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Where do you post from


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I have been thinking lately that this forum can easily slip into a place for self important over opinionated tossers to pontificate and lecture others, and people other than me can be just as bad!    I feel the need to start some threads that are not based on our disagreements and are just frivolous fun.  When I am deep in conversation with you folks I do try to imagine you angrily bashing away at your keyboards, iPads etc. and I do wonder where these posts are composed.   I thought it might be interesting to post a picture that illustrates where we do our postings from.  You don't need to be in the picture, it could be a picture of a device or a lounge chair where you type your posts etc. You don't even need to tidy up first, I didn't.    I have shown you mine, perhaps you could show me yours.





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Octave I don't know how you took a photo of the back of your own head. I tried to do it but kept falling off my office chair. So I am not in it.


PS there are pictures of other mines on the other walls.






My lovely wife took my photo.  


Please tell me that there is a bottle of fine whisky in the bottom draw of that filing cabinet!



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A lot of my posting is done from the computers in the common room at the Men's Shed. The computer with the active screen needs to be thrown out - it is as slow as a wet week. Donated by some well intentioned person. Running Windows 10 but would probably be better off with something like Vista.


The centre computer has a problem with the User Profile Service which prevents us from logging on. We've been waiting almost 10 months for the IT guru from our managing organisation to come down (3 suburbs away) and look at it. The computer on the right is the Co-ordinator's computer for running the joint.


At home I use a laptop.






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Octave, I don't understand why you posted a funny emoticon on my above post. It's no laughing matter trying to keep those two in check, and then there's the maintenance on the Gulfstream. It's enough to make you cry.




You have my sympathy. I would be happy to come around and lend a hand or something!



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I do almost every thing on this iPad; still going strong - wish I was- after 8 years' heavy use.


When home, I tend to take over the kitchen table. SWMBO even taped off a section to keep my junk away from the eating department, but it doesn't work. The bills and letters accumulate until she does her nana. Seems I'd rather argue with Turbs than catch up with paperwork.


I have a nice view of my trees and birds, but must keep a sharp eye out for fires.





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