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  1. Not so many years ago people were transporting whole houses (usually cut in half) by road from the city to their new rural address.
  2. Back to the topic; it seems this political high flyer has mucked up just about everything he’s worked on. Don’t think he has much of a future. It is beyond satire that a politician who introduced laws demanding greater transparency for political donations accepts an anonymous donation himself. Jon FaineColumnist https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/the-problems-with-porter-20210917-p58sk1.html
  3. Just been listening to a german political analyst being interviewed about his nation’s upcoming elections. There was little debate among the candidates about refugees, even though Germany has a small anti-immigrant movement. If that has been America or Australia, things would have been very different. Why? Doesn’t Germany have Murdoch media?
  4. Good to hear, Dax. I bet a lot of Aussies will have qualms about leaving our shores after this debacle, and it won’t just be fear of being locked out, as has happened to too many; the cost of air fares home might make you want to buy a yacht instead.
  5. Good question, but I doubt they offered nuclear powered subs to us. As usual, it takes a cartoonist to nail it! A picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. That’s probably true, OT. All car brands seem to have a shorter design life. Anyone who relies only on official dealers is getting fleeced- Toyotas included. There is a thriving aftermarket in parts. After the 407’s climate control played up, repair shops quoted astronomical prices. A bit of googling and time on You-Tube University tracked the problem to the display screen (without which you can’t control it) This screen had been degraded during 15 years parked in the sun. $180 for a new one (made in Bulgaria) and it took me less time to fit it than to type this paragraph. Good modular de
  7. First model of the 407 HDI with every conceivable luxury nick nack; the opposite of what I need in a car, but it’s my wife’s. Unlike her 307 (bought new) everything works and it has been very reliable. Years ago a few Jodel builders fitted Peugeot diesels and that engine was estimated to have a TBO of 10,000hours. At the time PSA were building 3,000 diesel engines per day and had tested a bunch of them to destruction; the first failed at 12,700 hours, with a dropped exhaust valve.
  8. Tonight I watched part of the 4 Corners report on JWs and child abuse. As Dax says, the organisation seems to be just another grubby bunch out to protect their power base. I’m quite saddened for the many good people within that church. Local JW families that I know are exemplorary community members.
  9. We often hear comments like this, but my wife’s Peugeot is the best car we’ve owned. 260,000 km in 17 years, mobs of power, nimble, very economical (over 1,000km on a tankful). Most of the maintenance jobs were a breeze due to clever design.
  10. Dax I suspect one of the great strengths of Australia’s Constitution is its lack if detail. How could a bunch of fallible politicians in a different era possibly anticipate future issues? Luckily, we have a fairly robust tradition of adapting our government to changing curcumstances. I’m intrigued with your pre-occupation with exactly following The Constition, as if it was handed down from Mount Sinai… This is totally at odds with your rejection of written guidelines passed down thru the ages by religious groups.
  11. That looks good on paper Dax, but doesn’t work too well in real life. Do you know who’s doing a good job on the RAA board? Even in local government, where the vote should have a fair idea of the capabilities of candidates, this doesn’t work. Show ponies with high profiles get chosen over quiet, hard-working, well-qualified reps.
  12. By writing numbers next to the candidates. I’ve learned to count backward, giving the most odious ones the big numbers first, then working up to my most-favoured candidate. In other countries I’ve been asked to explain our preferential system; one of its benfits is we don’t need run-off elections.
  13. Australia need our best and brightest in the cyber security sector.
  14. Too plurry right, OME. I’ll use it anywhere it fits!
  15. Commentators are saying that the French have good reason to be furious with Australia for abandoning the sub contract, and the way it was done. The French are saying nasty things about our country breaking its word, but they should remember the utter hypocracy shown by France to our region not so long ago. Their dumb ‘secret’ agents were arrested after bombing the Rainbow Warrior and were convicted in a NZ court. The French put enormous trade pressure on NZ to transfer these terrorists and promised they would serve out their sentences in a French gaol. Instead, they were freed and
  16. Thanks for that gem, Jerry. I’ll use it.
  17. Technology has the legal fraternity worried, with many of their traditional income streams challenged by computer-based systems. We like to knock them, but we must respect the enormous investment hat goes into a legal qualification. My kid did the hard yards, starting in a group of 59; only 11 graduated. She described a heart-wrenching scene where, after years of work and $100,000-plus spent, young women burst from the exam room sobbing.
  18. …that would be a wonderful opportunity to challenge his convictions; I never minded the JWs coming to my place because you be sure of having a good, wide-ranging discussion of things that matter.
  19. Jerry I just remembered the ultimate solution:
  20. Would British commuters tolerate this approach?
  21. Yes Jerry that had occurred to me; when the F-111 project was running late the Yanks lent us a few F-4s to “tide us over”. When fully loaded they could only fly 13 minutes after takeoff- enough time to find a tanker. Australia didn’t have any tankers, so we didn’t have any warplanes either. Of course. The US weapons industry rules.
  22. I tend to agree, but you do realise the following inconvenient details: *. Scomo just cancelled a contract, so now we have no subs on order; it may take the boffins a couple of years to organise the next contract and then decades to actually build them. * Australia has a hard time crewing our existing small fleet of subs. * Our region is already instable; these boats won’t be operational for decades. * This further alienates our biggest export market; much of the stuff China now refuses to buy from us is being supplied by our close “allies” the USA, who have a long history
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