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Weird coincidence

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A few years ago I had a business meeting with a chap in Perth. We didn’t discuss our travel plans. I then flew home to Melbourne, then to London where I checked in to a hotel. Next day I was in a railway station queue to buy a ticket to the north of England. The chap from Perth was directly in front of me in the queue.

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Today my wife's sister and her (ex) husband (they are separated but still friends) visited my wife today. When they left I got on Facebook and the first post I read was from their daughter who is recovering from surgery. I thought that was an odd coincidence.

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1 hour ago, Marty_d said:

I find it grates when someone says "it was like deja vu all over again."  Really?  So that's 4 times then?

That comment was like de javu all over again.. I think because I quoted it, it is  a valid observation 😉


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