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  1. The cricketers are staying in the Maldives, which relies heavily on Tourists, I'm lead to believe.. Plenty of sun and open places. I could probably put up with that myself. Nev
  2. I haven't heard even a hint of that . Anything's possible I suppose. Nev
  3. Britains part in the Assange matter hasn't been anything to skite about. His treatment has been abominable, and nothing short of torture and denial of basic rights. Nev
  4. It can't be predicted with any accuracy at all, until maybe the last few hours. Too many unknowns. The fact it's tumbling is one of them, PLUS it's going very fast so a small time means a large distance. A fairly large lump should remain so it may be spectacular. Nev
  5. We now have a 21 ton Chinese rocket booster landing where we know NOT in a few days. Surprised MORE hasn't been said about it. Last I monitored it, it was 230Kms up and doing 27000kms/hr . It's unlikely to all burn up on re-entry. Nev
  6. It would be nice to have some direction so one could plan these things. the Victorian Gov't are subsidizing the electric cars far more costly than the mileage User tax /contribution. that got so much criticism . Not from me I might add.. I can't see why the ICE/ battery combo is almost the same cost though. Nev
  7. The "average" person cannot really afford a car. A business can write it all off. If I didn't service my cars myself i couldn't afford them. I keep them way beyond what the average person does. Sharing a plane a car or a wife you don't know what condition it's in. Nev
  8. Why the fascination for Brothels? . Being of Scottish ancestry the cost always seemed to be too much. Never been in one. . (True). Nev
  9. Someone's made an area. The fit did seem tighter in the later one. Nev
  10. Probably all the threads are different on the bottles. I hope not. They think that the Indian figures are massively under-reported in relation to being caused by the virus.by up to 300%. Nev
  11. The last time I did the Senate one, it literally took me hours. Some very clever people at that time were working the preferences for money. We got some real whacko's in the senate then..Nev
  12. Jerry . You often interpret my posts as I don't intend them. I don't know why that is. I don't think it's all my fault either but maybe we are just on different wavelengths.? Nev
  13. Bullet proofed as a result of Tony A Bot's deal. They are Com Cars I don't know the scope of their use. Nev
  14. You can do a postal vote spacey. Also what if EVERYBODY DID what I do? Would the system work?. You have the right to vote here. Make it work and be grateful. The rest of the world is much much worse than here. WE of course COULD be better. There's some shonky tricks being used. We DO have a few polies trying hard to do a good job. Do we want them to give up? Nev
  15. Sign on the outskirts of town "SLOW DOWN HERE" describes the inhabitants.. Nev
  16. Nothing worse than someone thinking they are a great singer and doing it loudly and off key. I hate the "tremor" in some women's voices and I can no longer hear their higher register notes. I can still fill them in with my brain though if the music is known to me which is an interesting thing.. Nev
  17. facthunter


    NoX is a problem in Cities, but it comes down with rain in storms produced by lightning and is a fertiliser. One of the reasons RAIN makes things grow much better than the garden hose does. Lots of people live in cities and it does adversely affect them.. Any drive by wire accelerator won't blow soot if everythings OK. Earlier injector system s over fuelled slightly at sea level on full throttle, let alone altitude where they blacken the SNOW with soot. The stuff that goes back through the egr valve won't be that sooty either, but problems do abound. It's entering before the turbo and po
  18. facthunter


    If you get onto Pentrites site you can check there Product PDF (same as with most makes of petroleum products). One component is a small amount of NaOH . (caustic soda) the rest is mainly organic solvents of various kinds. I think I would use it just before an oil and filter change, to eliminate any residuals in the oil. EGR valve modulates continuously with lower combustion temps with reduced efficiency, (more CO2), but reduces NOx IF it sticks, you can pour out heaps of soot Not friendly and you can be reported and put off the road (and so you should). Nev
  19. The eternal Canterbury verses Rome thing and you say religion is on the wayout. Personally what I noticed above all about Phils do, was how very religious in nature it all seemed. My LOT left Scotland (or northern England) 3 sons, around 1862 due religious persecution if the various family oracles are to be believed. Living near THAT border had it's difficulties. Nev
  20. facthunter

    Woo hoo!!

    Most of us only know someone from how the media wish to portray them. Generally a pretty unreliable source. Yes George must have had enough of his electorate willing to vote for him. There's no suggestion otherwise. It may be predominantly that he was the Nationals Candidate. I don't know but how people are preselected must have a large bearing on the suitability of any candidate unless they run as an independent and we have a few good ones in that category. (and may we get more). Nev
  21. Why are you surprised? They may not be used to being challenged.. Are questions taken after sermons are given? It's that kind of show, (in principle) Nev
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    Really? Nev
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    Wheat dust will explode. Nev
  24. Then you just taste Bacon.. Nev
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