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Risk of Dying today ?

Phil Perry

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Accident statistics


Listening to a radio station in the UK recently, they had a piece about aviation safety which included the following statistics:


To face a 1:1000000 chance of dying, (deemed to be an insignificant risk ) you could travel the following distances:




flight; 7500 miles


Car: 300 miles


Light aircraft: 15 miles


Motorbike: 7 miles


( I wonder if these are Statute, or Nautical miles,. . . .! )


Geeez, I think I'd better leave the 900 Blade in the shed for a while then mate. . . .!


Wonder if there are any REALLY interesting stats available in the Lucky Country on this subject ??



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Hmmmm, well you may remember what Mr Disraeli said about statistics. . . . . If I'm really honest ( that'd be a novelty. . .) I'd have to say that I WILL NOT stop riding my bike just because of statistics, even though I've been catapulted into aviation on a number of occasions by old ladies reversing out of driveways without looking first. . . .



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I recently read somewhere that for the same distance travelled, taking a commercial flight is about 7 times safer than driving a car, while flying a light aircraft is about 7 times more dangerous than driving. Don't know if it's true ot not, but it sounds plausible.





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80% of people die in their bed... sounds like the bed is the most dangerous... spacer.png

The version I heard of that is:


What is the most dangerous activity undertaken by mankind?


Sleeping - do you realise how many people DIE in their sleep?


As for the bed - I'm sure there was a guy in Florida recently that would agree with you..........


Now THAT was truly "random".


It has however given me a better way of explaining that "Zero Harm/Zero Incidents" that management go on about is not possible when there are "Non-Zero" risk profiles involved, including random events and the frailty of the human mind and body. There was simply NO way of placing any controls on that incident.



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I wonder if it is a linear progression with increasing mileage - ie 14 miles on a motorbike brings it to 1:500,000 and so on? Or the other way round? Interesting (if true)!

I must be on borrowed time then, until recently I was riding around 50000 k's a year, it's a lot less now but I still ride frequently.



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You are seeing less and less Motorcycles on the road these days. The way some tin tops drive it's likely to continue to reduce.. IF you want to be really aware of what bad driving is, ride a motorbike. . I still do BUT.....you must be careful and trust no one. Nev



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After the government crack down on Motorbike clubs I see only "gang" club on the road now.


Why would anyone pay big money to learn to ride when you can.t ride in a group.


The Ulysses club Exepted.


The Snowy River bike ride is loosing out with less riders.





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I Didn't know you are a "hairy bloke" Marty. I've ridden with Ulysses . It's scary watching them ride. Many of them can't and they have accidents, so I stopped doing it. You need someone with you in case something happens .I suggest 3 is a good group. It's not unusual (enough) to have a SUV play chicken with you and deliberately run you off the road just for the fun of it. when there's no one around to see it.. This is the world we live in unfortunately. I've come across a few "Veterans". Vietnam etc and always talk to them. Nev



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