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Little Richard

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Little Richard's Tutti Fruiti.

According to some accounts, Little Richard first wrote and performed the song while working as a janitor in a bus station.


The original lyrics, in which "Tutti Frutti" referred to a homosexual man, were:

Tutti Frutti, good booty

If it don't fit, don't force it

You can grease it, make it easy


These were replaced with:

Tutti Frutti, aw rooty

Tutti Frutti, aw rooty.


"Aw rooty" was a slang expression meaning "All right".

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There's pages of the WWW dedicated to misheard lyrics. Some of them are hilarious.


Some of my favourites;


Hermans Hermits - "She's a Must to Avoid" -


Original lyrics: "She's a Must to Avoid" .....


Misheard lyrics:


"She's a Muscular Boy" ....

"She's a Muscular Droid" ....

"She's a Muscular Void" ....

"She's a Master of Freud" ....

"Cheese and Mustard Avoid" ....



Billy Joel - "Allentown"


Original Lyrics: "Iron and coke, chromium steel" .....


Misheard Lyrics: "I have a choke, throw me a seal" .....




The Beach Boys - "Airplane"


Original Lyrics: "Soon she'll be kissing me hello" .....


Misheard Lyrics: "Soon she'll be kissing me below" .....




Bee Gees - "Alone"


Original Lyrics: "I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke" .....


Misheard Lyrics: "I was in Knight Rider but I never spoke" ....



One blokes actually written a book of misheard lyrics. You can find some in the link below .....



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Some misheard lyrics from my son from many years ago. One day he asked me what a "subosta" was, having no idea what he meant I asked him where he heard it. He told me it was in that song we had listened to a few times. The lyrics were actually "you're no SUPPOSED to be here with me.

In a similar vein he also asked me what a "forelash" was, again asking for some context hes said like in that song "touches my forlash hard" which turned out to be "touches my FOOLISH HEART"

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