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  1. Harvey Norman is the company name. Gerry Harvey is the person. Whatever he returned and I think it was less than you state, he winged like a stuck Pig. Nev
  2. Interesting group. There's still pensions and ex PM's perks but you have to qualify. T abot told business to reward pollies who had done a good Job(for them). Pretty obvious call. There's some grubs that are obviously corrupt and can't help themselves from helping themselves to the"spoils of Office" . Nev
  3. They need another warning sign then. Warning Signs may hit you in self defence. Nev
  4. She was employed by him actually. Perhaps the job description was not complete. Nev
  5. I used to tell people to "go see a taxidermist".. It would be over most people's heads today. Nev
  6. It's ALL about control and manipulation. Atheism is NOT another religion. Atheists have NO Invisible means of support and don't blame Dog albitey for anything. Seems a good place to start from if you are looking for answers that are available with the collective knowledge we have access to today. Attacks on SCIENCE are common from some religious nutters. That's been consistent throughout history. Nev
  7. There IS a difference. Ask Emmanuel Macron. Nev
  8. Labor would pass an effective one before the end of the year , they say. Sco Mo doesn't want one with teeth and opposed any on the Banks about 30 times. On the basis of that who appears to want to hide things the most? Parliament has also sat a record low number of days. Dutton says the Parliament has no need to sit once the election is held, despite the Constitution saying the government includes the Loyal Opposition (and crossbenchers) who individually are just as elected as anyone else . Nev.
  9. Any requirement to adhere to beliefs and having reprisals for not doing it are misplaced if just applied above and beyond the accepted law of the Land under fear of punishment.. Forcing anyone to BELIEVE is absurd. You can't change what people actually believe without extensive brainwashing or targeted propaganda. Threatening will get a "Yes I believe" if it saves your head being cut off.. IF you give concessions to any religion where do you stop ? Do you give it to all?. Better to give it to NONE and avoid the problem. Also believers are not necessarily pure in heart and full of "goodness". Their motivation is to get to heaven and in many cases do extra well on earth before then. Atheists can often be more humanist than god botherers.. Nev
  10. facthunter

    Funny videos

    The French are more logical in many ways. Le Chat noir is the Black CAT but it's got the emphasis on cat not the colour. Pont Neuf is Bridge Nine. It's possible to think in several languages, depending on your level of fluency and recent usage. Nev
  11. That's "fizzer" Turnbull. who contributed 1.,74 Million of his own money to the Libs and was still hated intensely by the majority of them in the Parliament. Eventually stabbed in the back by Sco Mo. Nev
  12. Tasmania is becoming very spiritual.. There's gin factories opening up everywhere. Sco Mo gave millions to one the other day even though it's a publicly listed company. Nev
  13. HE has been incredibly successful at demonstrating his UNsuitability for many jobs. Nev
  14. A collaborator colludes with the enemy. Nev
  15. Don't vote for him. You NOW know what he's like and even HE it now seems doesn't like himself. Lib/Nat candidates don't want him in their electorates. What is the real Morrison? The Nasty one we've seen constantly or the Good one he has been hiding? It's a wild desperate plea and if you fall for it you are too silly to find your way back to your Village or tell day from night. Nev
  16. A profound respect for the earth's creatures and flora would be a good starting point for a suitable religion. Saving your miserable life doesn't seem like a worthy aim for anyone but yourself. Sharing heaven with them would be a kind of hell. Self righteousness is repugnant. Nev
  17. Only the "ones" that suit their desired weird behaviour. Leviticus also states consume your CHILDREN and thereby confound those that besiege you. (Keep your protein up). That might cause the kids a few sleepless nights. Nev
  18. Swap all that for a course on Logic. Nev
  19. Too many european wasps around for all that nostalgia. Even tractors are airconditioned. Nev
  20. Airfields are good. Airheads are BAD. Nev
  21. Moscow is GMT + 3. Ie 7 hours behind eastern s time. Nev
  22. I'll be relying on your services Mr Doo.. I think many people all around the World will be interested in how Poutler Puts it. Your window on Moscow. Nev
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