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Stephen King, musing about god


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Leviticus 24:16 says, “If anyone blasphemes the name of the Lord, let him die the death.”, which, according to the internet (modern day Bible, I guess), is a mortal sin. I don't know what an immortal sin is, as I can't comprehend how one can be committed when one is dead. 


However, on that basis, I guess I am a sinner, because even if I were to believe in a dog, then I would be a deist, which would mean that I would not believe in any of the Abrahamic or other "Lords". So, I am a sinner, and happy with that. But it's not my fault I am considered a sinner by people who believe in their lord, etc. That's their problem, not mine (only become mine when I am stoned to death because of it.. but then, who is the sinner?)

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Better than nothing. It's a "nominal" thing but never the less STRANGE to those of us not inside the Circle.. Same as "In God WE Trust" on the US currency. People don't question these things because they'd be pilloried but mostly because they don't really think about it. Nev

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