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Crazy Drivers


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Others may have made the following observations/rant - if so I apologise in advance.


What is it with Australian drivers that they:


Must drive as far to the right as possible. This includes multi lane roads of all descriptions (right lane hoger's), but can also be observed on single lane roads -hugging the crown and where there are passing lanes - immediately move into right lane without any apparent condition that would warrant it.


Do not understand how traffic circles work. It's been somewhere in the vicinity of 40 years since they were first introduced and it is still common to have people stopping when not required to do so, changing lanes when not supposed to, not indicating or using the wrong indicator sequence.


Unable/unwilling to reverse park and then blaming the car for reversing out over the kid/dog/ play things/ causing an accident at the shopping centre/etc.


Doing a "swan neck" turn when turning left/right - the worst I have seen ,involved entering the "hard" shoulder to conduct a right turn, also common to cross solid white lines to turn left.


When manoeuvring; not indicate at all, indicate after or during manoeuvre, feel that 2-3 flashes is sufficient.


Are so "panicked" by a sign indicating that the left lane will end within 500 m, that a sudden sharp (speed not a factor) turn into the right lane is required usually without/limited warning indicator.


On approaching a speed reduction sign, apply hard braking as if suddenly caught unawares of the change in conditions.


Drive, often erratically, well below the posted speed limit, without any consideration to the queue forming behind them (may be towing a caravan/ driving a motor home - not exclusive to this group).


Drive at speed & close to; playing children / livestock/ cyclists.


Ignore prolonged signal for an intention to change lanes or worse, actually manoeuvre to prevent the change.


To compound this we;


Have (often local council) road rules that require/facilitate the wrong behaviour e.g. the many parking zones that require front parking/the traffic circles that direct "turning" traffic into the wrong lanes.


50 kph zones on "through" roads, often for a ridiculous distance before/after buildings.


Stop signs, where good visibility & low traffic speeds exist.


Give way signs, where poor visibility and high traffic speeds exist.


Recommended max cornering speeds that are so inconsistent as to be laughable/dangerous.


Road work signs/zones where no work is being conducted.


Have passenger rail "drop off zones" so far from the station that anyone with luggage/small children are placed at considerable disadvantage.


AND, completely illogically, we accept the authorities obsession with speed, as the primary factor in traffic incidents.


RANT over (for the moment)

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we accept the authorities obsession with speed, as the primary factor in traffic incidents.


You aren't wrong with all that you have said above, and you have not exhausted the list of crook driving.


Claiming that speed is a primary factor in traffic incidents is gross ignorance. Of course speed is involved in traffic incidents. No movement - No incident. Claiming that enforcement of speed limits reduces traffic incidents is a blatant cover for the fact that strict enforcement of speed limits is merely a tax grab.


It is rare indeed to see anyone pulled over by police in the cause of driver education. The focus on speed is still paramount, with numerous fixed cameras, a latter-day sprinkling of roving ones, and police cars parked beside the safest highways. They reap massive sums in speeding fines, but have no demonstrable effect on driver skill or education.


Who hasn't been booked for doing 50 in a school zone at 3:45 pm? The kids are all at home on their Playstations by then. It's a waste of time to ask police to crack down on speeding and hooning on residential streets because "all the fatalities happen on the open roads".


While ever State governments include traffic fine revenue in their budgetry income forecasts, the obsession with "Speed Kills" will continue.

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