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    Two strokes when leaned right out will do revs you wouldn't believe. Even IF the plug is shorted out the motor just revs like mad and it often chucks a rod. Nev
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    I had a real dog Chevrolet (6) motor that had more carbon in than I've ever seen before and I got it hot and revved it and poured water down the carb for about a minute or five and later took the head off and most of the carbon was gone. I reckon water Meth would do this and use on take off. Nev
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    When you have extra power at times when it's a nuisance that is the time to make your hydrogen by electrolysis. Solar is DC current already. Nev
  4. Yeah they get grog, muck food and new Landcruisers and monkey noises when they play football. . and more. The problem is not fixed .Nev
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    Another Con act directed at the "appearance of doing something" that will fool NONE of the knowledgeable people on the matter through out the world. The Carbon sequestration red herring has been around for years now. They get their orders from the Coal and GAS lobby. It's absurd to get hydrogen from HydroCARBONS when it's in water and the O2 is needed and not a problem like Carbon is. . These con artist's should be locked up. They've already cost us untold damage actual and reputational.. Nev
  6. If you talk of England and such places yes I have said the Brits still go for it. but in reality it's based on a false premise, easily challenged in Logic and on a human rights basis.. In Iraq people with handicaps are openly discriminated against. In THIS Country we have been moving to a more divisive concept under the Liberals in Particular that should be refuted and exposed for the disgusting practice it is. . A good education being available to all is the most effective component for progress in this matter.. That's well recognised generally. Nev
  7. That's because they outlive us or maybe their husband was dying to get away from them. Nev
  8. I think they are all a bit busier than normal these days. Nev
  9. If your aim is to impress others you have a formidable task you have inflicted on your self. Conspicuous consumerism? NOT Classy, more like pathetic..Nev
  10. Talking of inserting T A Bots "suppository of Wisdom' was a good one plus CANADIA and a few other gems. Nev
  11. Space. CLASS is only here if people accept that as a fact. You are talking about money and the excess or lack of it. MONEY is NOT class. Plenty with lots of money are anything but classy.. Australia has actually had Inverted Snobbery. Commissioned Officers not allowed in the Non Comms mess and the well known Tall Poppy syndrome. . Also "I wonder what inadequacy He's covering up by driving that Bentley". Send the whopper sized caravan down the back where there's no room to turn it around and watch him try to back it out. They also look down on motorcycles and always have. They have NO IDEA w
  12. I don't really think Kevin would be like that. Macron the French President told Turnbull his wife was "delicious". He probably meant delightful. No doubt Turnbull's Chinese was execrable. It sounded it. Translations, difficult it sometimes is. The cat black your path crosses. Nev
  13. Believe me I'm putting all I can into this . I'm NOT into a contest either, please note. YOU asked me to get involved but there's no evidence you want my input . Just get an admission out of me.. ... .Nev
  14. The Gov't were forced into this one. Suicides currently are 12 times the number of deaths of the personnel. I haven't heard of any people involved who are against an inquiry and a Royal Commission has a lot of powers. There is another enquiry going on/proposed at the same time but that may have not satisfied many by the looks of it. This sorry saga may end up very messy and needs to be done with great care and politics out of it. (Something that rarely happens lately). Nev
  15. I answered that about 6 posts ago, quite fully I believe. .Let's all be a bit careful how we use the word "trim" or there will be nothing but confusion. TRIM in OUR planes means relieving control forces that we have had to use to get the right pitch (generally, as we don't usually have in the air adjustable trim on any other axis) and we ARE talking about pitch here, IF we aren't doing it by airspeed change. IF we go slower we can descend (or fly level) at a more nose up attitude. .Nev
  16. Class doesn't really exist. The Poms still seem to be bothered by it. The Indians have a disgusting version of it. Australians hate snobs and "I am' people but it's been coming back that unless you go to a Private School and know who there is to know, you are inferior. People on wages are the new working poor and the top few percent have more and more of the cash and power. CEOs wages are many multiples of working wages, the disparity becoming more obvious as time goes on. This is a world wide phenomenon. USA is a good example of the situation. It's replaced slavery. as a means of maximisi
  17. You called something a resultant when it was only the vertical component of it. . Can't move on this till that is sorted out.... Nev
  18. You may find they are reading from a cue sheet that has it represented phonetically.. I don't know HOW that could be done with Chinese.. (if you ARE chinese.). Nev
  19. A lot of names mean something like" Son of dopey man from the swamp near the big hill". Coward would be hard to cop Side bottom etc.. Plenty of grim names out there.. Nev
  20. Don't talk about CLASS Spacey and certainly don't equate it with being wealthy. Certainly ordinary people have really NO access to Law and a fine may mean eviction to a pensioner and is NOTHING to a wealthy person. Nev
  21. I don't have a middle name so where does that leave me? Nev.
  22. There is no one definite answer to this trim issue. It will vary depending on what you altered and the effect it has on the plane. Slowing up you generally need back trim. Power depends on the thrust line and extent of the power change. Note We don't fly a plane on TRIM (unless there's been some failure). It's flown on attitude(s). Once you hold the attitude you require you trim out the forces so it's easier to stay there.. Nev
  23. The Citroen Pallas has one bolt holding each of the rear mudguards on. Where mudguards were bolted on, on most cars they used about 5 bolts The structural loads were carried on the sub frame and it usually had about 3 bolts. at the front. The Viva was not the top line model It was just a simple cheap car. Mostly later Vauxhalls were Opels. General Motors don't usually make the company's they takeover into top of the line car makers. Vauxhalls in the late 20's were really classy and outstanding cars at the time that probably would in all fairness have gone broke had GM not stepped in and built
  24. We'd have to go a long way before that's the case.. I admire the courage of many who come out and they don't have an easy run. I don't feel threatened by considering people to have the right to be different because they ARE and there's always been this situation existing through all of history. The ACL behave awfully. I'd rather listen to the Anglican minister in Gosford or the current Pope.. Live and let live is close to what I accept. I talk to women as if they are actually people, not just sex objects.. Nev
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