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  1. No! You just took my relative airflow direction acceptance and tacked your lot on it as well. That's just MANIPULATION of what I've said. Not on .You are too imprecise and conveniently flexible in meaning for your desired outcome to be proven, with you assumptions. When I try to clarify it, you say too complex. This is supposed to be TWO WAY .Not a manouvering and cornering exercise with Gotcha and Pike and Tuck. Thanks but NO... Nev
  2. Q Do you smoke after sex? A Not sure . I've never looked. Nev
  3. Scotty from Marketing is ALL about the image and the big SELL. ALL this stuff HE struts in front of you is set up with great care (and cost you pay) to sell him to the People as whatever image HE thinks will do him the most good at the next election. In all this over exposure he's also let slip what he's really like and a lot don't like what THAT is. Someone should whisper to him that women got the right to vote a while ago. I'm interested to see what effect the realisation of the fact things are NOT guaranteed for them will act on their cohesion under pressure. He's got a glass Jaw. Can't
  4. Do you think that YOU as a presumably anglo classification person have the same opportunity to be a normal member of society as those who look aboriginal. Ie do you think they are not actively discriminated against much as women are in some places still. ? A lot of crime is social disadvantage related. IF you were starving would you steal to feed your self? Plenty of people suffer huge discrimination in the current world. Nev
  5. You'd have to be careful what you published in those days (bit like now). Who was running the show? The Romans? Christ was the ever promised "King of the Jews" A threat to Herod at least as he perceived it. ALL the little Boys he killed in Bethlem in his fury. Nev
  6. You are OK with your direction of airflow in the descent situation but any discussion of this must treat the existence of 4 forces, thrust- drag (opposing) and lift- weight in opposition also. You can't just conveniently dismiss the existence of what is also affecting the result. The wing doesn't JUST produce a force vertical to the planes axis. Any production of lift causes drag at the same time or we have perpetual motion in principle which is not possible A "heavier than air' CRAFT pays a penalty for staying up there. I'm not complicating things .We KNOW how lift is obtained aerodynamica
  7. How is that a fact? It's not what I've heard and why would it be so.? Because they are looked after better? I suggest THAT is a "cooked "statistic. with manipulated figures. Think about how it reads. Nev
  8. We'd have to go a Bl@@dy long way before that was ever the case... Nev
  9. We have arrived at a point where you are making an incorrect assumption and there is no way I can just ignore it. The NETT force cannot act the way you wish it to and I think this is the basis of your difficulty, NOT mine. I'm making it as simple as I can as I always do actually. Your reference to wing tip vortices and skin friction etc is not helpful. I don't think I've ever mentioned such things in this discussion.. OME I've put a lot of thought into what I write here and it's not as if I'm short of things to do. I'm doing it with the best of intentions.. Nev
  10. Of course they are but the disproportionate nature and the fact it's getting worse is the issue. Nev
  11. Caltrop is the worst thing I've come across. It embeds in any tyres and next thing you know it's all over your block. Echuca aerodrome got it and it will puncture your aircraft tyres. Nev
  12. Per capita Indigenous people have a much higher rate of incarceration by far. Many of those are for things like non payment of fines. That's pretty outrageous in principle.. A bit like fining people for begging. They wouldn't be begging if they could afford fines. Nev
  13. When a wing produces lift it also produces drag to do it. You can't have that lift for nothing The nett force acting on the wing as a vector will be somewhat aft of your vertical line at an angle.. As Bill Whitney says "the never ending hill". Nev
  14. 1 yes. 2 no. I'm out today till evening. Nev
  15. It's an unusual way to describe what a plane does. The usual term is descending. But continue.... Nev
  16. Some research does suggest this may be the case. The way eucalyptus trees propagate tends to eliminate competition. However you could probably drink safely from any river and the population lived in equilibrium with the animals and the environment for longer than any other inhabitants of the Planet. It's clear that they were conscious of how the Land sustains them and other creatures. and they respected it. WE generally, DON'T. That's quite obvious. in the past and continuing now at an even more rapid rate. Nev
  17. I don't apply "Centralise" to the elevators like I would to the ailerons as the forward 1/2 stick is rarely used by the average pilot except when checking control effect and freedom. pre flight.. Depending on what changes happen to C of G , speed and lift the control can go to something like where it was pre lowering the nose. 2 YES as you would in a car going downhill. The need for the motors thrust is reduced as the Potential energy is available from height loss. to replace it.. IF you have sufficient nose down pitch change you may not need any engine thrust at all to have a suitabl
  18. One track you are measuring them by OUR standards. Individual wealth accumulation is not part of their concepts. As for destruction ?? THEY did none in 60,000 years. Look what DAMAGE we have done to the environment on a bit over 250 years. They didn't kill trees they'd take some bark or a branch from it. WE just bulldoze the lot over and burn it. Nev
  19. Care to elaborate on what they should be saying "thanks" for? Nev
  20. Essentially correct.. I'd reword 2 to adjust pitch (with elevator) to desired nose down ATTITUDE to maintain/attain desired (descent) speed. Trim as required is always done, (except when the change is of short duration) but is only used to RELIEVE stick pressure. . Nev
  21. The control that affects pitch (and angle of attack) is the elevator. . Nev
  22. The plaster on the carport ceiling is not structural. it's only cardboard, covering chalk. Unless it's painted well the damp will affect it. How long ago was it built? Nev
  23. it's completely variable depending on power , airspeed and flap etc( configuration ) changes and how the particular aircraft responds to them regarding pitch control loads. The approach slope angle will require less power than the equilibrium S&L setting because you are using some of your potential energy (height loss) in lieu of some of the engine's energy to oppose the drag.. Nev
  24. The rear coil sprung live axle XE could be set up as good as anything at the time. It was also relatively light. (Not including the Cleveland 5.8.) THAT was in the 80's 25 years later. Nev
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