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Animal abilities


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My dog can tell time. I have mentioned this previously and I had convinced myself that she was reading our clock on the wall. But no.
She is fed a small meal three times a day on vet's advice due to a tummy problem. The clock stopped for a few days and she still asked within five minutes of the appointed time for each meal. Today I was sandblasting panels in the yard all morning, and was startled to get a push in the leg from a wet nose. I wasn't wearing a watch so I went inside and, sure enough, it was two minutes past the time for her midday meal. 
I am genuinely baffled by this ability. I cannot tell the time that well. What other things must dogs and other animals be able to do that we cannot explain? Like navigation.

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I never fail to be surprised at what abilities animals have. Their memories and their navigational abilities are legend, so I wouldn't be surprised if dogs can keep accurate track of time. 

I notice how birds never fail to remember where their food sources are located. My old Italian neighbour Barney, feeds the magpies with little pieces of bread. The magpies remember for ages, where Barney puts out the bread.

They fly down and land on his Hills Hoist right outside his back door on a pretty regular basis. If there's no pieces of bread there, they wait about 5 mins, then warble to let him know they'd like some bread.

If Barney isn't home, or he ignores them (or doesn't hear them, as he's pretty deaf), they wait about another 5 mins and then fly off to find another food source.

What is more remarkable is that it's not always the same bird that flies down looking for the bread. So the knowledge of the bread supply must be kept and spread amongst the magpie group.


A couple of the local crows found where Barneys rubbish bin had blown over on the verge whilst waiting for pickup, and had spilled a few food scraps. They flew down and had a feed. It only happened the once.

But I see those crows coming back and checking that spot regularly, even landing on the verge, and walking around looking for scraps again.


My SIL used to have a female Blue Heeler. We lived for a period of a few years on our gold mining lease at Higginsville, while we worked it. Higginsville is about 130kms S of Kalgoorlie.

She loved riding in the Landcruiser and would sit in the back, relatively calm until we got within 5 or 10 kms of the mine. Then she would jump in the front, and start getting excited. She was obviously recognising the country close to home.



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Animals obviously tap into something we modern humans have lost contact with; this famous biologist has spent his life researching this field.





Some people have amazing affinity with animals; my older brother can get his working dogs and horses to do impressive tricks. I’d like to have that sort of affinity with my aeroplane, to ensure it keeps me safe.







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Our dog that died just recently was good with the time. We gave her a raw chicken drumstick for lunch at 12.15. Every day at 12.10, there she'd be, grin on her face and wagging her tail. She liked travelling in the car but some things frightened her. so she travelled in thefront passenger footwell with her head under the seat. When we turned into our driveway she would pop her head up.


Check out this video....



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When getting our new pup, my partner didn't want another Beagle.. Too hard to train - apparently, which to be honest, is a myth...


So as this was more her pet (she leads the training), she opted for a cocker spaniel - there are two types apparently - show and working. Show ones can be highly strung, so she opted for the working one. Well, in all honesty, my parnter isn't the most active person to grace the planet, but she is finding out she has to be now, as the pup is very active (thought he still sleeps a lot during the day). There are so many people that buy working breeds and lap-dogs, and have never handled dogs before and wonder why they are so hard to train.


(I did want to get a Kelpie pup that was going up the road, if I couldn't have a Beagle.. but my partner said one Aussie in the house is enough).

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