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A little bit of fun


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Here's an opportunity to see how observant you are. I have a series of before and after photos of Donald Trump. Each pair of photos has four differences. See how many you can get. Do not post results here, that would spoil it for others. I will post the answers and next images each day. There are 6 pairs in the set. I got most, but not all of them. Here's the first set.



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Mum used to tell me "Patience is a virtue.......

seldom seen in women........

almost never seen in men"


Anyway it must be true..... I skimmed over the puzzles and left them to our best patient puzzlers. Even our trusty friend Onetrak bragged the he had the patience to spend five whole minutes on the hardest one.

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I enjoy these kinds of puzzle. I think they might help to keep dementia and Alzheimer's at bay. Many pop up on that soshul meja you guys hate. That, by the way, is where many of the unusual aircraft in the Oddball, etc thread on the other site come from.


Yesterday's solution.




And now for today's.



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3 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

I had a few drinks this eve.. Not too many.. but does that mean I am wasting my brain cells on a life-threatening thing? 

I think that rates as 'wasting your brain cells WITH a life threatening product'


Such a pleasant waste, isn't it?


Especially with a nice matching serving of cheeses (of nazareth?)

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