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  1. All Australia does these days is dig holes in the ground and sell it and sell our best meat and Crays and wine overseas cheaper than WE can buy it here. WE MAKE nothing here anymore. It's all made in CHINA mate. and OUR dropkick chief Pooh Bah insults all and sundry just because he thinks he can. Australia will not only have a $#1t name in France, it is crook everywhere now and getting moreso.. The only thing Scotty does well is muck things up constantly. Nev
  2. The lunatics run the asylum here or is it sleight of hand magicians/. Creators of illusions. Do THAT job because they aren't good at much or they would be out making an honest quid. Yes that'd be trying something new. Nev
  3. Well the false tan genius who was Potus says that metric is Un American. Using your brain seems to be becoming unamerican also.. Nev
  4. The Party for the Senate determines the order of precedence for each states candidates in the current set up so THAT is not a direct vote. Independents don't team up either so they need to get enough votes in their own right. Minor parties ... Jacqui Lambie got dudded by one of HeR party's candidates an election ago, when HE claimed the seat in his own right. In almost any group the right to elect a representative is not a bad idea since a motion to disagree with a chairmans ruling can be voted on. That only affects that particular ruling but a vote of NO confidence when carried does p
  5. Invalid votes are a waste of your hard won right to influence who RULES you. Turnbull made that freudian slip publicly not that long ago. Serve you might have been a better choice. Sco Mo's mob seem to strive to fool you which I find somewhat insulting, But it's worked so far with a lot of help from his "friends". in the media so who am I to Judge? If he believes in a god of some kind he must be a nice bloke deep down . He alluded to that in his Maiden speech to the Parliarment. and misleading parliarment is an offence isn't it? Nev
  6. OPTIONAL Preferential is best. IF your choice gets eliminated why should your vote HAVE TO go to anybody else unless you wish it to? Nev
  7. His views on society are mind bending. He also stayed open when others couldn't and didn't want the sign in to be required.. Nev
  8. The aim of this current lot of Federals in Australia is to continue the transfer of Capital from the Poor to the already rich. It's happening all over the world. Why?? Because the rich have the money and power to make sure you benefit from the corruption. that helps THEM Work for the poor and you will never get largesse.. The USA catholics got sour on Pope Francis because He wanted to help the poor and look after the PLANET and didn't GO for the "God WANTS YOU to be RICH dogma.. USA worships MONEY THAT"S their GOD. and they will shoot anyone or lynch those who try to stop them..
  9. Some redress or what we might call Justice is only available to the very rich. Lawyers who work for the biggest criminals make the most money here. McGowan is correcting the West Australian Senate voting system where preferences can enable someone with only 67 votes to get in. Guess which people are most upset.. Nev
  10. Grated onion is a good addition to most soups, Burned (browned) thin onion rings made into a soup is good with cheese melted on toast and cut into squares. floating in it. Nev
  11. if bread doesn't go mouldy it has something in it you shouldn't be eating. Like transfats. nev
  12. They will, don't worry. It wouldn't be tax deductible either.. Nev
  13. Porter certainly has a good idea who he /they are. By a process of elimination it can provide a good guess. Many suspects have said it wasn't them and were quick to state it. Yenn, have you any idea of how much pressure has been/is put on the ABC? Nev
  14. Tastes pretty ordinary as far as I'm concerned and every local I've asked says the same. Nev
  15. Maybe the bread fad is from such sayings as "Life is like a $#!T sandwich. The more bread you have the less $#!T you have to eat.. Nev
  16. Heffernan had an outrageous control over who was preselected. This is where the corruption starts. I don't mind the prospect of good independents getting in. A good one got the mad Monk out. I'm eternally grateful. Nev
  17. It only rains for about 1/4 of the year and a "WET" is not always assured. Occasionally there will be a fair amount in the centre or will come down Coopers Creek and the channel country but that's not reliable either. Remove Darwin and Alice Springs from the equation and the rest is pretty empty of humans or animals.. The artesian water has been depleted with misuse and time The stars at night are something for wonderment as is the thunderstorms and lightning near the northern coast.. Nev
  18. Porter is from West Australia where the non Labor votes totalled 4 in the recent state election. Bullying by the Feds lead by Morrison have probably consolidated that position.. Porters reputation as a future star and PM preceded him before He even ran for a Federal seat.. It's possible he may not retain his seat and that will be the end of it. His handling of the court matter with the ABC wasn't exactly stellar either. Nev
  19. The issue here is IF this payment is made in your behalf what obligation to the undisclosed donor do you have in return? Or are they the best politicians money can buy? Or is it a question of entitlement? I can have it so I will. Nev
  20. Porter was the highest LAW officer in the land and should know the questionable nature of this arrangement. Now the Attorney General is Michaelia Cash. Nev
  21. You buy it. Some (good )wineries develop their own.. Not all bread making uses it but it should. White bread is blotting paper. stone ground flour inevitably has abrasive in it which will wear out your teeth. You will see that wherever it s used universally. The bran is the best part of the grain as the skin is the best part of a potato.. Nev
  22. The yeast and the virus can fight it out. Your gut flora will thank you. You're not well if it's not well. Nev
  23. I still remember what Army Cooks look like.. Nev
  24. Well don't fall of a ladder or anything cause there may not be any help available. I've got an MRI happening this Sunday which is a bit of a miracle.. "When all this goes away" won't just happen. It will only happen if some processes work and are made to.. While ever this$@^%! virus is about it will continue to mutate into more challenging variants.. The way we live is like a monoculture crop. A perfect medium for some BUG to spread in. Nev
  25. This must be "living" with the virus. More can attend funerals so there's compensation. That way you get to meet your friends that are still alive. You have to prepare yourself for the shock of how old they look .Nev
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