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Albo to the rescue


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It’s great to see the smiling photo of Albo riding the Cairns Skyrail as his way of helping people impacted by the the NQ floods. He is showing that Cairns residents should ride the Skyrail to Kuranda until the water subsides.

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Albo, ScoMo or whomever, none can do anything personally to alleviate the effects of a catastrophe. However, I think that the biggest mistake they all make is to try to act like they are El Suprimo and all good comes from their very hands.


I reckon if a political leader wanted to gain the respect of the populous in situations such as these post-catastrophe days, they should merely act like an MC at an awards night and say , "While I don't have the expertise to solve this particular problem, here's the expert. Let's listen to the advice given and I'll use my contacts to put the advice into practice."


I also reckon that a political leader's visit to a disaster area is not a photo-op situation. Just tell the media to go away while the leader is talking to the affected people.

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