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  1. I have seen on Google (so it must be true) campers done like a Jayco wind up one with pull out bed ends made for shopping trolleys for the homeless. My only concern would be not a wide footprint for blowing over in a big wind, just like this one. Very creative though to get it made and usable. inside would be interesting to see how it all fits.
  2. The year I left Carnarvon the Gascoyne flooded big from rain in the east and north. The water flowing back to the empty river after the flood washed away roads, pipes and everything else that had been dug up previously. I took pictures of power poles supported by wires, with a column of compacted dirt under them from being rammed in. at one stage they had a giant pump spitting water over the highway to get it back to the riverside of the mound. At one point it was over 100 km wide but shallow.
  3. No skull dome, yet wears a mask🙄, on your own on a bike, not likely to catch COVID unless a bug has it and you swallow. only in America.
  4. One of my favourite shows when a young fella.
  5. Damn sight cheaper to buy than a Kitchen Aid version (one of my atonements for owning an airplane or 2)
  6. Narva have Premium bulbs that are meant to be better quality, Wurth dabble in bulbs, but I couldn’t convince customers to buy them at the high price. Now the caravans are LED, but even then there are good and really bad ones.
  7. ClintonB

    Funny videos

    Except for rec flying, that’s me. I was on the South African forum for my Bushbaby, but none others. Cant stand the need to filter absolute rubbish out for the rare nuggets of worthwhileness.
  8. My wife showed me a disturbing video of a man killing both his neighbours over snow on a driveway last weekend. He shot them with a pistol multiple times, then went inside and came back with a long gun (possibly a pump action shot gun) and finished them off whilst other neighbours trying to save them run away. All caught on CCTV, Close proximity and disputes could be the catalyst for this.
  9. Nope, rural nsw on edge of Tamworth. Out of town developers only see $$$. Blocks in this new mess are around 1 acre and last lots started in high $200k to mid $300k. As farmland it was worth far less when they bought it. The elderly couple who owned it retired in their 80’s from running about 30 head of cattle on it.
  10. The hillside above my place was farmland with contour banks all over it, 2 gullies and wildlife all over. When we bought our place we were told it was the edge of the building zone and we would always have a rural outlook at least, 1 acre block. Now developers from Sydney have bought the hill, and digging and scraping all over, causing flooding below throughout our area. They build culverts to minimum standards which block up with rocks and mud when it downpours here. I stopped counting kangaroos one rainy day at 200 from my verandah, now we are lucky to see a couple. Hares used to be everywh
  11. ClintonB

    Funny videos

    That result is what happened to me first time I crashed a spitfire during a dogfight in vr goggles, I grabbed the chair and screamed. It was extremely realistic, brained forgot to register it was make believe. The more realistic the images the harder to distinguish how to react..
  12. Over the last week some very helpful people from the sub continent have been good enough to ring me to help with a problem with my windows operating system. I find them extremely pro active with assistance for a problem I didn’t even know I had. first one said” I can help you with your faulty windows application”, when I politely told them I have an Apple computer they hung up. the second one on next day had the same line, so I informed them I don’t have the internet, and they hung up. Today’s one was a female, she gave me the same line, to which I enquired would she like to gi
  13. My tree beside the front door is home to returning willy wagtails every year, 5 broods this year, inc a clutch of 4 eggs. They have become very tame and seem to know we are safe. We can photograph and check the nest with no worries. Mamma bird sits on the branch and let's us. If I leave the light on too late she calls out until it's turned off, then silence. The babies usually return for their nesting. There is quite a bit of difference in each bird when you are that close and can distinguish between them. I watch them closely when they are ready to leave. Once they fly they don't return
  14. ClintonB

    Funny videos

    Break the bottle over a pot with a stocking stretched over, she’ll be right then.
  15. It’s just a shame some of these people are famous for doing nothing and get such big money, It sets you up for a fall when the next big thing comes along when you have no other skill than posting pictures.
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