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  1. I love the idea, but a couple of problems to overcome: -handling the massive ship in high winds (which seems to have destroyed many airships) -finding enough helium to keep the envelopes topped up (Helium leaks thru just about every sort of fabric and membrane and supplies of this rare gas are rapidly running out.)
  2. Rake was pretty much a documentary about corruption in NSW. Some of the main characters are still in action, so I guess Auntie ABC’s lawyers ensured the script was slightly muddied so they couldn’t be sued for libel.
  3. Japan is one country where they replace their cars while still nearly new, but out in the countryside I was astonished to see a 1960s Corolla drive by.
  4. Good point Spacey, but the point of the proposal seemed to be that herds of those large grazing animals would gradually change the landscape, making it more reflective, thus combating warming.
  5. OME I have no useful advice, having been too lazy to follow your in-depth posts on the physics of flight. (I must also admit to being scared off by the maths). However, human history is replete with people whose discoveries or long-term predictions have been ignored or ridiculed at the time. People tend to have short memories and resist common sense changes. I have experienced the frustration of that injustice, and have learned that nobody has the decency to acknowledge I was right all along. I’m finally reading Bill Bryson’s classic, long after it was publis
  6. Spot on, Octave! Our house has access to several streaming services but (being an old fart) I still like to flick channels. There are a few old favorites still worth watching (New Tricks, Doc Martin, Frost, David Attenborough... Sometimes we happen upon something good; SBS often has an excellent foreign movie and NITV has more decent shows than most. Too plurry right! While staying with us our grandkids noticed and ad. on TV and asked “what’s that?” They’d never seen free-to-air, having streamed services only. Quality shows are still to be fo
  7. An interesting proposal: https://www.bbc.co.uk/ideas/videos/could-we-bring-back-mammoths-to-fight-climate-chan/p09cdh9z
  8. Marshall and his team deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Inspired, long-term policy that converted former enemies to economic allies. I believe the Soviets stripped German factories of tools and equipment. In the end, it gave German industry a clean slate to begin again and develop new and more efficient designs while Britain limped along for decades with the same old outmoded factories and work practices...and we know where that lead.
  9. Lots of small events and influences caused The Great War, but Australian PM Billy Hughes was a significant cause of WWII. His insistence at Versailles on punishing Germany with crippling reparations helped Hitler’s rise. American President Woodrow Wilson had the wisdom to predict that reparations would see another war in twenty years, but Hughes had to have his grandstand moment. Hughes insulted our Japanese allies, leading to their delegates walking out of the League of Nations. Such was their humiliation at home that militarists took over the government -actually murdering several
  10. Don’t assume other religious faiths don’t breed atheists; it’s just not as safe. https://www.dw.com/en/when-muslims-renounce-their-faith/a-17574172
  11. That’s the major reason for a steel-making industry being set up in Lithgow- it was out of range of naval guns.
  12. We have the maximum sized excess, which means the premium is heaps lower. I’m happy to cover all the little things, as long as the insurance industry covers the big stuff.
  13. Back to this, one of the most important topics. Is the above report totally reliable and definitive? If so, other researchers should be able to replicate the work and get the same result. This bloke, and lots like him, don’t accept the conventional explanations. This video is a good summary of current mysteries and well worth watching. This
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