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  1. You're welcome Spacey. Sometimes there's no justice.. (MOST times). Music is good for the soul (whatever that is). Modern Kids are OK. WE don't help them much often forcing them to be what we wanted ourselves to be. I certainly didn't do that. NONE of them fly or wish to. Everyone has to chart their own Path.. For some reason what your father is/was like is important to offspring.. Nev
  2. The question is not that it does no good but how bad it is. That goes for honest labelling Junk food Short term loans and Gambling and cigarettes and easily available alcohol 24 hours a day. also robbing young kids of their proper wages. A good tribe would not do these things to it's younger members. It's Greed and couldn't care less. Look at kids meals at pubs Chicken nuggets and chips with tomato sauce. Some pensioners eat then too. Lollies at the checkout at the service station where the kid pops a tantrum and has to be shut up by getting some junk lolly to stick in his cake hole. Nev
  3. NOTHING is as simple as it first seems especially IF PEOPLE are involved. As an atheist I'm less governed by Dogma and more free to use what dog gave me, My brain, as everybody who slows down in the wet is doing when driving. Even WHEN I was a very conscientious Christian I found the commandments too simplistic to really amount to anything definitive as a lifestyle indicator. There's plenty of absolute CRAP in the old testament to quote it and be serious at all. It is after all a period when the earth was flat and very little science (real knowledge) about. Whatever GODS you had explained bas
  4. The sun will expand to engulf the earth but that's a long time away. Most of the universe is a very hostile place with substances and temperatures we could not stand for a minute. WE are OF this earth and must treat it respectfully. We are unlikely to find another adequate one let alone one better, or as good. Nev
  5. It's not been my experience to find atheists devoid of morals. Some self righteous professing Christians are only looking after themselves in the alleged afterlife and behave abominably with their prejudices and greed.. ALL religions have non believers in their ranks. To declare it might mean their life . You are not really free to be a non believer in the Land of the free.. (but not really,) the USA. . Compulsory "belief" is a conflict of concepts. an oxymoron.. Nev
  6. The Major places were Newcastle and Port Kembla. for steel production. Ferro alloys were done in electric furnaces with giant carbon rods dipping in the metal. l know Lithgow made rifles. Nev
  7. My father was working making ferroalloy steels at Newcastle. ALL output used for the war effort.The first place to be bombed would have been where he worked. Newcastle was bombed but only by armour piercing shells mainly to put the frights up civilians and demoralise the population. It was at the same time as the midget submarines went into Sydney Harbour. Nev
  8. The more you know you realise how much more you need to know, IF that's a goal you set for yourself. Nev
  9. The STATE a Shire is in has a lot to do with the Council. It's usually somewhere between confusion and corruption. Nev
  10. It looks empty and mainly is because it's very barren rarely gets reliable rain and WE are stuffing it up MORE. WATER is more precious than just about anything else in this country. There's hardly any river you can drink out of without boiling it Soil carbon is very low and topsoil blown away or washed away by rain erosion, because of how we control weed by discing etc. The artesian parts has been wrecked also. Try imagining how much land we have denuded of trees and caused salination ad caused higher ground temps..When I first started flying the Barrington area was all trees as was most of t
  11. PMC, you are becoming more of a minority view as more real evidence comes to light. example Antarctic ICE and there's(unfortunately) plenty more evidence emerging. Climate change opinion started from it didn't exist. The world is too large for "our" activity to affect it The Population of the Planet has tripled in my lifetime. Oceans ARE more acid Measured CO2 is going up. Lots of things ARE going as predicted in TREND. There's a lot of BIG money trying to convince people otherwise.. THEY are not working for OUR good Or a desire to promote a greater truth. Nev
  12. "Politics of Envy" as they present it is like victim blaming raped workers. Their policies are currently inflating house prices and making a recession later more likely Unsecured loans at very low Interest, Buy now and get cash back.. ALL ridiculously stupid and opportunistic. They have folios with many houses in them. It's also putting all your eggs in the one basket. Never a good Investment idea. They also appear to be sabotaging super for many people. Nev
  13. I DON'T believe BOTH are as bad as each other by a long shot. That's usually a Lib/Nats comment when THEY get caught/found out. Why? One side has a far more developed mantra around entitlement and money and WHO you know not what you know.Under them the difference between the top 3% and the rest will grow and grow, because that is the small and getting smaller MOB they serve because they make it worth their while after Parliament as well as during it. The middle class is fast disappearing here and the USA. I don't believe in CLASS at all really, especially when it's based on how much wealth yo
  14. "Someone" will no doubt try to make it look that way. They are" coming for your UTE" plus Palmer and Porleen was enough. last time. Bowen didn't help.. Till more people take politics seriously THEY won't need to do the things the "PEOPLE" need. They FOOL you and please their "moneyed" Backers. Great business plan if YOU let them get away with it... Nev
  15. You have to come to some arrangement with your cat. You just tell your dog to "sit" and give him a pat. Too easy. Nev
  16. The best cat I ever had was found as an absolute feral. Probably a fluke as some ferals I have encountered are Crazy Wild and ugly. Cats I'm speaking of. Dogs are fine but you are getting loyalty on the cheap with a dog. Nev
  17. Another MIRACLE required. Funny how so many fears lies and untruths enabled the last one. Oh the Lord works in mysterious ways. That explains it.. Nev
  18. If you missed out you might have avoided catching something. (Consolation prize). Nev
  19. They won't get rid of Laming as they would loose majority Government. Day by day in every way they show they just don't GET IT in these matters. Women got the vote a while ago . Has anyone there thought of that? Nev
  20. Did you attend St Mary's High School ,Spacey? Nev
  21. When I was young, Maitland flooded often and I enquired of the Boss whether we should buy flood affected cars and repair them. It's not practical generally as the damage from mud and rapid corrosion if you don't strip it quickly is very destructive. That is for the mechanical parts. Instruments upholstery electrics etc are worse. Nev
  22. Maybe a while ago . It's a very modern society. High tech machinery etc Nev
  23. How can we as ordinary people know? You have to rely on the experts from all places. Britain has a lot of shots to draw experience from. I wouldn't take any notice of Clive Palmer as he has a vested interest in selling stuff and always looking after Clive.. The virus mutates in people. No doubt long term the vaccines may have to be modified (as flu ones have been for years). Long term effects of Covid are not fully understood but can be serious, so it's not JUST a matter of recovering/surviving. either. Nev
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