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The Gospel of Saint Freddo


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I was musing on what I would do as a practical joke, if I could do absolutely anything.


I decided that I would turn all the names of every deity, sub-deity, prophet, angel, demon, whatever - in EVERY holy book - bible, koran, torah, talmud, what have you - into the names of Cadbury chocolates.  Including, of course, every reference anywhere in the Internet.

Every time an attempt was made to reprint with the originals, they'd revert to chocolate names.

Imagine the sermons.... "and Crunchie said unto Turkish Delight... oh, wait, dammit, what were their names??"


Then there'd be the amusing sight of Cadbury's suing every religion for breach of trademark. 



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20 hours ago, willedoo said:

Marty, you need to get out more.

Nah, I was sanding filled screw holes on the outside of the shed.  Plenty of time for random musings when you're doing prep work for painting.




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Marty - You're going straight to Hell, no doubt about it. No pausing in Purgatory for any attempt at Redemption - just straight to Hell, with a pitchfork up your a***, immediately on arrival.


I can just see Rowan Atkinson now, standing there, reading out your name - "Marty D? - O.K.! - (pointing) - over there! - you're with the lawyers!" ......





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The last lawnmower I had borrowed, I waited till he was not home to return it. I had run it for 2 mins on model plane fuel ( methanol and oil ) and for some reason it wanted to take off. I quickly finished the mow and drained the fuel.

Well I managed to avoid the bloke for 2 weeks till we faced each other at a corner....  " I've been looking for you" he said and I started to apologise...

" I dunno what you did with the mower" he continued " but it runs really good now".

 I think I had given it a decoke, by mistake.


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So !

THIS DAY I spent at the cinema  ! . courtesy of my \ OUR daughter .


IT was Fantastic .  Makes me impatient for the 3D version , then I will see it a second time , But The wife & daughter will have to see it in 2D . again  . LoL .

Much better than the old cinema . today we had very big screen , & very loud , surround sound , plus superb reclining chairs .


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I have not been in a cinema this century. Don't watch  movies at home. My son and daughter have Netflix, Stan, et al, on the TV as well as Foxtel. Have not sat down to watch any of them. I do enjoy a couple of English mystery dramas - Midsomer Murders is a favorite, particularly the John Nettles ones. Also A Touch of Frost. I know! I'm weird.


My son was watching Maverick Top Gun the other day when I walked in. Watched about five minutes of it, when Maverick slammed Ice's wings into the top of his casket. That's about all. 

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