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  1. If you've been to Hong Kong a while back say 25 +years, you will know what they were like . Very keen on making money. It's all pervading. I personally think Taiwan has made a nicer attitude to a strong market economy combined with lifestyle and a sense of identity. That's understandable because of the separation. Both I fear will face hard times. Forcing unity at the barrell of a gun doesn't seem to click with one's sense of fairness. Nev.
  2. It's an ongoing problem in many areas but this "little aberration" is dragging it's feet on rectification and very public. WE have a right to expect better of them. Most business are better but I have known CREEPS of (Men)?? who I wouldn't like any of my family women to work for.. I don't care who stuffs who if it's all fair and square but where there's a definite power gradient or culture of entitlement I draw the line.. Nev
  3. Their guns are Phallic symbols. White supremacy??? Superior intellect?? Doesn't show does it? Nev
  4. His old man used to pig out on fine food and being slothful. HE didn't make old bones either.. Maybe it's OK for God -Kings to be obese. They sure stand out in the crowd in North Korea. IF you study Korean history since WW2 you might get an insight as to why they behave as they do. Nev
  5. His "Brain" will never be able to comprehend HE LOST the election to the "Worst Candidate in the World" as HE described Joe Biden. Trump has always had someone else take the blame for any failings he may have had. His penchant for revenge is alarming and a part of this. He will destroy the republican Party if need be to advance his personal position. He's looking remarkably UGLY these days. How will HE cope with that? He's also far from fit or healthy and NOT much younger than Joe and owes money. and the BRAND is definitely somewhat tarnished with all but the weird mob for whom he can do NO
  6. In Canberra you are dealing with a long out of date culture of excessive entitlement that has completely gone off the rails as compared to other sections of businesses which mostly have done a better job of managing it. (Some LAW firms and isolated creepy bosses excepted... The idea of a document/record of acceptance or such is incredibly naive. Decent people don't force themselves on some who is not conscious. It doesn't go close to a sharer experience of a consensual nature . It's the action of a Sicko/desperate. Nev
  7. Droughts and flooding rains. That's Australia. Nev
  8. I never thought anyone would make HIM look good. He's redeemed himself a bit by calling out Trumps LIES about the Presidency being STOLEN. Strange Place, the US of A. Once upon a time I would have shifted there. Not any more. This place is going to the Dogs fast too, lately. No cause for complacency and any smugness. Nev
  9. Maybe you did and I also lusted after US made "Heaps of Gleaming Chrome" There wasn't a lot of anything good in the early 50's though except the Peugeot 203 which could handle Australia's (Lack of) good roads, remarkably well, proven in the Redex trials. Nev
  10. Worry about Joe's death WHEN he dies. So far He's not sitting on his hands. Neither is He a one man band or a CULT leader. A definite improvement to the previous impersonator, Twitter Junkie, Fake president or what you will. Nev
  11. Don't confuse "Flight DATA Recorders" with CVR's (Cockpit VOICE Recorders which also record useful background noises as you mention. The usual "Black Box" is for Flight data and is more robust and survives better because of it's construction and location. Generally far more useful information comes from the FDR and there are many other sources now with ground based equipment interrogating the aircraft plus Phones etc. Australia also invented DME( Distance Measuring Equipment). Nev
  12. THOSE stairs are far too steep and for too long. You'd neve require passengers to navigate such stairs or you'd be forking out a bit of money.. It's lucky he didn't fall all the way down. It could easily happen to a much younger person too, IF they had "normal' flat leather soled shoes. Nev
  13. Normally Laws passed cannot apply retrospectively. Ignorance of any particular Law is no excuse but that particular law must exist for you to have knowledge of it. and commit a crime relating to it. Nev
  14. Anyone Knowing details of the commission of a crime and not acting on it is an accessory after the fact to the commission of such crime. The proximity of a looming election was critical here as it would affect the outcome adversely. Surely Super-cleaning the office was an act of destroying evidence also. Women collectively have the solution to this. They are just over half of the people entitled to VOTE and that POWER should keep the bastards honest.. Nev
  15. The only effect of the conveyor belt moving backwards is that the wheel rotation speed will be double what it normally is at lift off.. The extra energy required would slow the acceleration of the plane to the required AIRSPEED a bit, and the tyre may not take the extra rotational speed if it isn't rated for it. Nev
  16. They are not rim fire (.303") It's mercury cap and that's why you have to clean it with boiling water to remove the corrosives from the barrel. or it corrodes badly..Nev
  17. The "system" (as it is) Does not work. I think all can agree on that. There's nothing NEW for women in that. it's not that long ago that a woman teacher who subsequently married had to give up her job. No vote and no rights to property existed here like it is in the Middle East now. A woman was a Man's property, like cattle etc. Quite understandably THEY (men) don't want to give that up. Nev
  18. Most approach this with a great deal of preconceived attitudes. (naturally enough) Men have giant egos. Women can be real bitchy. The element of POWER is often the issue. Teacher over pupil Boss over worker, etc and RANK in the services and elsewhere (like LAW offices. and Canberra where your entire future career and reputation is usually gone) The movie industry is another one. Women are fully entitled to be PEOPLE too in the full sense of the word. We have very FEW on this forum. Why is that? Nev
  19. There are men that have been molested also. It's not a subject you would bring up casually at a party.. I've had women confide in me. It's usually a family member and has a big effect. Nev
  20. Better than a "dubious" marketing background by far.. It certainly IS a monumental defeat. The "Complete Control" is a furphy. WE have regular elections. McGowan didn't control the WA media either.. Sco Mo tried to bully McGowan (which he does often to Labor states) Glad to see none of it worked. One Nation disappearing.. Clive did nothing good either.. WA should have a good 4 years. Nev
  21. Your 2nd last Para is interesting. Judges DO ask some dopey, peripheral questions that could only be for self "stimulating" reasons. , Creeps , many of them.. Nev
  22. There's nothing better than the noise of radials. Nev
  23. Which end of god are you alluding to? Nev
  24. facthunter


    They are flat out keeping control of their OWN parties these days particularly as to the way the Coalition is heading at the moment. It's a backstabbers delight. What does the NP represent, Coal mines and gas fracking?. 75% of both houses HAVE to agree on the governor general and the person is not competing for POWER with the Prime Minister like what seems to happen with France.. We don't need the union Jack in the corner of the flag either. It's a construct of a rejected (in Principle) of Colonialism. Just put a big Dollar sign some where as a religious symbol IF money continues to
  25. Pi (the ratio if the circumference of a circle to it's diameter)is an irrational number that never ends. Nev
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