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  1. That's to allow for the long buses pushing it sideways on the Grande Ronde. Nev
  2. More Phoney information and fairy stories? You can't trust anything these days. Nev
  3. OME evaporation only really happens right at the boundary of the water surface Molecules vibrate (faster as they get hotter) and some escape into the air at well below boiling point.. This evaporation even happens with metals although to a much lesser extent. Nev
  4. Yes I was. A friend of mine has a stirling engine and we've run it a few times It does run but agreed it would not make very significant power as a motor running at any real revs It could probably lift water though (without rotating) through the night with Diurnal variation and at very little cost. Bearing in mind the lift of water is only around 30 feet when you have a perfect vaccuum and you will always have some water vapour pressure. Large and slow might be the go. Big diaphragm with linkage. Nev
  5. His BACKERS would have to change first. Can't see that happening.. The Papers might move but again the money will be the decider. Nev
  6. It will float alright but if you want to check the buoyancy when filled you could calculate it easily. .Calculate volume of sides ends and bottom and multiply by mass of water is would displace and deduct the weight of the container from that figure. Not a lot I would suggest but would keep your head above water. Nev
  7. OK I doubt the effect is very marked. Till condensation occurs, not much is going to be evident. Probably just a miniscule increase in Rel humidity which a small ambient variation could cause anyhow. Like a clear night might cause local thin fog in a small low lying area. Nev
  8. Nothing to do with planning. It's multiple consecutive instances of lack of situational awareness. Nev
  9. Much of the cost is the battery It's a great looking and handling car. Crappy ones aren't a lot cheaper considering the difference. You can't really compare a second hand Ute with a new state of the art luxury car. In 15 Years It would be hard to predict what your Ute's worth. I wouldn't count on todays situation being the situation for that amount of time. DIESELS might just become very unwanted. I drive 2 but I'm realistic. Motor vehicles have an unknown value but they are depreciating at an alarming rate currently. Count on them being worthless and you won't get a rude shock. Nev
  10. The Jigger they get the water out of the river uses a rock for a counterweight. People always look for the easy way out. That's why they had slaves. God -King is a good job, unless you have a BAD Mrs God -King. They didn't solve the eternal Life thing tho. Mummy isn't always right. Nev
  11. OK there's NO clouds till the rel humidity reaches 100% anywhere. Deserts exist on many shores in the world where quite extensive Oceans abut .. The prevailing winds have to be over water for a long time and preferably warm water where the actual humidity is high (Airmass is tropical maritime,) THEN a bit more moisture( Low pressure system circulation) OR some cooling (orographic uplift) and hey presto... Clouds and RAIN. Nev
  12. How often does your modern TV set Break down spacey? The circuitry would be simpler than a hybrid, could easily self analyse and have a limp home function. Nev
  13. Just think. No warm up, no mufflers to rot out, no coolant,or water pump, practically no servicing, no vibration no noise no transmission. no stinking exhaust. Practically every car builder is concerned/looking into them. Why would one buy a new old tech car now, when so much change is in the air.? Every Tesla I've seen on the road just walks away from just about any other car I know of, effortlessly. Nev
  14. The following is dangerous with newspapers ' Reading it, believing it and wiping your ar$e with it .The poison will get you in all 3 You can wrap fish and chips in it if you use a plain liner. You can use it to start a fire, make cheap origami, but trees deserve a better purpose. Nev
  15. Marty, Airconditioners ARE the future. Get in fast while stocks last..When it's impossible to go outside you create the only liveable space available for yourself until the power poles burn & the screen says "GAME OVER" and the supermarket shelves are empty. . This can happen in a matter of days, as we have found out. Nev
  16. Go back to smoke signals maybe, though even that's no good as the skies are already full of smoke. The Earlier radio coverage of the cricket included FAKE sound of bats hitting the ball done somehow with a matchbox. Australia's communications situation must be ranked about 35 th in the world . Just imagine what we'd be if we weren't the CLEVER Country.? Nev
  17. I reckon the methane off my dam would power the house. Landfill is a source. Nev
  18. Nuclear (not the US Nucular) is just NOT Cheap and undeniably has a waste disposal and contamination issue as well as a long build time. The cost figures are available. If you want one built you have to offer a guaranteed (underwritten) energy purchase agreement . (or bribe people). The price is similar to diesel. REMOTE areas are never going (be able) to pay for the transmission costs Lines poles and transformers to boost the volts back up and losses and unreliability due weather fires etc . The NETWORK concept is questionable on reliability and cost Nev
  19. Spain and the south of France have had unprecedented fires. Even in Russia and if peat/tundra gets on fire it's a turning point. Ocean acidity is a direct result of the extra CO2. That affects all hard shelled creatures future, Plankton etc. You can't just ignore it WE burn $#1tloads of Carbon daily and the oceans and atmosphere are not infinite. That's where it all ends up. We've even filled up the oceans with PLASTIC in large areas. There's a LOT of US now, and we muck up the world if we don't do things differently in the future. Nev
  20. I'm a nationally accredited viticulturist and silly enough to have owned a fair sized vineyard at Lake Boga, mid to late 90's. Tom Lazar established vineyards in Qld and they named a nematode after him. Maybe the same problems affected the ones near Alice springs. The brother of Ronald Biggs was involved there. The ones near Alice were table grapes and were available at different times to what normally was the case. Seemed to look good for a while. Grapes don't like consecutive days over 42 degrees. The Hotter areas are being moved away from. Nev
  21. Scott My Friend??? Never. just imagine HIM being your neighbour . I'd rather put out my own garbage bins, thanx. and someone else can look after his mother. Nev
  22. Grapes are a clever fruit, they have their own wild yeast on the skin and will ferment without any assistance. A proper cultured in house yeast will produce a better result and more consistently. Good wineries have their own yeasts. The sugar is the bit that ferments and forms the alcohol and there's enough if the grapes are allowed to fully ripen before harvesting to get to 11% alc. so she is right (aren't they always) Most of the sugar is gone. Alcohol is also fat producing but nothing's perfect. Fortified wines have added alcohol and sugar (not as good). Wines have been around for a long
  23. That's simplistic and maybe a furphy. Higher temps are causing crop failures Grapes etc. Thye have failed inthe centre and Qld . Nitrogen in the ground will promote plant growth too but if it grows too fast the new growth is carrotty and often high vegetative growth stems etc structure means less% fruit produced and just more pruning. Any faster growth needs more water. You can "push" these things but often quality is reduced as a consequence and virus stress shows up in some grapes when they are forced .Ie grape vine yellows in Chardonnay. There's an optimum output /acre for quality to be mai
  24. facthunter

    Funny videos

    Creatures that can cause harm if annoyed? THEY elected One. So did Britain..... . and they LIKE each other. Isn't that SO Cute? WHAT could possibly go wrong? RULE Brittania makes America GRATE again. Nev
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