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Eidsvold (pop.600) , west of Maryborough in Qld has lost almost all of it's free to air TV. The local council re-transmission tower has been shut down permanently by the council a few days ago and the locals are not happy. The only free to air left is the ABC which has it's own tower. The town has lost the 10, 7, 9 and SBS networks. Locals say viewing via the internet is not viable due to the unreliable NBN in the district and also the data cost would be a factor. Another alternative is satellite TV, again expensive and unreliable. The joys of living in the country.


I've heard some people say their satellite internet is not too bad, and others say it's terrible. A mate on a property in west Qld has satellite NBN and he said it's worse than dial-up on the odd occasions you can get it. I'm on fixed wireless NBN, only about 2klm from the tower, and it's been much better than the old ADSL as long as you don't expect data speeds comparable to those in the major cities. Around here 12 Mbps is rated as very good.

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I grew up in the 1950's in Alice Springs and all we had was the ABC radio ( one station)

To this day, I hardly watch television and could go completely without it, and I reckon I was lucky and this lack of television was a blessing.

On the other hand, I really like and use the internet.

The latest guidelines for kids say that more than an hour of screen time is bad for you.

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There's nothing worth watching on TV anyway. Even with Foxtel there's nothing on this evening. You'd be better with a DVD player and a box of DVD's. A few of the Foxtel channels are disappearing to streaming services like Netflix, Stan, etc.

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Remember that American lament: “ forty channels and nothing to watch”. 
That disease has reached Oz. Some nights I flick channels and occasionally find a treasure- usually on SBS, NTV or ABC.


Tonight we’re staying at our kid’s place, with screens everywhere, but usually turned off.
 We just spent a few hours playing fun card games with the grandies.

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