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Is it politically correct to say ....

old man emu

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I was fitting the mechanisms for my louvre windows today. They come in sets of two parts. One part has the operating mechanism and the other part just acts as a result of the movement of the operating mechanism in the other part. Since I was fitting a couple of sets, I had to figure out what to call the two parts so I could keep things clear in my head. I figured that since the part with the mechanism controlled the movement of the other part, then the first one could be called the "master" and the other the "slave".


Am I being politically correct in using these words? What other words could be use to describe each part without harking back to a time of exploitation?


Should motor vehicles be fitted with electrically operated brakes so that the master and slave cylinders could be eliminated? Thankfully we have automatic transmissions that have done away with a similar means of operating the clutch.

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I don't think you should lose sleep over it.  Terms do change and have always changed.  It can be hard for old people, or should I say (to be politically correct) seniors, to take on new terminologies.😁


Personally I try, where possible to use up to date terminology. I do this because  I do not want to be the old guy who can no longer keep up.  



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3 minutes ago, red750 said:

You could use "active" and "passive".

 Or primary and secondary.   To me at least the point is that for whatever reason terminology changes, I insist that I am smart enough to adapt. 

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"Master" and "slave" components are still correctly technically described as such. Political correctness knows no bounds. If the terms are not used in a demeaning fashion, what's the problem? The terms are understood in all technical fields.

Attempts to bring in political correctness to technical, IT and engineering terms, on the basis that they're demeaning to people of colour is just PC BS gone mad. Black nations have had white slaves in eons past. 

I must develop a feeling of great hurt over that episode of history, and demand compensation, and alteration of history books, to mark the fact the whites were downtrodden in that era. 


Attempts to bring in PC to technical, IT and engineering terms is just simply going to cost a fortune, for minimal gain - apart from assuaging a few hurt feelings of a very small section of the population.

Even in the U.S., people who identify as "African-Americans" still only make up 10% of the population. And of that 10%, probably less than half of them feel demeaned by the use of technical words such as master and slave.




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13 hours ago, spacesailor said:

But How to keep abreast of the alphabet people. There seems to be another letter added each time it makes headlines. ( oops have l made tittular mistake ). spacesailor

That post has to be a contender for the wittiest of the year.

13 hours ago, rgmwa said:

As long as the windows are not offended I don't see a problem. 

But how would I know if they are offended or not?  They might just be suffering in silence.

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Oh, Onetrack.

There you go trying to vent logic in the face of emotional minority attention seeker BS.


I thought of a better method to highlight the counter productive waste caused by PC sanitisation of language.


Since the majority really don't get offended......

It just isn't democratic!

The whole PC movement is a communist lefty plot to undermine democratic process, by a egotistic fringe minority.

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I rewired my boat. All the positive wires are red. So I put a + on them with a marker. That seems ok.

But all the negative wires are of a chromatically challenged hue. (I used to call that 'black')


Now adaze it just isn't ok to call any group negative. Especially black ones.


Should I change all my wires to another colour? Of course I can't use yellow. Nor red. Should I change all the red wires to avoid offending the american red indians?


After I delete every negative  I fear my batteries can no longer function as designed!


Oh dear! Please bring back the good old daze.

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2 hours ago, old man emu said:

But how would I know if they are offended or not?  They might just be suffering in silence.

Stop worrying. I’m sure they’d be open and transparent about how they felt.

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ReColour your wires !!!.


We or They, did it for those minority Blind Electricians.

AND the rest of the world was left in darkness.


I have electrical apparatus that is wired in contrasting WHITE, only, 

Was the mmanufarurer colour BLIND or just P C  'CRAZY '.

' sky blue is ' Not high,

' dirt brown ' is Not earth,

' green is Not a neutral colour.

' red is Not a hot colour,

' black is Not an absence of light.



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When I was studying  physics we were taught the resistor colour code. The mnemonic was:


Black b....s raped our young girl. Bloody virgin gone west.


Black brown red orange yellow green blue violet grey white


See, I still remember!

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For some unfathomable reason, the cabling colour code uses similar colours as the resistor colour code, but in a different order.


0  black.    Blue

1  brown.   Orange

2 red        Green

3 orange     Brown

4 yellow     Slate

5 green     Blue/white

6 blue       Orange/white

7 violet     Green/white

8 grey     brown/white

9 white    Slate/white


Then along came optical fibres, and a new colour code is applied to the fibres.


The beauty of standards!


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