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Wartime tourism for Ukraine

Bruce Tuncks

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Space tourism is good business I reckon. How about war tourism?   How much could you sell a visit to Ukraine, where you got close enough to the action to hear the artillery shells explode?

Of course, there is a bit of danger to sharpen up the experience. I doubt that travel insurance would be valid for war stuff.

I reckon the Ukrainians should be selling the idea to tourism companies, places would start at about $200,000. I reckon there is big money to be made.

Personally, I would like to go but the cost would put me out .

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Bruce, your idea reminds me of a farmer friend who cracked a joke doing the rounds in the early 1980's - about a tourism adventure to see the Afghanistan War (Soviet-Afghan War).


The joke ended with the punchline, "We can guarantee to fit you in to the tour schedule - but we can't guarantee to get you out!"


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There's something "Sick" about that idea. People are losing their lives and   every possession and all connection to their normal lives family and friends. To even think of perpetuating this abominable  action   at all is obscene.  War is the province of MADMEN.  Nev

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