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  1. AGL's Gas generator in western VIC has failed and won't be back on line for ages. I guess that's caused by those windmills too. Naughty wind farms. Abot says they are some devil thing.. Has he lost the plot or something. He is known for lengthy dummy spits and hates being beaten, especially by a Woman. Sometimes I think there is a dog. Steggall is not a climate denier. The electorate has spoken.. Nev
  2. facthunter


    Erdogan is not too popular in Turkey. He locks up those who disagree with him. At least he had a go at the Saudi Prince while the Don sells him 50 billion dollars of arms. The dollar is GOD in the USA (and here now) .War makes money (for some) Give a GOd to those who have a GOd. Prophets for Profit.
  3. One does not have to be extraordinarily cynical to agree with that. It's a big money earner. Speed limits should be indicated by more than a sign which is often obscured by a tree or such. Something on the edge or centre of the road is done overseas I believe. so you don't have to be unsure as often. Nev
  4. It often resembles a "sheltered workshop" (with apologies to genuine sheltered workshops). If you were serious all but essentail signage wold be banned from intruding on your concentration. particularly when missing one advisory sign can cost you your licence, in some circumstances .Nev
  5. What do you think of the current legal attack on the SA windfarm people by this government ( through one of their instrumentalities)? THAT wouldn't be political, would it? Nev
  6. facthunter


    They are nearly all draft dodgers. Trump had something wrong with his foot.. Probably had teeth marks on it. Nev
  7. What we need is a rapid response to a changed LOAD. situation Nuclear or Coal won't DO that and the Price of operating NEW generators is way up from what we pay now for the older facilities. Bring the FACTS out I'm not afraid of that. Not BS propaganda from the vested Interests brigade. Storage Batteries and pump hydro and HYDROGEN from surplus renewables. Easier cheaper and quicker. Coal will only get more expensive as the easy picked fruit gets accessed first and it IS the problem .Not the answer. Nev
  8. facthunter


    The new American Democrazy. Translates "they are ALL mad". Nev
  9. They are going to take all of us with them. I didn't vote for Trump. Nev
  10. Thinking requires a lot of energy. This appears to be the only area where the Yanks are saving on it.. US of A, you've got problems. by many measures. Nev
  11. Yes My paddock is abut as muddy as it's been for many years.. A lot of Australia would like my problem. Shhesh NSW is doing it tough inland. Nev
  12. If you can be charged for the "Passenger distracting you", surely the defense of that is.. I didn;t notice he was doing it your honour. I was concentrating on managing the car. Nev
  13. Don't get old, and stay out of the OLD people INDUSTRY. People abuse for Money. Nev
  14. facthunter


    I think they are running out of friends fast, and it's no wonder. Unilaterally doing things and then expecting everyone to just fall in line with their moneymaking atrocities. or face isolation and punitive measures. Looks like a bully Boy's actions to me. The American President is ELECTED? to govern the USA, not the entire world. Nev
  15. re the iodine Yes it's an essential trace element that is deficient in many soils, including Australia. Kelp is a good supplement source for thyroid health. Goiter was more common when I was young than it appears to be these days. Sugar is beginning to be more evident as the Bad guy with health than previously and unfortunately for the devotees, ALCOHOL also. Also makes you behave like a bigger fool than you usually are. Nev
  16. I can't see how oxygen (which permits/causes OXIDation, { corrosion decaying burning}) has anything to do with nuclear reactions. I do agree that vegetation clearing and loss of seagrass beds must affect the equation/balance.You can't keep taking without something giving and there's now so many of us what we do does certainly change things. Nev
  17. And anyone who does cladding. Architects draw some weird shape and have no idea how it's going to be framed. Non standard window frames cost about 3 times that of standard ones. Flat and low pitched roofs leak.. unless the bitumen works. You pay a heap just to be "different". Nev
  18. The Coal mining environment is one to die for. Black lung disease is out there and that's a disgrace but the wages (for a few) are good (for a short while). It will all be mechanised if Gina has her way so what's the BS about many jobs. The ones you lose in tourism will be the sacrifice and tourism would be forever. Glad Australia is the clever country (What a joke). Nev
  19. facthunter


    Another Western Oiltanker seized today at Hormuz.. Nev
  20. It was good in the 60's. Now it's developed (whatever that means.) Brisbaneites I've known for 50 years now say they can't stand the humidity in summer on the coast . I can't either, when I go there. but I've never liked the heat. (with humidity). Buildings with airconditioning running make it worse.(outside) Nev
  21. Methane is much worse than CO2 as a heat retainer., CFC's were bad news. Iodine Chlorine Fluoriine Bromine are particularly active elements and not good for humans to play with. Nev
  22. The baby bonus was a Peter Costello brain-fart. Nev
  23. Every time I've used UPS. it's been an absolute disaster.. Nev
  24. A good % of drug users pinch money from their family, for their habit. Nev
  25. un deux trous 123. une can mean a.???..... feminine. Nev
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