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  1. Should this be in aircraft humour.? Joining final at 500" AGL. This whole thing has to be a joke , right? . Nev
  2. Maybe they would and maybe they wouldn't.. Unless you are actually dealing with a minister, Which is usually reserved for people who PAY to keep the Party going, you are dealing with the bureacracy.. Try dealing with most banks OR an Insurance company. Nev
  3. OME . Sounds like BS to me. There is so much wrong with that description it defies analysis. Why keep power on if you are overshooting? Why is it IN Social Australia? I guess it's not meant to be serious. Nev
  4. Personal attacks have no place here as that was decided long ago as a good rule. Prune is full of it to the extent you'd question the mental stability of our professional aircrew if they were typical.. Perhaps they are. Egos feature pretty strongly with Pilots. Racism.... Near the end of our Rule over PNG ( UN protectorate) Mainland carrier TAA operated B 727's into Moresby. This resulted in overnight Crew stops normally at the Beachside " Davara" Hotel some distance out of town to the West. One particular fitness fanatic in the crew did runs along the beach and a local gentleman s
  5. A conglomerate of freudian slips will often reveal some dark aspect of a persons nature. It's abundantly evident that ScoMo doesn't GET women and it's from his own mouth. Even I know I can't call some rat bag sheila, a silly moo anymore. NOTE...the immediate preceding totally unacceptable sentence in the modern context, is used for the sole and express purpose of educational illustration and is not to be quoted out of context ever.. Or I'll come back and haunt you..Nev
  6. On the matter of flying modern versions I think it's done in the northern Part of Switzerland still. Nitrocellulose with silver colour (Fine aluminium particles) added to the dope was original on things like the Tiger moth Of course, it's highly inflammable but I have no recollection of it ever being a particular problem but you wouldn't want to be chucking cigarette butts around. Nev
  7. Some comments are very general also. Don't make the mistake of always thinking it's a direct criticism of what you've just done. I know I've made that error too. I also think the time allowed to EDIT is too short in the normal process. Nev.
  8. Sane or same? Anymore than about 5 lines puts most people off. "on line". You can only be insulted by people YOU respect.. That has helped ME at times.. I write in invisible ink here I reckon. At least you got noticed. . Nev
  9. My understanding is they are required to have a comprehensive engineering inspection at something like 5 years that is prohibitively expensive. Parts can be an issue also. Nev
  10. In the USA you were considered unpatriotic if you chose to drive an old car. It's increasingly becoming a place I don't want to be. Nev
  11. I was even cautioned when at Christmas Island with the term "chocks in place/removed" Nev
  12. In all seriousness, I'm seeing some desperates who are mucking up their lives and can't keep a close friend long.. It's a bit sad. Nev
  13. I think the response to a $#1thole of a place depends on whether you live there or not. I'm quite astounded why considering their treatment by Britain the Indians still hold some affection for anything British. Driving "Courtesy" varies over time. The Americans are known for letting you in IF you just indicate you can cut across 5 lanes if you move across slowly. Melbourne used to be quite good but not now. They must be "on" something, they are so psycho. At one time passing on the left in Sydney caused weird consequences but generally they are better drivers, because you have to be..
  14. I've actually seen them at Commonwealth Steel Co Waratah Newcastle. Massive Hydraulic with "Heine" or something like that cast into the frame. I was specifically told they were part of war reparations. This would have been in the 50's. I suppose it's possible they relate to WW1. If so, that detail wasn't passed on to me. Nev
  15. Englands costs were lend lease costs. Russia said stick your bill. The US was made rich by the war production they provided which was the key to Victory in any case. It was the US Marshal plan that got Germany going again.. it was pretty knocked about and WE got some of their engineering presses etc as reparations. Nev
  16. THAT seemed to end the discussion, somewhat. Nev
  17. I didn't write this stuff. I'm only quoting it. You are ALL sinners and going to hell unless you have faith in the Risen Christ. and by that you will be saved. This implies the original concepts must have failed obviously. and plan "B" is now the go..When the "Gospel" (good news) is spread to the far corners of the earth we will be in the last days. Some think that TIME is NOW. Personally I think making US in the image of god is an ultimate conceit, on our part and I can't see why god would have all the faults of design WE have IF HE was that smart.. More likely we invented him in OUR
  18. Alcohol only preserves your bladder and kidneys AFTER you are DEAD .Nev
  19. Conditions in Germany were beyond tolerable, Inflation being one of the obvious issues. Adolf had a big axe to grind with the French. Nev
  20. Sugar should be a good fuel .The engines would surely run a lot sweeter and there's a surplus of it. Nev
  21. Even today either black or white (and nothing in between) is how many look at things. It saves thinking which requires effort and getting out of your comfort zone. Nev
  22. I think Trump referred to Charles as the Prince of Whales, but he also said HE hasn't READ any books. Nev
  23. Why did Germany go to war.? The assassination of Ferdinand which today would hardly rate as much at all. IT was just an excuse..Germany and England were locked in a battle of who's got the best whatever. That's why the Titanic didn't slow down. Hitler was arguably very mentally disturbed by his WW1 war experiences and the French "Reparations" didn't help as they were beyond reasonable. The Nazi Racial purity was adopted from the US KKK dogma. Quite a bit of sympathy for Hitlers version of National Socialism existed in America. Nev
  24. "Calling Dr Spacey. Ben Spacey".Nev
  25. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. So god sent Christ to atone for your sins. isn't that what the new testament is about? Nev
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