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Funny business names


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I guess we've all seen or heard the more amusing - and often long-standing - business names around. But every now and then, some comic goes one better.


I saw a couple today. One is a used-car yard, calling themselves "Giveaway Cars". Not bad, I'll give him 10 points for that one.


But a local bloke has gone one better. This bloke is a roof-repair tradie - and he also owns two dogs. So he calls his business, "Two Dogs Roofing". I reckon that's worth 20 points.

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We had a local mortgage broker here called Grubb - Graeme Grubb Finance Brokers. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a bit of a grub - he indulged in a massive fraud in his business, and he eventually went under for $62M.


Somewhat surprisingly, a lot of his investments were actually quite good, and the liquidator eventually recovered 100c in the dollar for all the investors - after about 10 years of legal wrangling and blame-shifting and other corporate shenanigans.

The Missus nearly lost a $50K investment with him, but she recovered it rapidly, when he wouldn't produce the title to the security she was supposed to get. Later on, it turned out that he'd refunded the money from his own personal account, after she went for his jugular in his office. You never f*** with my girl, she's like a tiger when she smells dodgy business, part of being a policemans daughter, I guess.



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