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I would not rely on anyone to come and rescue me.


Firstly - I am an extremely independent person, reliant on no-one very much. Well, perhaps my partner - and if she catches any kidnappers, God help them, the Police will have to rescue them from her. You haven't seen my missus in action when she gets angry, she goes straight for the jugular, with the biggest knife she can find!


Secondly - Nearly every second person I've read about being kidnapped, escaped using their own cleverness. Even during Wartime, a number of captives escaped successfully. It was an art form amongst the Aussies and Brits in German POW camps.


Thirdly - About every third captive being held, was killed by rescuers! - or the rescue attempt made the kidnapper/s kill their captives! So, I'd prefer the rescuers stayed away, while I schemed my escape!

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One-track,  your answer struck a chord for me.


So I read it to my better half.

She approved.


But added, that after she got me home, I'd be in even more trouble for causing all the fuss!

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Ah, I'm in luck.


The crew from Money Heist are coming to rescue me.  And given what I've seen them do in 4 seasons of full-throttle adrenaline, I'm in the best hands!


Give it a look if you don't mind reading Spanish subtitles.  Truly excellent TV.

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Mr Humphries is not free. He is our recently appointed breakfast show presenter at ABC Capricornia. He got the job because Brad who does the traffic for Rocky goes down so well. This new bloke Paul Culliver or is it Cullinan comes from South Aus.

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