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  1. BOTH of them should get a name change that's more relevant to their current alignment. Union membership is very low. In the US "Democrats" are called Liberals. I have NO IDEA what Republicans stand for today. Nev
  2. it's appropriate advice. How much did the test cost you? Nev
  3. mcGowans cool enough to handle this upstart. I put no stock on Kerry Stokes views on much.. He's too pally with the wrong people. Nev
  4. If the past is any indication they'll vote according to sky 2GB 3AW etc and the Murdoch, Costello and Stokes newspapers want. There's not much diversity in the MSM and therefore NO credibility. Gina Gave a talk to the pupils at her old school a day or so ago and informed them there is NO global Warming. it's all a lie .. Her personal "worth" is about 36 Billion, SHE also advocates a FINE for ALL crimes.. BIG Clive spent 60 million on advertising against Labor. HE reckons that's how democracy works. Shows how much she and He get it.. and how much you "peasants" count in their view of the wor
  5. It really depends on the cloud and the updrafts in it. Tropical maritime air contains the most moisture and that moisture powers the updrafts using the latent heat of vaporisation of water. released as the vapor turns to water. When water drops from a cloud is when the terminal velocity of the drops exceeds the velocity of the rising column in the cloud. Nev
  6. That religion is used to control people is not seriously disputed by historians etc. Societies with non restrictive ,live and let live attitudes are regarded as too dangerous to allow by many allegedly PIOUS groups who see their duty is to force good behaviour on all of us. Dig deep into their behaviour and you often find THEY are riddled with corruption and child molesting etc. A recent investigation in Rome determined the Priests who played around with kids was about 2%. and worst of all the system acted to protect them. I'm NOT saying that only the Catholic Clergy do this but clearly the
  7. Good chap. I'm lucky here .I go to Kyneton and it's back next morning by about 9 am . Nev
  8. There's not much material in any cirrus cloud. It's composed of very thin crystals that you can see through when you're at their level. Anvil Cirrus blown out of the top of a monster CB is a different matter and can hide HAIL so don't go near it downwind of it. Give it a 20 NM berth. Nev
  9. ALL flights are not equal in the making of contrails . Some planning goes a different route to avoid areas where it will form. Where you have Cirrus cloud it's all ice crystals. Though very dry you still need H2O to form the contrails from the combustion of the hydrocarbons but Contrails do not form all the time even though what comes out the back doesn't vary much to account for it. Nev
  10. Goodbye to voluntary Assisted Dying, or removing religious discrimination. Perhaps the Mardi Gras will continue as it makes money. How quickly things change for the worse and how painfully slow in the other (more enlightened) direction it is. Back to the dark ages. Sacrifice for the God of Money. These days It's LINKED. Nev
  11. The group I'm aware of have had extensive Cancer treatment. Nev
  12. As more information surfaces more make the right decision. FR's club is getting more exclusive. He who laugh's last las laugh's longest doesn't apply when you can't breathe. Immuno-compromised CAN'T have the vaccine. People like them are the ones who suffer and can do nothing about it. Nev
  13. We have been organised into a situation where unvaxed you are at serious risk.. The higher the % vaxed the less will require hospitalisation and the less it will spread. I've upgraded to better masks. It fits perfectly. The biggest loss is for the people that need "ordinary" non virus attention at the hospitals and there will be a backlog of them to clear and some inevitable deaths will result where earlier detection would have given better results. Nev
  14. I only said you can set the suspension up really well and I'll stick by that. Yeah the door handles were crook depending on how You pull on them but are easily fixed and improved. Adjusting and Lubricating the door lock helps. Back then HOW GOOD your dealer was, was critical. I could tell you horror stories about ALL brands including Toyota I wouldn't like to have any of this modern stuff past warrantee because many repairs cost over ten thousand potentially. Warrantee back there was 12 months. Just time to sort out any poor assembly things.. Modern assembly seems to be pretty consistent. F
  15. America is as it is because of a poorly developed Notion . Nev
  16. You don't even get exercise when you use those powered buggies. Haven't played it for 40 years. A few planes have found golf Courses handy when the fan stops Nev
  17. The FRENCH insistence on crippling reparations on Germany was more significant than any effect Hughes had. Nev
  18. The misinformation is a large part of it. Its universal and cleverly contrived and many fall for the values advocated. Unfortunately that's the bulk of the direction our tribe gets.. We like quick fixes. We have a short attention span these days. BIG Houses lots of Cars Alcohol and Gambling . That's what we spend most of our money on How could THAT be the meaning of life. We Ourselves, are the biggest pandemic and our consumption ruins the world. Nev
  19. There never was a time when someone would not take it upon them selves to harm and enslave you . In the wild allcreatures have natural enemies except a few like crocadiles. Survival rate of turtles for example. Most little things are some other creatures breakfast. USA capital has dominated the world and USA want s to keep it that way. it's a dog eat dog system without Trade Practices rules to tame it it's a monopoly where winner takes ALL as Money makes money. That's why they are batshit crazy about any social system where people get rights to things like a minimum wage social health care
  20. My place is wetter than It's been for years. Back to what it was many years ago. I notice trees blowing over from the ground being too wet. One of the biggest ones blew over a few months ago and it's one that I planted. Nev
  21. Remember the Mandala's that nearly everyone hung on their front wall? Made from left overs from sheet metal stampings I've never followed thing s like that or had ceramic Ducks on the wall. I did paint the bathroom wall for my first Mother in Law with an original Underwater scene. THAT took a while. Oh I used to cover the dunny door with wine labels. Is that trendy? I've never even owned a Holden. Nev
  22. Those speeds are not safe even in NT where there are no fences to stop cattle straying and stuff could be coming in the other direction just as fast on a two way road. What temperature are your tyres running at with the road surface at over 50 degrees C. Nev
  23. You have a good car and someone scratches it on purpose.. Nev
  24. Well That's just great Pete.. I had TWO good mother in Laws out of two. How about that.? so anything's possible. I'd NEVER give advice on relationships. Once I might have thought I was capable but I'm not.. A mate of mine reckons wives turn into Your Mother. The caring turns into knowing what you are going to say before you. do. People used to tell me you can't live without them and you can't live with them. I don't have the answers and I can live with THAT. Another "All women are bitches and all men are bastards. My current wife of about 50 years is ZERO% Bitch. I can't believe it. Never
  25. Maybe his sight is failing, DAX? They sometimes growl at people they should know when that happens.. I rely on dogs too to detect bastards or maybe I look for reinforcement of my belief they do So far it's never been wrong. Hey PETE. I'm NOT saying YOU are a bad owner, but I've seen them who are. Yes some dogs ARE pretty dumb and pretty predictable. The ones I'm not fussed with are the small ones that yap at everything. It seems the smaller the dog the more yappy it is..Nev
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