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  1. Thank you for that reply,. I think l needed a little something, . LoL A friend of mine, ( Dubbo SES & SCOUTS ) is making pens by hand, also those ' scouts ' round wooden scarf dongles. They, r for sale on facebook, with the proceeds going to the scouts. hope l don,t get busted for this blatant advert. spacesailor
  2. I would like to. APOLOGIZE. If l have done anything to cause you a problem, My only excuse is my bad mindset, I know l proberbly caused a few bad statments that l regret. The last one was about ' intellect ', so thats another, APOLOGY. From me to all of the formulates. spacesailor
  3. Bludy Freezing, at night. Day,s are getting better. I wouldn't mind living in ' far north Queensland ' Chilly at night but ho so warm in the Tropical sun !. Swimming at Cains it was 25 in the sea & the rain felt like needles hitting you. spacesailor
  4. My neighbour said " Never, they don't trust them to be safe " , So say they. A bit like my son-in-law, Only uses top brand fuel in his ute, & still got a tank of WATER in the fuel, Servo couldn't get away with it, as he Drove in, But couldn't get back onto the road, before it expired. AND they had to pay for everything , including a Loner ute. $ thousands. spacesailor
  5. I like the Coles ad. Leave All the artificial bits behind & go all natural . spacesailor
  6. Better than those " soft drink bottles " that litter major hwy's. Half full with yellow fertiliser. spacesailor
  7. I will ask my neighbor, who has a EV, if they Ever charge their car away from home !. Anything for a conversation. LoL spacesailor
  8. " Evie would use the funds to develop 158 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in every capital city. " Seem's like throwing money away !, as most city dwellers will be able to recharge at their home. See if ANY one will put a charger on the East - West roads ' Plenty Hwy - Buchanan Hwy. I passed a large collection of helicopters there, ( on the Buchanan Hwy ) & I have learnt, it is the Famous ' Victoria River Downs ' cattle station. Great having a 4X4 Camper. Be nicer flying thou . ( can people call in on working stations ?. ) spacesailor
  9. I AGREE ,. Bring our ALLIES HOME,!. Even if It is a new home & a new life here in Australia. Someone should start ( very quickly ) a petition to get them into a SAFE place. spacesailor
  10. The best, was the ' surprise, ' men working, That was shocking finding men at work !. spacesailor
  11. Unless it,s your Profession, Then it does matter. LoL spacesailor
  12. 18,000 contacts now, & my little community is on that list. BUT, the wife & I are double vaxed. ( is that a new word ? ) . Had a look at the ' mygov.com ', to see about a vax cert., but the 1st thing they want is a ' drivers license'. The wife has never had such a thing, only her chauffeur. LoL Why do they insist on that & not on the official I D Card, which we both have, issued by the same NSW services. Same with your credit score, no drivers license, no credit check !. spacesailor
  13. B T That scenario didn,t work in Nagasaki Japan ,. " THE HILLS SHIELDED LARGE PORTION,S OF THE CITY " still a lot of deaths thro. Accurate bomb dropping is paramount. If the baddies try to take out a police station, then hit their mosque, theit boss won,t be happy !. spacesailor
  14. An anti-drone device could be a siimple Hydrogen balloon with detonator, that would burst into flame, cooking any drone within range. A bit like those old ' anti-aircraft balloons -. spacesailor
  15. Please tell the party leaders !. They remove those that people Voted for. Even removed one whole party from office. spacesailor
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