all get a Burka. LoL spacesailor
  6. Wellington NZ, Had to relocate to higher ground after a storm & changing river couses, washed away the capital ! ( 1839 ). spacesailor
  7. You mean like Western Australia has done, by keeping a tight hold on their border.. If they keep the virus out. They may have to leave our FEDERATION. The new name, for our new country. .?. MTSTATE Population 2.66 mil. 75% live in Perth metro? Leaves 675 thousand for that vast M T SPACE. spacesailor
  8. Nay !, Dogs like that. spacesailor
  9. Marty-d QUICK !! Lock those borders down & keep the ' dreaded lurgy ' out. They tell us it,s NOT so serious! , but people are still dying from the omnicrom strain. As for tennis, if you have ' herd immunity ' why do you need vaccination. Something smells OFF. spacesailor
  10. Willedoo NO NO, ! Thats the redhead. misus,gonic that word was dragged up from the ' bottem of the harbour ' scheme. LoL spacesailor
  11. I,m voting for DJOKOVIC . For our next TRUEFUL PM. spacesailor
  12. Millionaires housing estate ! . MIDGEPOINT QUEENSLAND !. Complete with expensive golf course. spacesailor
  13. You know it,s hot ! . When your Air Conditioning stops working !. Then it,s blooody hot. spacesailor
  14. Rumer has it !!,,. The Tennis is prosponed for the next three years. Or Until the pandemic is over . AND. All the top players are fit to attend . spacesailor
  15. Second hand R A T equipment !, too good to be true. I,m looking at the used A S I C, card And pilot licence, they could be on a winner with those. IF The price is right. LoL spacesailor
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