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  1. When you tidy up you can't find anything. It's all in drawers. You know what they say about People who have tidy workshops? Nev
  2. Are you deaf or something? WHAAAT ? Nev
  3. The police presence keeps customers away IF you pay, the police will go away. ASIC You can carry so little on an ultralight and can take off from any paddock or road if you intend to do bad things, so it only deters good people from flying . Nev
  4. Another Miracle. They did something right. Nev
  5. Adelaide is famous for it's pie floaters, not just the tarts. Nev
  6. She'd be up for a few costs as well? Don't take it personally. At their age an old person is 30. Nev
  7. You've had too many pie floaters. Nev
  8. Yes I understand it's been changed lately but whether it's at the Euro figure I don't know. You'd have to ask (and trust) ANGUS TAYLOR. When you do that ask about our reserves and what's happening with the $85 million of crude oil somewhere in the US HE purchased for US...Nev
  9. A major part of inlet valve underside gunk is from you PCV system plus some dust mixing with it if you are on dirt roads and your aircleaner not perfect. Port restriction can be considerable on some cases. The only real way to fix this is by removing the head and recondition it. Hardly ANYONE ever does this these days but most "old car" problems are head gaskets and when that happens people dump silverseal or something in and don't do long trips as you'll spend more on the car than it's worth.. Nev
  10. It's Murdoch's loss making BIG GUN. Disgraces our country by using it's name. A swing to climate action just happened in all the other Murdoch papers but not the American who promotes Trump and wars, owned UN Australian. Nev
  11. " Holier than thou attitude" is totally UN christian. If only they bothered to actually read how he (was alleged) to have behaved . It also deals with love of money, ' false prophets, craven images using his name in vain serving god and mammon. etc. A lot of professing god people wouldn't get past first base. Pretend piety fools no one If their god is worthy of the name then HE/SHE /IT will be able to know your thoughts and your every deed.. So, don't expect to fool god.. and YOU pretenders will be going to a very hot place...Nev
  12. Loss of sense of smell and taste is common. You won't have much of an appetite.. Check your temperature also. I'd be eating oranges or a few vitamin C's. Nev
  13. They exert a bigger influence in Tasmania if that makes you feel any better. There'd be a list of government ministers or try the greens. I've petitioned the feds about the ads on SBS but I think they care not. Nev
  14. The "little ladies" change 3 lanes at a time nearly clipping the corners of each car. I'm sure they learn on play station Lately it's anybody who's possibly psycho or UBER drivers doing their office work while driving. People will "toot" you for stopping at a red light.. It's crazy out there, Man. Nev
  15. We aren't envious of these 'crooks". We just want them to go to Gaol, as they deserve. Only people who are part of it and reap the benefits, like corruption. You've heard the term "as thick as thieves"? Another clue.. They hate whistleblowers or investigatory Journalists. Attack the questioner rather than answer the question.. Nev
  16. God wants YOU to be RICH (and by the way he needs $2 million by next Tuesday) The god of the USA is MONEY. Oh and winning is everything. No one notices the one who comes second or 3rd etc no matter how meritorious it was. Nev
  17. "Clubs Australia' Has to much political influence for OUR good. .When RSL's went political I stopped going near them. (and I used to go every town I went to.) Gambling wrecks many families. It's a MUGS game. and sucks money out of towns making less financial activity in other local Businesses. People don't LOVE gambling, they get ADDICTED to it. Nev
  18. Anyone who wants to start going out at midnight has to be hyped up over calling someday FREEDOM Day. Humans are SO easy to manipulate , it's SCARY. The "fooled" ones also vote. There in lies the issue. Nev
  19. I assume we ALL were mad as meat axes when younger. It's a wonder any survived... Nev
  20. The LIb/Nats don't care about small business ALL of our tax money has been gifted to big business of whom at least a quarter didn't need it and little/ NO effort is made to recover the misplaced Billions.. Paying tax is OPTIONAL for many of the most wealthy. THEY are in a special Club of privilege and entitlement. Nev
  21. I don't know why they even have normal vehicles there, There's not enough road to get the engine warm. I was "given" a Toyota like that and some rust was coming out all above the cill at the top .It was never going to be worth keeping long term so I sold it and it went to CAPE YORK at least once.. . Horrible on wet roundabouts and later Sahara's etc ride and steer much better..Nev
  22. Public? That's the dirty word with Neocons. They are a "dime a dozen" product of elitist Private schools. Nev
  23. Do the opposite of what Murdoch pushes and we will be alright. Nev
  24. Where did Relaxant come from? Nev
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