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What's with the "Newbie" rating?


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My guess is that it part of the latest version of the software but hasn't been linked to the number of posts made by members. On the Rec Flying site it is a rocket with most posters ranked as a Member 3/3. New posters are ranked 1/3. Odd logic.

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I've noticed a couple of glitches with the new software. Assuming it is new software when we got the boy scout rank badges beside our profiles. With the sign in page, I put in my user name and password, click sign in, and it takes me to a second entity of the same. It already has the previously entered user name and password, but I have to click 'sign in' a second time. It's the same with different browsers.


The other one is when trying to go to the latest post in a thread. On the right side of the thread list, I would normally click on, for example, 'one hour ago' to go to that latest post. Now it takes you to the OP on page one, requiring an extra click to get to the last post. Only occasionally does it navigate straight to the most recent post like it used to do. No big drama; it's unlikely to wear out the mouse or index finger with the extra clicking.

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I use Brave browser and haven't noticed either of those glitches. Brave is set up so that when I open it from the task bar, it automatically opens RF and I'm logged in, at the What's New page. I have to click on Off Topic to get this site, and it opens at the Home Page, but I am logged in. Brave also opens Facebook and Yahoo automatically. I have checked Remember Me on all of them, and it reads my IP address. If I use another computer, like at the Men's Shed, I have to log in.


The one annoying problem I have with this site is when I click on "Reply to this topic", my previous content is frequently (not always) is still in the editor, even though it was saved, and I have to clear the editor before starting my new post.

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9 hours ago, onetrack said:

Isn't a collaborator someone who regularly operates a collabor? But I've never actually seen a collabor, let alone operated one.

So, Onetrack, since an aborist is one who molests trees, does that make his boss a white collar collarborator.


English! Such a wonderful language

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