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Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. it seems to be imposed for security reasons

Why are there altitude and velocity limits for GPS equipment?

I used to fix a really early model Garmin ( slim mobile phone size ) GPS onto a bracket on the front strut of my Weightshift aircraft.. this was handy for groundspeed / fuel calcs, as the aircraft was only capable of 48 Kt so a moderate headwind could really be a pain ! . Nowhere in it's manual did it mention the Max speed of 99 Kt.


I discovered this when flying from the Midlands to the Isle of Man one lovely sunny day. It was obvious we had a fairly strong tailwind. and I got the old Garmin out and it refused to work. I was flying a Piper Arrow 3, with a duff DME. . and cruising at 130 Kt, plus the estimated following wind, of circa 30 Kt at FL 45. As we approached Ronaldsway Airport and slowed down a little for the Base + final leg, my oppo said, that the GPS had woken up and was happily indicating 94 Kt. That model was capable of logging up to 8 satellites, but in past use in the Microlight,. I never saw more than 6 showing at any time period.


I acquired a Garmin GPS 12 handhed unit after that, as a backup, but that model didn't show a restriction in the groundspeed display. . but then I never quite reached 600 MPH . .



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That old Garmin 12 is a great GPS. I use it in the Corby, but I bought an ETrek 10 and what a pig of a machine that is, plus the instructions are absolutely useless. I took it out the other day to check my car speedo only to find that I didn't have speed on any of my windows, had to go into settings and reprogramme it to show speed. All I really need is a degree in computer bullshit and it would be easy.



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I guess an ancient IPhone is one that is over two years old?


Most Apple addicts (not including your good self, as you're still using an ancient device) wouldn't be seen in public with a ancient model over two years old, for fear of ridicule.


By the way, what's that app called? They might have one for my ancient Three year old Android phone.



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