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Boomers and Millenials are just the same.

old man emu

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Baby Boomers and Millenials are just the same, its just the equipment that has changed. I came to this conclusion in my typically round-about way.


I was doing a repetitive job for Old Ma Emu that didn't require much thought, so my mind wandered off along the path of making plastic scale models, and I started to consider the scope of the models that were available to make. Then I realised that the majority of kits were for militaria from WWll, and associated items for dioramas. Then I started wondering why young people don't engage in this hobby as thousands did when I was young. That lead me to my eureka moment.


Baby Boomers grew up in the shadow of their father's, uncle's and other adult males' war service. Better than savage Indians, we had the accursed Hun and the yellow B Nips to fight against and overcome. Instead of cowboys and Indians, we played at war. Twenty years on, the Baby Boomers were raising their own kids in the 70s and 80s. We weren't involved in war then. Vietnam was a war without glory, to be forgotten. Consumer technology was giving us the PC and mobile phones, which were the "must haves" of the era. In quick succession we had the TRS-80 running GW-Basic, then Apple Mac's GUI system. Microsoft got us using MS-DOS and Windows in IBM-compatible desktops. Vinyl gave way to cassette tapes, and them to CDs. Phone went from radial dials to number pads to mobile bricks to Nokia 1011's. (The only time men gathered in bars and bragged that theirs was smaller than the next bloke's.)


So the Boomers' kids, who are now the Millenials, grew up in a world of technological advancement. They get their entertainment; knowledge, and social interactions from the technology that their parent's promoted by buying it. So let's not be harsh on them for living with their heads bent over a communication device. It is the world they grew up in.


Now if we can only get them to do some chores around the house like the Depression Era and wartime kids who are our parents made us do, these Millenials will be OK people.



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Selective deafness starts at an early age.


When my offspring were young, I developed an infallible technique to restore their hearing....


Just before I start speaking, I rustle a biscuit packet. Or chippy packet. But it doesn't work with texting.



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I used to ask "What did I JUST say?" and if they hadn't been listening it showed. You can get similar results by saying THIS will be in the exam or IF you value Honesty a bit more just say It's LIKELY to be an exam question. They might just accidently learn a few things,.


My wife KNOWS what I'm going to say so she never listens or she stops listening when she's heard the part she likes. Nev



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