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  1. Old Koreelah

    The Nats

    Glasgow will be an embarassing time for all Australians; we’llbe represented by a large contingent of deniers pretending to have a plan. They are so far out of date it’s painful. Scumbag won an election by stirring up fear that Labor would take away people’s utes and force us to drive “gutless electric cars”. What collossal lies. Australia is being left far behind, still beholden to the oil industry.
  2. It’s not all Doom and Gloom; mankind has already shown we can get together to fix things: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-58874831
  3. Old Koreelah

    The Nats

    I fear you are correct, OME. Despite Australia having one of the most incompetent and corrupt federal governments ever, the Federal Opposition leader is rarely seen or heard. Now is exactly the time he should be hammering them. If Scumbag were to call an election on his return from Glasgow, Labor would be in trouble. Albo is a decent bloke, but the current PM runs rings around him when he speaks. I always admired Kevin Rudd, but his party gift to the ALP (making changing leader into a months-long process) is a gift to the current, atrocious government. https://www.smh.
  4. Old Koreelah

    The Nats

    Me too, although I eat more of both than I should. How to eat healthy and ethical? Much of the fish I eat comes from overfished oceans and I can afford to out-price many poor people. The chooks I eat are among the most efficient of meat producers, but they have a miserable life. Feedlots might be profitable, but they are an ecological and ethical abomination. Forty years without red meat seems to have been a good health move, despite warnings from family. Some of my siblings run beef cattle on rugged woodland country that’s no good for much else, so this greenie wi
  5. Old Koreelah

    The Nats

    I’m seriously concerned about this bloke’s mental health. At the recent announcement by the Nat that they were finally going to join the rest of the world in reducing our dependence on coal, he predicted that we would all be soon forced to become vegans.
  6. Yenn the lack of derogatory post might be due to your posts making sense.
  7. Red I suspect your case has been taken up by two separate sections and they’re each unaware of the other one’s involvement. It happens in big companies as well as government bureaucracies.
  8. Marty ignore these critics; they haven’t been fortunate enough to benefit from the creativity spike generated by your special Shiraz… Seriously, your idea has merit. Whynot have an electric drive assist on your caravan? The engineering wouldn’t be too hard, and would reduce the load on the tow vehicle and could improve road stability. I’m currently building a camper on a large trailer and will soon be fitting electric brakes. While designing it I investigated a system similar to yours- an ekectric drive to the traiker wheels to assist in boggy or steep locations. It wou
  9. No, I was at 7,500’ and a long way from my next toilet stop!
  10. Ian, I searched in vain among your small selection of emojies for a fitting response to NewsCorp’s atrocious fibs.
  11. Old Koreelah


    Dax that’s a pretty sweeping statement. How do you know anything about black holes, star systems, speed of light or dairy products? Because of the patient, often tedious work over lifetimes, of the very scientists you are criticising. That peace-loving mindset itself is surely a product of the Christian tradition. Perhaps some aliens are more like our Norse ancestors, who loved war and yearned to die fighting. Don’t understimate the survival instincts of religious zealouts; if an alien spacecraft landed in front of their church they’d claim it as proof of Old Testament
  12. I’ve discovered that green tea flows much faster than water or Coopers.
  13. Ahhh! Of course! I was wondering why the ancients would need an accurate measure of time. Should have realised how age-old the problem of hot air really is!
  14. Old Koreelah


    Marty you left out about one of my favourite evangelists- a sincere, well-mannered scientist who challenges all sorts of orthodoxies, including atheism:
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