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This site is backed up to a separate disk on the server however every week I have to download the entire site and a backup of the databases which are then installed on my local PC and then verified just in case anything goes wrong. This process takes a couple of hours every week. Doing it today I thought how long would this process take if I didn't have access to, or the money to pay for, high speed Optus Cable connection.


When I download the site files which range from 100meg to 2.8gig I get around a whopping 11.3 meg per second download speed so to download 2.8gig it only takes me around 4 minutes:




This made me wonder what user generally get for their download speed and thus "is the site still ok with the page sizes that it has including images/thumbnails, scripts and content"


What download speed do you generally have?



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Actually, I should clarify the above...that is from our own dedicated server that this site sits on and is based over in L.A. in the US.


Here are local tests:


From the Optus Speed Test site: http://speedtest.syd.optusnet.com.au/




and here from a test site that everyone can use at http://www.ozspeedtest.com/


Mirror: Optus


Data: 97 MB


Test Time: 10.01 secs


Your line speed is 81.67 Mbps (81674 kbps).


Your download speed is 9.97 MB/s (10209 KB/s).



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Guest just Mal



I am in regional SA and here are my time/speeds.


Your line speed is 1.83 Mbps (1835 kbps).


Your download speed is 229 KB/s (0.22 MB/s).


This can be better some days than others but is typical.



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Guest Andys@coffs

NBN......Love it!!


43.6Mbps down....16.8Mbps up but I know for a fact that the ISP I use has "special case" rules that apply to Speedtest.net.......I wont generally see that fast from other real life download source but if I use Steam, or need a Microsoft patch etc can pretty regularly get 3MBps down and that means that a bigass game is well and truly done within 20 minutes, where as with Telstra regional ADSL2+ the same thing would take an hour or more.


I have the option of paying another $5-$10 per month to lift up to 100/40 mbps but to be honest I doubt my ISP will actually let me have much more real life access to his backhaul so in reality I doubt much higher satisfaction than I get at present.......



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Guest Andys@coffs

Google has a very interesting service it offers quietly here https://www.google.com/get/videoqualityreport/ it rates your ISP against others that service your area and shows for 100% of users requesting a 720p HD video stream how many the service provider will support at the requested HD, how many have to drop back to SD and how many drop back to even lower than SD due to severe ISP congestion. The one that was a surprise to me was TPG, generally if a company offers lots for little then this test from Google shows that you generally got the expected little for the little amount you paid........TPG was surprisingly good. Oh you need to change from the volume graph default to the show percentage chart....volume as a user is only marginally interesting. Oh and Dodo....that wasn't a surprise at all "Dodo, Dodo, internet that flys.....as well as the Dodo ever Flew!"


Some providers are listed multiple times with a technology appended to their name for example X, X_ADSL and X_NBN make sure you look at the right one for the technology your on.


If you put in that you live in upper black stump and the report identifies that there aren't enough results for that location put in the location of your ISP's head office, that way you get to see how his backhaul is coping with its user population against other providers in the same location generally a capital city. I want to see 90-95% of users getting HD, the rest SD and no one having to suffer through less than SD....ideally I want the usage rates to be pretty much flat lined over the day, smaller ISP's with oversold constrained backhaul will see some peaky degradation between 4pm and 9pm when all the kids and workers get on line for the day.


Let me know if you find the Google stuff interesting....to me its a great way to cut through the crap and get past the marketing to what your ISP or his upstream provider is actually offering for the $ you are paying....which is ironic given that Google are the great marketeers





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I often wonder if city-based members really understand how good they have it. Just did a speed test on this site, and got 2.80 Kbps. We are 220Km North of Adelaide, 30 road Km from Port Pirie (our nearest "city") and don't get ADSL in any form (15 Km from exchange); NO 3G (or any G) signal so no mobile phone, and only get NBN interim satellite "broadband". We have been advised by letter that we are unlikely to ever see NBN in any other way. The more subscribers that get put on this scheme, the slower it gets. Sorry to whinge, but when I see what others get for far less monthly cost, I really wonder if our government even knows that not all citizens choose to live in capital cities, let alone care about them. Now off soapbox, and awaiting sympathetic? replies!



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In Springsure on ADSL




Test run on 11/08/2014 @ 10:56 PM




Mirror: TPG


Data: 530 KB


Test Time: 10.01 secs




Your line speed is 434 kbps (0.43 Mbps).


Your download speed is 54 KB/s (0.05 MB/s).




