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  1. Well That's just great Pete.. I had TWO good mother in Laws out of two. How about that.? so anything's possible. I'd NEVER give advice on relationships. Once I might have thought I was capable but I'm not.. A mate of mine reckons wives turn into Your Mother. The caring turns into knowing what you are going to say before you. do. People used to tell me you can't live without them and you can't live with them. I don't have the answers and I can live with THAT. Another "All women are bitches and all men are bastards. My current wife of about 50 years is ZERO% Bitch. I can't believe it. Never
  2. Maybe his sight is failing, DAX? They sometimes growl at people they should know when that happens.. I rely on dogs too to detect bastards or maybe I look for reinforcement of my belief they do So far it's never been wrong. Hey PETE. I'm NOT saying YOU are a bad owner, but I've seen them who are. Yes some dogs ARE pretty dumb and pretty predictable. The ones I'm not fussed with are the small ones that yap at everything. It seems the smaller the dog the more yappy it is..Nev
  3. Feel a bit sorry for that mining bloke, having a need to tell you what the pool cost. If you want a car to be noticed in I have one a 1998 Fairmont AU..With paint peeling off. never garaged. Everywhere I go people come out of the blue to tell me what great cars they are . Even the bloke who just put two new tyres on it.. Who needs a Merc or an Audi ? Nev
  4. Dogs love a lot of people who don't deserve it and get used to and accept a normal till something better shows up. They know whinging will not get them anywhere and will attract a predator. You get a friend on the cheap when you acquire a dog . The poor things rely on us in their domesticated state. Nev.
  5. The locals told me about it so "50 million Frenchmen can't be wrong " 'IT's about negotiating a give way situation." where ONE has to go first by agreement. France is much about the" nuances" of the situation and the faux pas. I remember asking a group of Aeroformation chaps 'How does one find a parking spot here? ' and the reply was "monsieur.. you do not FIND a parking spot... You MAKE one" . Nev
  6. A dog will love anyone as long as you are consistent Any dog I've seen from the pound shows obvious signs of abuse by the way they react till they learn to trust you and then it's good. Crazy dogs get it from crazy masters except Border Collies which just cannot sit still. Dogs like me and can pick R soles. It's about eye contact. (Same as when driving in France) Nev
  7. If they are moving OFF someone else should takeover the Payments and you should send him a THANK YOU Card regularly. nev
  8. A lot of prescribed drugs make you unfit to drive ride fly. Nearly all of them have side effects. Nev
  9. They've gotta be ON Something. That's the only explanation I can think of. Nev
  10. It's only for writing last minute instructions. They put me to sleep so I miss out on all the jokes. Nev
  12. I didn't get Pinched anyhow. WE had a good chat about the car. I've seen some incredible prangs on that road. Now it's divided and goes around towns it's probably one of the safest roads in Australia. Nev
  13. Did you get someone to take over the Payments? Nev
  14. OK you're just trading on their caring instinct. You should be ashamed of yourself.. Nev
  15. I once had a XD Falcon 5.8 litre V8 ESP and my wife used to reckon I had a personality change(for the worse) when I drove it. Nev
  16. The hospital has to fill up your medications from previously unopened packets to a list they have of your requirements. About 1/4 of the time my wife finds they get this wrong.. If I'm getting an operation on anything I have more than ONE of, I use a texta. Nev
  17. Pauleen's got her recipe for getting enough votes to pay to keep the Party Going. You get so much for each vote you get. She's" Saying what you are thinking' has been the line She's aligned with The NRA and uses Racism often. She also cracked the Champagne publicly when Trump got in. She gets the most support in QLD and the preferences go to LieNP. She trades her support for favours more for her situation than the People... Plenty of hugs for her from the National/Liberal side butt hey don't sing it from the rooftops. A Bot set up a fund to try to get rid of her and she did do Gaol time. The
  18. OME did you ever pull me over near Goulburn in the early hours one morning in my Peugeot 203 in the early 70's ? I was in a hurry to get to Sydney and one of my Indicators had stuck in the out position.. Nev
  19. Not many radials had TURBO chargers other than notably the special P&W 1830's that powered the Liberators to get them to high altitudes for their safety, but the design of a radial suites a centrifugal supercharger located at the rear of the engine but directly ON it which also helps EVEN the fuel distribution which is an issue with radials. Some fighters had the S/c s down the back of the plane with lot's of piping and attendant losses. Many bigger radials also had 2 speed superchargers where you "manually" changed the gears to a higher speed to climb to cruise at higher al
  20. I have to give the Poms credit for achieving so much under adversity. ALL the auto and motorcycle manufacturing resources went into war effort. Their aircraft were particularly notable but shortages of materials must have been an issue. As it became in Germany later. Nev
  21. A fair bit of Slave Labour used in Germany during the war.. Nev
  22. I don't base my comments on just one. I've repaired them rallied them (owned by the Boss) and owned two. Got my wife to buy a NEW Superbug thinking IT would be better with better rear suspension brakes etc We didn't keep it long . I was wrong in selecting it. Hopeless with warrantee also.. . Not efficient. Relatively gutless and poor MPG. Engine mechanically noisy from new. sensitive to winds on the road and pulses with a window open. Nev
  23. Now you are a bionic Man and cannot die. If your ticker misses a beat that gadget kicks it back to life.. Wonders of modern science. Nev
  24. The most dangerous car that was popular would have to be the VW Beetle. Handling and fuel tank location could hardly be worse and they were wind affected badly. Poor economy and power and the later one was a real crankshaft breaker and valve dropper. The heater was dangerous also. Hitler's Revenge was the nickname. Also Buy a VW "and roll your own". Most of Repco's exchange engines failed.. . Nev
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