On the Farm where I have been for the last month (using TPG's speed test & Telstra Mobile B'Band) supposedly in an area of Good reception both inside & outside


The download = best 0.27 Mbps down to "timed out error", average 0.05Mbps


Upload almost always timed out. The only test that fully completed = Down 0.48Mbps / Up 0.17Mbps latency 80ms Jitter 20ms.


That's why I have been quiet on the Event listing - I had trouble getting enough signal to Google Map things.




Springsure was to get wireless NBN by now - the tower site had been approved, public meetings held etc. However things have now 'changed' to prefer areas of higher population and the NBN website now has us as 'no construction planned'. Satellite NBN is active in the rural areas but they are complaining it is as bad as the old satellite system; slow, unusable in certain weather, not the communication revolution that was promised.







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From what I've read the LNP aren't funding anything in the NBN that isn't already a work in progress, so if there weren't shovels in the ground Q3 last year its not being built. My guess is they will go to the next election looking to sell the NBN off to the Foxtel/Telstra monopoly.



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Ran this one this morning:


Test run on 12/08/2014 @ 11:00 AM


Mirror: iiNet


Data: 14 MB


Test Time: 10 secs


Your line speed is 11.62 Mbps (11623 kbps).


Your download speed is 1.42 MB/s (1453 KB/s).


Only 400 metres from the Newcastle exchange and 800 metres if you follow the wires.


We used to be more than 5km and could only get ADSL 1 and speeds up to 3 Mbps in the middle of the night.


And to think I was chuffed when my dial up speeded up from around 25kbps to 33kbps!


Back in the late eighties, we used to run a big mini in Brisbane with the terminals in the Hunter Valley - all on two 9600 baud lines.


Varies through the day/night. Ran this one just now:


Test run on 12/08/2014 @ 01:55 PM


Mirror: iiNet


Data: 15 MB


Test Time: 10.01 secs


Your line speed is 12.89 Mbps (12892 kbps).


Your download speed is 1.57 MB/s (1612 KB/s).


Will the cable NBN consistently deliver high speeds or will it slow down as congestion increases?



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Bushcaddy, Bernie, FV, you have my sympathy. I guess the only NBN access will be via satellite? You'll probably get that before we get NBN in the heart of the biggest non-capital city in Australia. I fear I'll have to pay more to get the speeds I already get. I don't need anything quicker than I currently get but more speed is always better unless you are on two wheels and the bend is tightening spacer.png.



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Results for Whirlpool


[`[*Test Results from <a href=http://www.ozspeedtest.com/bandwidth-test/results/30964865">Oz Broadband Speed Test</a>*]`] [(---------------------------------- Test run on [*12/08/2014*] @ [*02:24 PM*])] [(Mirror: [*Optus*] Data: [*4 MB*] Test Time: [*10.02 secs*])] [(Your line speed is [*3.26 Mbps*] (3261 kbps). Your download speed is [*408 KB/s*] (0.4 MB/s). )]


Broadband Speed Test Results


Test run on 12/08/2014 @ 02:24 PM


Mirror: Optus


Data: 4 MB


Test Time: 10.02 secs


Your line speed is 3.26 Mbps (3261 kbps).


Your download speed is 408 KB/s (0.4 MB/s).



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The NBN was approved by ALP without any idea how it was to be paid for. Costs, as expected, are way beyond anything suggested by Kevin or Julia. If that happened in business the CEO would be out the door.


If you are gong to spend $100+ billion on a "nation building" project it would be nice to know in advance how it was to be funded. Instead we are going to have a massive debt dumped on our children and grandchildren leaving them to to pay the interest on the debt and to repay the debt.


I am not opposed to an NBN at all. There is no question that Australia has to run a world class internet and communications network. But, with limited funds there needs to be some intelligent rationing of those funds and some honesty up front about how much it will cost and what has to be left behind so that the NBN can be paid for.


What hospitals will not be upgraded or built, what schools, tech colleges and universities will be underfunded, what R&D (CSIRO) will be starved of funds? The FTTN is a quick, affordable alternative to FTT dwelling and in no way limits FTT dwelling happening in future. The last link from the node to the dwelling could be met commercially by business responding to households who feel 100+Mbps is essential.


Governments in times gone by recognised that a telephone network was no good unless complete. No point having a phone if you can't ring grandad down on the farm. The same view needs to be taken in regard to the NBN. No point having email if you can't send it to people who live in the bush. This requires a level of cross-subsidy and that is something I normally dislike intensely but in the case of a National network, guess what? It should be National!



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